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  1. Once we have the schematics, reverse-engineer ASICs/PALs, then making a board with modern parts should be easy enough, honestly. I'm happy to help facilitate that happening. But I lack the skills to reverse-engineer custom chips.
  2. I've actually considered making a universal case with an internal stamped adapter that allows it to be converted and use a standard ATX power supply with adapter. However, that is much more complex than using an existing design and modifying it (like the SE/30 & IIe). I have been inspired by Dana's designs though... I've also wanted to create the 5x0 series as those need it the most, however, I'm not sure enough demand exists. These molds are very large and very complex which results in very expensive tooling. I've also ran out of my own personal seed money at the moment,
  3. I too blame the pandemic, free time from lockdowns, work from home, life changes, et cetera. All of these form the basis for change and development. I’m so thrilled about the work everyone has been doing. It really seems like we should have done these projects years ago, but now, as prices for old hardware rises - it’s more urgent.
  4. You are quite right, there are many other systems people have been working hard out. My exclusion of those systems was only because my mind has been so narrowly focused on the SE series lately. But, we have some amazingly talented and very dedicated people working on projects here, including you
  5. @Kai Robinson That is so awesome!!! I'm sending you a message - I'm happy to pay for such an awesome shirt. I see big things on the horizon for the Mac SE series...
  6. At least I know who outbid me well, I only bid $300. Congrats on this, it’s such a cool and very rare piece of hardware. Cloning the PCB isn’t too difficult, but the touchscreen puts it way out of the realm of my knowledge.
  7. Therein lies the struggle. If we can figure out what the custom ASICs do the entire board could be modernized as Bolle has already made the schematics, and did a beautiful job I must say. The task can be done, it just requires the right skills and tools, neither of which I do possess. We've reached a point where almost thing can be done. New CRTs could be made, metal frames can be made, power supplies can be made, etc.
  8. If we can figure out a few custom chips, then having an entire board using off the self modern parts and FPGA is easy. As you may know, we are working on an Xceed project and this could be implemented here. However, I am just THRILLED that we may have new original style logic boards for the SE/30s as so many have died.
  9. That's right, last time I checked the parts to make new flybacks aren't being produced anymore. In the OPs case, this sure is a flyback issue. If anyone does find a source for new flybacks or even parts needed to make new ones, please let me know. I'd be interesting in buying some for myself or producing some if parts become available.
  10. @Kai Robinson I've not forgotten the work on the BBU, I've been super slammed with work and the IIe clear case project. @ScutBoy I haven't even touched the BBU yet, but I'll be starting work on that in the next few weeks as things slow down. Right now your board is safely sitting on my workbench in the "to do" section
  11. Sure that would be helpful, I put most of my stuff away in storage in preparation for the 45ft container coming from China on Monday. So, I don't have easy access to check things myself, at least not for the next few weeks. If it's practical I'd love to make it happen. I'm already working on 168pin 128mb 5v DIMMs.
  12. Anyone happen to have chip information handy? I can look it up and see if I can do a run of 100.
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