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  1. @adb9001 if you’d ever consider selling either for high eBay prices or even more (or trades as I have NOS stuff, prototypes, etc). Let me know as those two were used with a 9600 I had years ago and I’m feeling nostalgic.
  2. Sad it didn’t have further price decreases. It’s cool, but not $1400 cool. For that kind of money I could have my one version produced with ABS milling at a factory in China.
  3. I strongly discourage the use of fanless AIO 68k Macs. I even using a SystemSaver on my 128k. Speaking as someone who tried to manufacture new flyback transformers for the 128k-SE/30 the cost is insane. Therefore, we shouldn’t be expecting replacements. As a result, we need to keep our current flyback transformers cool. That’s really the main reason for cooling these things. My fans ran twice the CFM as the original fans, so they never get hot. But the originals do a good job overall, unless you have accelerators. You just need to have air flow to keep the flyback as close to room temperatu
  4. Are you sure the plastic tabs going from the outer button button didn't break? That would be more common. However, if you do have bad buttons on the logic board I don't know that you'll find one sold seperatly and I don't think its a common button. However, rest assured knowing there are tons of these boards that suffered battery damage with these parts still being good
  5. Because it is expensed equipment it was simply used at one of their locations. Sadly, it wasn't used for testing/prototyping. But it is cool having that little extra bit of history.
  6. I have a mint box and packaging from an SE if we are needing to confirm overall size and such but I think they were the same or similar size from 128k->SE/30. Some of the foam designs are different but at least for a quote they are similar enough.
  7. @quorten Sorry it has been a while since I've been on this thread. You've done great work so far. If you have a drawing you can scale up (doesn't need all the fine details), I can send it to my contacts in China to at least get us a estimate of costs. And since you are in Minneapolis, I could even have a batch along with boxes sent in from China on my next shipment so you could pick them up. Shipping is really the biggest obstacle.
  8. My personal machine has Artmix Aztecmonster CF but now I'd probably use the MacSD given that it was easier for me. Some people had sucess with the SCSI2SD. I also have the card @Bolle created for Ethernet as well as accelerator adapter. Thus I have the 040 in my machine. Currently in progress is my next project of recreating the Micron Xceed, which is going much slower than I had hoped. I really think Apple should have provided the Mac with Grayscale when now... Regarding the case, I'm too heavily biased for an opinion on that subject. Though, I will say if you have a pristin
  9. @JDW if the space is the same it should fit, I just hope it will clear the ICs. I may try because I have a few boards with broken plastic clips.
  10. I have angled metal tabbed 30pin 2 row ones. I wonder if it would be possible to use those. It is the same as used on the regular SE. I'm thinking if anything it could be too tight on one side.
  11. I don't know for sure but I am personally inclined to believe it would given that it bypasses much of the configuration of the SCSI2SD.
  12. @ymk Glad to have you aboard! I'm not sure if I understood the LED aspect. Are you saying one of the header connections would power an external LED? I'd be beyond excited for that because with the clear case SE/30 it looks great to have that light working. I just realized you are still updating the firmware so I'll keep an eye on that to keep the latest version on the boards. @Trash80toHP_Mini I have no official connection with him, we've just done a lot of business together and he does nice work. That was the reason for my recommendation. To me the only downside was the LED
  13. I'll be following this for sure! Great work so far
  14. I figured I should chime in. I actually know the guy who makes these great boards. He even sent me an early prototype for testing purposes. I, for one, am thrilled that an alternative to SCSI2SD exists that is more Mac friendly. I've had tons of issues with them so finding one exclusively for the Mac is wonderful. That said I did get the SCSI2SD to work in *some* of my systems but they hated the Mac SE & SE/30 for whatever reason. So, if anyone is on the fence, you really should consider MacSD.
  15. Wow! I had no idea those were that expensive. I'd almost thing it would be easier to engineer new tooling and do it yourself or hire someone to assemble. After looking at it, I'm sure its <$5000 in tooling. Such a crazy thing to be rare. I truly had no idea.
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