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  1. The case is NOT as brittle as desktop Macs from the similar era. But I would still use caution.
  2. Just be careful when opening the plastic case to get inside. Don’t break the clips that are no doubt brittle. It’s actually not a hard process so much as a risky process. Simply recap the logic board and you’re good to go.
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips, normally my Hakko de-soldering gun solves all my problems but this thing is stubborn. I didn’t use flux, fresh solder, and I only had the gun at around 375c. I did have it on for 2 seconds and wiggle, but no dice. I tried cutting the plastic off up top to see if things could be desoldered on that side (hence the cosmetic scratches). I’ll be experimenting next weekend to see what I can get done. Hopefully I didn’t damage traces such that they can’t be used because I don’t have the experience to repair that.
  4. I’ve soldered together the breakout board it was quite tedious and I put a bit too much solder in the extension pins as I couldn’t get them to stay very well. I know everything looks like a very amateurish job but it works. I could have slowed things down to look better but had limited time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t clear out all the PLCC pins and solder on the logic board. I was starting to damage the board with heat so I gave up for now. Despite having a Hakko desoldering gun, it was an unpleasant process.
  5. That was my first laptop and I used it for years. If I were you I’d recap the logic board. Other than that they are reliable, although the keyboards sucked even when new. The active matrix screens are nice.
  6. If you don’t want it, buy it and I’ll pay $150 for it
  7. Sounds very promising indeed! Please keep us posted. I’ll eventually buy some because I figure it’s high time I build an entire computer from nothing but raw materials... Well maybe not from silicon directly...
  8. Sounds like it might be a software problem, if not it is most likely the SCSI2SD.
  9. I agree with @Kai Robinson's suggestion. And the stencil should be cheap, it will save you from messing up the drag soldering and ruining pads, like I did... I've messed up 3-4 boards with my attempt at SMD soldering, so I decided to stick with hot air rework or through hole soldering only.
  10. I cannot recall the process for opening the power supply, but I'm pretty sure that is where your issue lies. The logic board appears to have sustained no damage from the battery (luckily!)
  11. That project might render the Brainstorm clone project I’m working on a bit inferior. However, I’m sure I’d buy one. I’d still love to get my hands on one of your socketed SE/30 upgrades if you ever do it again.
  12. I truly believe but cannot say for certain that it is. Both should be 72pin FPM.
  13. I think I had a 64mb in mine, stock was either 8/16mb. Maybe 128mb just like the 6100 itself, I cannot recall. That is just my vague recollection.
  14. @Kai Robinson thank you for making this pinout map, it will prove to be helpful, I think. Still waiting on stuff to arrive from China to finish assembly, I'm hoping this weekend.
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