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    Yardsale Quadra

    The quaudra 610 was the first mac I ever owned! I also bought it at a yard sale for $5.00. I swapped the harddrive and cpu into a Quadra 605. But I still have the rest of the 610 tucked away in the basement for future considerations!!
  2. I just finished dropping a 1.2gb Quauntum Fireball hardrive into my dual floppy SE. I thought it was going to really tight inside the case,but there is lots of room in there! It is running O.S. 6.0.7, with 4mb of ram. It all works well with a really crisp screen, no burn in at all. But it did get me thinking. I came across a stripped dual floppy case in very good condition. I can trade something to get it. I have a SE/30 with a very yellowed case and a bit of damage on the front. Would the SE/30 motherboard fit into the earlier dual floppy case? If it would, then I should be
  3. Thanks for the tips. I think I will leave the 800k floppy drives alone and concentrate on putting in a harddrive. I will keep an eye on ebay to pick up an upgrade for a little added speed!!
  4. I have a SE with dual 800k floppy drives. Would it be possible to slip a 2.5 hardrive from an early powerbook with an adaptor to fit the 3.5 hardrive plug, into a dual floppy case? Also, to change the 800k's to 1.4, will there have to be any other mods to make the 1.4's work? I was surprised to see, that there was a dual 1.4 SE made!! I have a couple extra 2.5 harddrives and 1.4 floppy drives as spares, just thought I might be able to put them to use.
  5. Picked up a box of old Mac stuff from Freecycle. Lots of odds and ends. The big stuff is 3 external 5 1/4 floppy drives, 3 external 800k drives(?), a joystick for a llGS, 3 internal 1.4 floppy drives. Some cards from an apple lle and two ethernet cards for a llsi/SE30. Also a bunch of 400k-800k floppys. A lot are original software. One is from Macintosh " Your Apple Tour of the Macintosh SE" That one is really cool. I was very glad I took the time to check the Freecycle postings!!
  6. I picked one of those VHS tapes up at a book sale a couple of years ago. It is really cool to see the early Mac line as they were in there prime. Business really did run on (now) vintage Macs. The SE/30 was for the intensive business ventures!!! You should be able to transfer the tape to DVD, as the tapes are getting old. My tape is not in good enough to copy.
  7. Picked up the pair with keyboards and one mouse for $5.00! One is running O.S. 9 and the other 9.2. The lady said they were old and slow? One has 96mb of ram and the other 48mb. I think that may have been why they seem a bit slow. I will up the ram soon and clean up the harddrives. Both cases are in good condition. The G3 is a desktop and the 250/6500 a tower.
  8. Nice find! They are very cool looking units.
  9. 30pin

    SE SuperDrive

    Pulled up to a yard sale this morning, and sitting right out front on the lawn, in the hot SUN was the Se SuperDrive. I paid out what the lady wanted, $3.00! Just the computer and matching keyboard. Last time it had been used was in 2001. I put it into the trunk out of the sunlight and smiled all the way home. Plugged it in and up came the happy Mac. Maxed out with 4mb of ram. Running O.S. 7.0.1 on it's 40mb hardrive. There is a little bit of yellowing, otherwise the case is very nice. The SE SuperDrive logo on the front is crisp and clean. I was very pleased to get this mod
  10. I had an earlier model that had dual pentium 133's. It also had dual hardrives made by Connor. I overclocked it to run at 166mhz! It was my first dual cpu computer. It had a sony cd drive in it too. Same as what was in the early PowerMacs. You should be able to bump the cpu's to 233mhz.
  11. Picked up an Apple llgs today at a yard sale. The fellow said everything still works fine. It has all the original manuals, a box of software floppys, an external 3.5 floppy drive, an external 5.25 floppy drive, original keyboard, mouse, monitor and a Image Writer printer. It has the memory expansion module in place. I will have to check the serial # to see what year it was built.
  12. 30pin


    Nice find! For a vintage mac user they are great to have. Most are getting recycled, keep them safe!!
  13. I will give my vote to the Classic ll as the second best compact mac. Last of the line of black and white compact macs. The clean modern look is easy on the eyes. With the 1.44 floppy it is more usable than the early 400-800 floppy drives. The 16mhz cpu works at comfortable pace. I would just love to put the optional fpu into my Classic ll, but they are a bit difficult to locate.
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