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  1. If you can't get it going again. Someone with a Colour Classic might want to use the motherboard to do a Mystic upgrade!
  2. 30pin

    Docked Duo !

    I had the dock apart and it is interesting too. There is a nice removable 33mhz 68882 FPU in there!! They are hard to find. So if I really need one I can pop it out and use it elsewhere. Nice. There is a place for a scsi harddrive too. I will wait before using the Duo without the dock. The powersupply it needs is 18-20V M7783/ M2683. I have a Powerbook yo-yo adapter that has a plug in that fits the duo. But it is 24V@45w. I do not want to take a chance and fry the Duo. I did accidentally fry my first PB180 with a wrong adaptor that happened to fit.
  3. 30pin

    Docked Duo !

    I found a local fellow with a Duo in a dock! He was not sure which model it was. The price was almost reasonable, no ac adapter and no key. The duo is locked in place! I bought it. Took it home and went into the basement', grabbed a monitor, keyboard,mouse and cables. Set it all up and pushed the start button. Away it went. It is a Duo 230, O.S. 7.1, 12mb of ram,120mb hardrive. Works well. Now to get it out of the dock. Took care of the lock, pressed the release button, and out of the dock it came!! Wow. Is this thing small. And it is in excellent condition!! Not sure how long it h
  4. Nice find! Interesting items do turn up on Free Cycle!!
  5. You are right about the fan pulling air through the Mac. On this model of Kensington System Saver there is only one switch. The Mac Plus is plugged in the System Savers plug in as is the external hardrive. The system saver has a nice long cable to plug into the wall plug in. Leaving the Mac Plus power switch on all the time, allows you to use the front mounted Kensington power button to start both the Mac Plus and the external hardrive together. When I get some time I might drop a newer hardrive into the Rodime Plus 20 external hardrive case.
  6. There was an add for a StyleWriter ll on the local FreeCycle. I emailed and we made arrangements to meet. I mentioned in the email that I was interested in old Mac stuff. Was I surprized when the trunk opened up and there was some old Mac Stuff! Along with the StyleWriter ll was a Mac Plus with Kensington System Saver on top and a Rodine Plus 20 external hardrive on the bottom!! Keyboard, with a non-working mouse. It looks very different than a regular plus and starts up differently! You flip the switch on the on top of the Kensington System Saver. The Hardrive starts up and lights ar
  7. My SE/30 was produced(assembled?) in May of 1991 in Ireland!
  8. Thanks Macman! That was what I needed to know!!
  9. One thing I am not clear on, is if you can still use the original Newton 9w power adapter? It's output is 7.5v -1.2amps. All the rechargable batteries seem to be 1.2v ? Or do you get one of the 4pack rechargers and take the batteries out of the emate everytime they need to be charged??
  10. 30pin

    My First G4!

    Just brought home my first G4!! It is a 400mhz AGP model. 1gb of ram and two hardrives. A 10gb and a 40gb. Came with the 17 inch CRT Studio Display. The display is huge!!! Pro keyboard and optical mouse. Condition is great!! It is the newest Mac I own. And the only one that runs O.S. 10!!
  11. Nice find! It should respond very well to a couple of upgrades. To find one with all the disks and info. is very nice too!
  12. I did a few changes. Upped the ram to 20mb, soon to go to 32mb. Swapped in a different harddrive that has O.S.7.5.3 on it. Installed the Control Panel and it booted up fine! Thanks to some very informative posts, everything got figured out!!
  13. It took a little while but I was finally able to download the PowerCache control panel. After installing it, the ci would not boot up. Stopping the boot sequence with a Bus System Error. I reboot with Extensions off. Adjust the control panel, but it does the same thing. There only a couple of options on the control board. I tried them, but no difference. The ci would boot up fine without the control panel.. It is running O.S.7.1. So what am I missing???
  14. Not sure if it still works on the Imac. But on some earlier school owned Macs I picked up, I just started the Macs up with the extensions turned off. Had to hold down the control key. Then just deleted the security programs. Restarted the Macs and all was fine. Might be worth a try.
  15. 30pin

    Stylewriter ll

    I popped down the front panel on the Stylewriterll and there are some rollers there. They look a little worn, but are still soft and there are no cracks in the rubber at all? Maby this is a low mileage Stylewriter?
  16. 30pin

    Stylewriter ll

    Picked up a Stylewriter ll at a Thrift shop for $3.99 Took it home and plugged it in to my PB180. Checked the PB180 for software. Just had to enable the software and everything seemed to work,just no printing. I remembered an earlier post about Q-tips and alcohol. Tried that on the cartidge even though it looked empty. Put it back in the printer and it started tp print!!! I printed off 105pages before it really ran out of ink. Only a couple of misfeeds and double papers. I thought it was pretty good for an old printer. Today I will down and see if I can find a new cartridge and/or refill
  17. First one is an Imac, tray loading,266mhz. 160mb of ram and a 6gb harddrive. It is missing the front bezel and port cover door and coloured keyboard and mouse. It is grape(purple) in colour. O.S. 8.6 It works well. I like the colour!! The second is a very old laptop made by Zenith Data Systems. It is a 286 SuperSport model? Very good condition with battery pack put no ac adapter. Kind of an oddball. Once I find a suitable power source, I will see if it still works.
  18. I thought that the LCIII was one of the models that required an enabler of some sort?
  19. I have a pair of 180's, they both have been working well. One has a bigger harddrive out of a PB520 that I bought as parts. They use scsi drives. The screens are very crisp. Easy on the eyes. A nice, sturdy vintage laptop that has aged well. I use RamDoubler on both. I use the ac adapter as the batteries died long ago. I use the ac adapter in the car too, as there is a plug in on the dash. The active matrix screen works very well outside!! I would go with either a PB170 or PB180.
  20. The hardrive was in the box, it is apple branded dated 1996. I would like to have one of them going. I have to track down odds and ends and it all takes time. I thought I would fix the better of the two. Maby trade off whats left over.
  21. I have two laptops sitting in a box. Both need a hardrive, which I just picked up. One is a 1400cs and the other is a 5300 also with the low end screen. Both need some reassembly and some screws. But out of the two I can get one working. Any thoughts which might be the better one to work on?? Also I tried a 750mb drive that I thought might work. But it does not do anything ?? I thought I should try something to see if it will start working. It has been sitting for a number of years. Heat it up? Freeze it? Maby shake it??
  22. The two floppy drives are in there original holder. The new harddrive slips into the space along side them. I used a thin strip of rubber to keep it snug and reduce any vibration. The newer harddrive was slimmer than some of the older hardrives, so it was an easy fit. I would not turn the computer upside down and shake it, but otherwise, the harddrive stays in place very well.
  23. I finally got my hands on a Daystar Powercache 50mhz. 030 accelerator card. I checked the speed of the IIci unit with Apple Diagnostics before I installed the Daystar. I was surprized when I checked the IIci after installation. It showed it was actually slower in all but two tests?? The actual cpu speed and video were faster but all the other tests showed a 20% drop in performance?? The IIci had 8mb of ram. It has the cache card and feels faster without the Daystar?? The Daystar card does not have a FPU installed. I do not have any of the Daystar software. It is supposed to work b
  24. Looking at the posts made me rethink how I will do this. I picked up the dual floppy case(swapped him 2 100mb zip disks for it!) But I will look for a scruffy SE superdrive, add another 1.4 floppy drive and a newer hardrive, to the mix, then install everything into the other case. Put all the programs on I want and then just enjoy 8mhz till I can get my hands on one of the SE cpu upgrades. Thanks to the other members for some really good posts!!
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