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  1. I had the same problem on one of my PB180's. I saved the dead battery in case I get around to replacing the cells in it. I took the cover off the dead battery so the powerbook would look complete, and not have the big hole showing on the side from the missing battery. The ac adapter works well and you can use the same adapter in the car with the aftermarket ac to 12v adapter plugged into the lighter socket. I picked up one of those on sale for $9.00. Works with any laptop that draws less than 100w's
  2. They have a good keyboard and clean up nicely. The colour screen is great. Hope your install went well.
  3. A nice find! Drop in a newer hardrive, it will be a great way to speed up the unit. Sometimes a good cleaning and fresh lube on the floppy drive will bring it back to life. I have done so with a few of them with good results.
  4. I got a call from a friend this morning about some oversize computers in a dumpster! 30 minutes later I am in the dumpster!! 3 big servers are in there. There is a black IMB, it is a dual cpu model. The rack with three harddrives came out easy. The second server is stripped already. The third one is complete with keys sticking out of the front door. It is starting to snow!! I grabbed the third server tossed it in the car along with the three hardrives and headed back home. The three hardrives are IBM UltraStars, 18.2gb 7200rpm scsi models. The server is an older Compaq Pr
  5. It has the same card as the other one that I have. An Apple Token Ring 4/16 NB Card, #820-0418-A . Not sure how these cards were used.
  6. Taking a quick tour through a local Thrift Shop I spotted the round shape of a webcam. Looking closer, it was an early Connectix webcam. First one I have actually seen. The price was right, $1.99!! Have not had time to test it yet. Picked up another DuoDock too. This one had a set of original apple keys with it!! Once home , I opened it up. This is a newer model than the last one I picked up. This has the FPU and Vram built in and an extra port on the back. But it had the optional harddrive installed! I plugged it in for 1/2 an hour before sliding my Duo 230 in. Started right
  7. The docks are interesting. They take apart very easily. Did yours come with the FPU and extra vram? They are both nice to have. I hope your keyboard works better than mine! Nice find!
  8. 30pin

    Duo Docks!

    Looks like I spoke to soon. After putting the Docks back together, I left the one plugged in for an hour or so. When I slid the Duo in, it started right up. I will leave the other Dock plugged in for awhile and see what happens.
  9. 30pin

    Duo Docks!

    They are both made by Apple. I took the first one apart, it had an extra cable in it. Turns out it was for the optional harddrive! 230mb. Then I took the other one with the video card apart. The card is an Apple Token Ring 4/16 NB Card!! It is big!! The power supply's in both are dead. I will have to replace a capacitor or swap in another power supply(the power supply from a llci is supposed to fit). I always check these units and buy them if they have the optional 33mhz 68882 FPU in place.
  10. 30pin

    Duo Docks!

    The full size Duo Docks all came with a lock on the side. You could lock you Duo in place so no one could walk off with it!
  11. 30pin

    Duo Docks!

    I just picked up a pair of Duo Docks. These ones have the stronger lid with the flap door on them. Both have optional 68882 FPU's installed and both have the extra Vram to show thousands of colours. Both are in good condition, but no keys. One has a VGA card installed. I will try my Benq 15"lcd tonight to see if it will work.
  12. Yes the adapter and card are internal, replacing the harddrive. The silence is great!!!
  13. One of the first Mac SE's I picked up had Music 2.5 on it. You could write notes and have the SE play it back to you. Had a lot of options and a nice piano keyboard. You could put 2 mice on the SE and use them at the same time on the music keyboard. The SE could could make music and you could probably get the talking Moose to sing.
  14. I am thinking of purchasing one of the adapters. But I will sell off some extra Mac stuff to pay for it first. I think putting into a Duo would be great. Make the unit even lighter than it is already. As to wearing out the CF card, it might be an issue if it was in your one and only computer, but for casual use in vintage computers, I'm not sure if it is a very big issue. Having different O.S.'s on different cards is another good option.
  15. My CF adapter showed up today!! It was shipped fast!!! First glitch was there is an extra pin. The harddrive plug off the computer has one pin deleted. So after a five second thought process I bent the pin out of the way and plugged in the adapter. The PB1400 fired up showing flashing floppy. I installed O.S. 7.5.3 onto an older 256mb Kingston CF card. It took a couple of tries to get it finished. It's boots up faster, and everything works about the same, maby a bit faster. I will nip off the extra pin so the adapter sits flush in the harddrive plug in. I had the 256 CF cards
  16. Had a bit more time to play on the Ibook. As a matter of fact, I am writing this post on it!! It is O.S 10.3 and has 384mb of ram. This thing is awesome!! I will have to put a shim in it later, but for now the C clamp will do. I am not used to such a quiet laptop, pleasant change!!
  17. I had some time to do a little research on the Ibook. Found an article that had some things to try. I put pressure on the bottom of the Ibook and pressed the start button. It chimed and booted right up to O.S. X. Then it asked for a password. Have to figure out if I can get past that. I hope not to wipe the hardrive. The screen is perfect! The Ibook runs very quietly! The battery took a charge, all four lights were green. Once I get into the system I can check the air port card and see how that works!
  18. Picked up an Ibook and an Impulse Reply 200. It is the first Ibook I have picked up. Does not work. More than likely the motherboard is dead. But as far as I can figure out it has a 600mhz cpu, 128mb of ram, a 20gb harddrive, cd player and an airport card. Came with the charger and a travel case. External condition is great! I plugged in the charger and have got three out of four green lights on the battery showing. It has been plugged in about an hour. When you press the start button, it chimes, but nothing on the screen. The Impuse Reply 200 is interesting. It is twice as th
  19. I have a couple of Duo's. Both the keyboards are bad. I found some extra keyboards and tried them. They were also bad. After trying to type on the duo, my PB180 is pure joy!!!
  20. The hardrive in my duo was making lots of noise. I swapped in my last extra 320mb 2.5 scsi drive. Newer(1994??) faster and much quieter. I have been looking at the CF/adapter idea. It would make the duo even lighter. Early duo's usually have from 80-240mb. I have a couple of 256mb CF cards handy. Just need the adapter. Has anyone done this with a duo?? I was thinking that it would be of use to any of the scsi laptops. If something went(Video-motherboard-ect.) the card and adapter would go into another vintage laptop. The card and adapter should last for years. No moving pa
  21. Nice find. Love the colour!!
  22. Yes the sound is from the inside of the duo, not from the speaker. I find the sound a bit disconcerting coming from an electronic component!! Otherwise it works well. So I will just ignore the buzz/hiss sound!! I want to put more v-ram in the dock. Will add a 20mb ram strip to the duo when I find one. Interesting little unit!
  23. The first post describes what happens with the battery already removed.
  24. I used an ac adapter from my 1400(24V/45W) to start the duo without the dock for the first time. Everything worked fine. Tried it an hour later and got an odd buzzing sound. It buzzes when you plug in the adapter and again when you press the start switch. It is not a very good sound. the buzz stays as long as you are pushing the start button, then goes away as soon as you release it. If you hold the start button down for more than a couple of seconds you get the chimes of problems and no start. A fast push of the button gives you the statup bong and it works fine? Anyone have this happ
  25. I usually use a product called Arctic Silver 3. It is really supposed to conduct heat well. I usually use it when I am cleaning up any older computer that uses a heat sink.
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