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  1. Thanks to Ike for the lead to the SE/30 repair page. The screen was the "Irregular Vertical Rasters" as shown on the the web site. After seeing the damage on the mother board I am amazed that it was able to do anything at all !! I will try some type of cleaner to dissolve some of the corrosion that is under and inside the rom chip mount. The rom chip itself needs a good cleaning too.
  2. Here are a few more pictures. I will do a more thorough clean up with the swabs and some alcohol soon. The area under the chip mount has some serious corrosion. I did not think that the pram battery would be so corrosive over so much area !!
  3. I picked up a very nice SE/30, outside condition very clean. I booted it up and got a garbled screen. The hard drive was running, but very noisy. I have an external drive that I wanted to use to replace the internal drive with. I popped off the case and was surprised by the mass of brown corrosion surrounding the pram battery!! The mounts for the battery were eaten away and some of the surface mounted components nearby were eaten by the corrosion. The edge of the video chip was also badly corroded. Sort of put a hold on my project. The unit was assembled in Ireland in May of 1991.
  4. I hope this one will work out for you ! I used to pick up external drives from our Value Village store. I picked up a HD20 and a HD40 @$7.99 each. I bought a TopDrive for the same price. I swapped in a 350mb drive into that one and it sits under my Mac Plus with O.S.7.0.1* on it. It really depends on where you are, when it comes picking up old Mac stuff. The external drives are a nice way to go and they lift the monitor up a bit and can resolve some heat issues.
  5. A good cleaning will do wonders for the old floppy drive. I did the swap you are working on a few years ago. I swapped in a 1.44 drive out of a dead Classic. Between the dust build up and old grease the drive barely functioned. I swabbed and blew out lots of gunk using compressed air and alcohol with Qtips. Then I oiled the mechanism with G96. A product I had always used to clean and lube firearms. The drive functioned smartly with none of the drag and whining that it did before the clean up. The drive has worked perfect since the cleanup, about 3 years ago.
  6. I am going to leave the SE/30 cpu alone till I can pick up a real accellerator card. The SE/30 has 20mb of ram , a 1gb harddrive and is running O.S.7.0.1.* I am slowly loading it with vintage games and interesting apps. Thanks to all those who posted .
  7. I was trying to get my emate charged up with no luck. The batteries were totally dead. No real surprize as they are the originals from 1997. Earlier in the year I had bought a damaged rc (radio control) car for $2.00 at a garage sale. It had a 9.6V battery pack in it. 8 rechargable batteries!! I split then into two groups of four. Cut some tape, nipped through one of the metal tabs. They are soldered together just like the emate batteries 4-pack. I unsoldered the emate connector and resoldered the two wires to the top of the recycled battery pack. Being carefull to solde
  8. I have been tinkering with both my units. The PDQ is now running O.S.9.2 . I upped the ram from 128mb to 256mb. Feels faster and smoother. I downloaded Classilla ! The emate had a quick change of batteries as the originals were dead. The cell swap went well and everything fit back in. The hinges need to be fixed asap. Looks like I will scrap trying to use the irda ports. I will check for a serial cable in a day or so when I get back to the city. I want to use the emate on the road and sync. to the powerbook when home.
  9. The emates and the PDQ powerbook are both good finds. Having them working together is great ! I am working at getting my PDQ to see my Emate. No luck so far. I was hoping to use the ira ports to transfer files. How does your setup sync. ? My PDQ is running O.S.9.0.4.
  10. Another thought on this swap. The 030 cpu is a more modern model. If I read the specs right it has a 256k cache on it. I was thinking that even if it only ran at 16mhz, there might be benefits because of its more modern design?? The cpu I am thinking about is a "MC68EC030RPC40C" . It said something about being used in embedded applications ? Might this cpu be used in an accelerator as they also have a removable cpu? Any thoughts on this ?
  11. I am thinking about trying a cpu swap on the SE/30. There is a 40mhz 68030 cpu available. I am pretty sure I have a SE/30 motherboard with the socket style cpu. I think it would work, but the new cpu would only run at 16mhz. Without having the expensive accelerator, is there anyway to make it run at 40mhz ?? I would have to purchase the cpu, so it would be nice to know if there is a way to make it work. Any suggestions ?
  12. 30pin

    Five Ibooks !

    My boys will get these two. It is a big step forward from the CF-27 Toughbook they usually share. I will try some of the motherboard fixes and see if I can get one of the other ones going for myself!
  13. 30pin

    Five Ibooks !

    The 1.33ghz ibook is a bit more challenging!! I figured out that the video problem is due to a bad cable. The no start problem was actually a dead hardrive. I swapped in a good one and everything started up as it should. But it also has a faulty dvd-rom drive. So it looks like the third G4 ibook will turn into a donor for its LCD cable and dvd-rom drive. Those parts will not swap from the G3 ibooks. Lots of great fixes for the ibooks on the net. I thought the one brought up on an ealier post was great!! Flames on the motherboard
  14. 30pin

    Five Ibooks !

    I did a bit of research on the web about swapping LCD's and got busy. It took me an hour to disassemble the two ibooks, swap in the good LCD, close everything up and test. I think I can do a swap in thirty minutes now that I got through it the first time. The now working G4 ibook has 1.07 cpu, 1.25gb of ram, 30gb hardrive. The donor G3/500 had some good parts besides the LCD. It was upgraded somewhere along the line. I got a 70gb hardrive, dvd-rom drive, 256mb ram strip, airport card and a good battery to add to my parts supply! The G4 1.33 is next in line.
  15. 30pin

    Five Ibooks !

    I just picked up these ibooks as parts from a local seller. All have issues. Three G4 Ibooks and two G3 Ibooks. No video at all on the 1.33ghz Ibook, it bongs on start up. Damaged screen(1/2 of it works) on the 1ghz G4, boots and runs fine. The third G4 is a 1.2ghz model, it bongs on start up and the screen lights up with nothing on it? The last two are G3's (500mhz & 600mhz) Both have video problems. If you squeeze them the video will stay on. I really want to get the G4's working if possible. Since the G3's have the video chip problem, I am hoping to swap their screens ont
  16. Nice find! Good price too! You could use different disks for different versions of O.S. 6/O.S.7.
  17. 30pin


    My Classic II also quit working. I just finished putting it back together yesterday. There was some signs of leaking capacitors on the mother board. I scrubbed down that area of the mother board and flushed off with water, dried it out on the heat register, assembled it. No sound at all, but otherwise works normal. I used it daily for 2 years. It has 10mb of ram, 250mb hard drive and is using O.S.7.0.1* It is nice to have it working again.
  18. 30pin

    Quadra 660AV

    Looks like I will keep the Quadra 660AV ( The Quadra 605 can wait for a different donor.) I have maxed out the ram(68mb), I found a couple of scsi drives that should work(2gb(Apple) or a 18gb(Non-Apple)) I will install a fresh O.S. I have 7.1 and 8.1 , not sure which would be the best for this unit? The case is cleaning up nicely, a small crack on one corner showed itself.(Hard landing?) I found a set of Apple Design speakers that should work with it. The original hardrive is protected by At Ease 4.01. I will have to get around that to get to the programs on the original hardrive.
  19. 30pin

    Quadra 660AV

    Just picked up a Quadra 660AV. I was going to pop the CPU out of it to drop into a Quadra 605 I have. I thought I would play with it for a few minutes. It looked very dusty and dirty inside and out. But it was complete. It booted right up! Showing 16mb of ram, 250mb hardrive and running System 7.1 . Not sure what I should do with it ? Recycle it and use the 25mhz 040 as planned or do something with Quadra 660AV. Not sure how to make use of its features? Anyone with some ideas?
  20. 30pin

    Small Find!

    Dropped into the local Salvation Army Thrift Store today. On the back shelf was a white mouse. I had not seen this type before. Flipping it over I saw the familiar Apple logo. A Model A1152 ! A wired optical Mighty Mouse!! Awesome!! That was all there was for me today. I walked over to the till and paid the .99 cent sticker price. Headed home, plugged it in, works great. Just a small find, but it made my day!!
  21. The powersupply is in another box. But it is down there too! I am hoping to keep everything looking almost normal on the Sawtooth case. Will get all the parts together over the holiday and see how they might fit together. I like the modern features of the emacs G4 mother board. There is lots of room inside the Sawtooth case for adjustments.
  22. I have a dead 500mhz Sawtooth. It has been sitting for awhile down in the basement. It quit one day , after a few attempts to revive it, it went to the basement. A motherboard from a 2005 Emac ended up in a box beside the sawtooth. Its the 1.42ghz model with the 167mhz bus. I do like the looks of the Sawtooth case.... What about putting the two together? Should I even consider such a thing?? Any thoughts on the matter???
  23. I dropped by the Free Mac Pile again. It was bigger than last time?? This guy has lots of stuff. I really am getting short on storage space too... This time I picked up a PB540c, a Duo230, a 6500/225 and another DuoDock with the ethernet plug in. Also took a n.i.b. powerbook battery charger(PB100's). The fellow was there this time, he is cleaning out his garage and will be adding to the pile one more time. I asked about PB G3's. He said he thought he had a box of parts for them in the other corner of the garage. Looks like I will be going back one more time!!
  24. There was an add on our local Kijiji site. "Giveaway of very old Mac computers and acc. Come and get them". It gave the address. It happened to be near the school my son goes to. So I stopped by. There was at least 50 Macs. Keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, boxes of parts. Also mac books and factory boxes. I should have taken some pictures!!! I really do not need any more Mac stuff... BUT!! So I loaded up a couple of 6100/60-66 AV, nice cases. A DuoDock Plus, two Quadra 630's and a Quadra 650, a neat looking Apple monitor, a 7300/120 some PB1400 parts and a bunch of etherne
  25. It's nice to have two! Then you can cross check all sorts of things. Best thing is if you do need something, chances are it is on the other one!
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