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  1. I was trying to place my mind into a glorious time "2 years" past too. I currently live in a town which may have four Macs in it, two of which belong to one person and none of which are mine. But I'm going to be out of here soon, and hopefully a 68k PowerBook will be in my future. If not that, a 486 based Thinkpad.
  2. The G3 iMacs will never truly become collectors items. After all, they are awfully hard to stack a hundred and twenty to a pallette. If anything from the PPC onwards has lasting value to collectors, it will be because of the physical design of the machine. So the G3 iMac will be a candidate. The Quadra and earlier have a different type of appeal: the software available for it. There is a lot of unique software available for the 68k Mac simply because Apple spurred on an era of innovation through that quirky invention called a GUI.
  3. If it was a G3 iMac, I would install NetBSD. But it isn't. If I didn't already have half a dozen 9.1 machines, I would install 9.1. But the hypothetical situation has me owning a half a dozen 9.1 machines. Maybe some version of Mac OS 7 would interest me, but I'd rather do that on a 68k Mac to use my favourite version of System 7. That being 7.1. So I think that I would just end up searching for a new home for that PCI PowerMac.
  4. A few of notes: - CD Sunrise will only support HFS CDs. So ensure that you are creating HFS CDs if you are using a CD drive to transfer files onto the SE. - Apple's CD driver will support ISO CDs, but it only supports Apple branded drives IIRC. It is the drive that matters, not the enclosure. - Apple CD-ROM drives will be no more and no less reliable than third party drives. If you do run into an issue, it will be because of a SCSI ID issue or termination issue. - Try using the serial ports to transfer small files. Not only is it bi-directional, but you won't fill landfills
  5. I'm the type of person who thinks that a 2 line signature is more than too much. But it doesn't really matter on this forum anymore: if you don't like long signatures you can simply turn them off. (Same for avatars of questionable taste.)
  6. I have often heard the claim that the Apple /// was intentionally crippled, usually for marketing reasons and always with the implication that it did not have to be done. But is there anything to substantiate that? Here's my thoughts: The original Apple II had a rather quirky design. Sometimes that was due to technical limitations, such as the tiny memory windows to Apple Bus cards. Sometimes that was to simplify the hardware design, such as the non-linear mapping of the video frame buffer. Software developers often compounded the problem, by depending upon the hardware and firmwar
  7. The DIPs are historical artifacts. Until the early or mid 1990s, most monitors used a fixed frequency. For all intents and purposes, this meant that a monitor ran at particular horizontal and vertical resolutions. If you wanted to use a higher resolution, or have a higher refresh rate, you would need to use a different monitor. Which raises a problem: how do you figure out what type of monitor is attached to the computer? In the really early days, a video card would just assume that a compatible monitor was attached. Some vendors allowed you to select the resolution and refresh rate f
  8. PM a mod about this. There is no reason to have another rambling thread amongst the users of the forums because this is not our decision. Rather it is the decision of the people who maintain and sustain this place.
  9. Wowa there, you are the one who is way out of line. First of all, I was pointing out that we have a turf war between at least two camps. They probably aren't organised per se, but the attitudes are there. Second, I don't subscribe to either camp, even though you seem to be painting me as the ring-leader of the collectors. Even though I am more sympathetic towards the more serious collectors, my posts definitely fit in with that other camp. Finally, you're way too emotionally involved to even pretend to have moderator status. Look at the (admitedly selective) tidbits from a single p
  10. I'm going to suggest something that a few of you seem to be missing: It's not about the Lounge, stupid. Look, some of the members of one camp (let's call them camp A) positively hate some of the members of the other camp (let's call them camp . Perhaps the felling is mutual. I don't really keep in touch with the members of camp B, so I don't know. Now camp A doesn't really like what they see from camp B. Camp A thinks of themselves as true collectors: people who acquire and restore old machines, and find and preserve old software. That's the sort of stuff that they want to discuss
  11. Don't dis old Apple projects: http://www.squeak.org/About/
  12. My aplogies for going Scott on you, but trading "abandonware" is illegal. End of story. In reality, I could care less what goes through your open TCP/IP ports. That's your decision. What goes on in these forums though, that needs to be on the up and up. There is some potential for the moderators being held liable, particularly since they are more or less active participants in this board. At the very least, it can result in the board being dismantled by legal processes. Whether or not you agree with those legal processes is a moot point because, legally speaking, the people who initi
  13. Just as I posted a URL to exclude the Lounge while searching for new posts, I will post a URL to include the Lounge: http://68kmla.org/forums/search.php?search_id=newposts There is no need to burden the administrators by demanding such a feature when you could easily toss that link in your URL bar (Firefox), Personal Bar (Opera), or whatever IE calls its equivalent feature. I agree that removing the Lounge is a bad idea (not stupid, just bad). Restricting Lounge access to registered users is probably a good idea, since it is a place for members to chit-chat. There isn't a go
  14. That new new posts link should be checked. I'm getting 9 results with the old new posts link, only one of which is in the Lounge, and three results with the new new posts link. I don't know about that. Behaviour usually seems to change with these pronouncements, so the people around here are pretty good at self regulating in that respect. The problem is that new problems crop up. It's almost as though people need to be told what to do, rather than what not to do. Imagine the response of a guest once they sign up and login as a registered user! I'm not sure if deletin
  15. Bad things happen to all of us all of the time. Thing is, very few of them are tragedies. If we lose our job, we look for a new job. If we lose a friend, we try to make amends or look for new friends. If our vehicle breaks down, we try to fix it. If our Mac breaks down, well, that is a true trajedy. Or not. We can try to figure out how to fix the machine, may it be replacing the hard drive or soldering on new capacitors. Or maybe we go out to look for a replacement computer, if the repair is too daunting. Or maybe we decide to emulate the old hardware, because we realise that the e
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