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  1. So, I got this about a year ago for a steal - $125 with box and a pro keyboard. Anyway, when I got it, of course, it would not boot. I then read about the whole bad capacitor thing. So, I disassembled it, inspected the motherboard, and could not find one single capacitor on the motherboard that was leaking or indeed even bulging. I then went ahead and took apart the power supply, and bingo, at least 2-3 leaked caps. I was in a school at the time which had a electronics program (and I was not a part of it), and had a very good friend recap the power supply. That was done, and it looks good as n
  2. So, after getting sad after the LCD broke on my last pismo, I caught the itch to aquire another one. This is actually my 3rd, they are just too nice machines to pass up. I came across this ebay auction with one with the original packaging. I have seen the box before, but never one with the accessories kit. I snagged it up for a cool $76, but it was well worth the money. The packaging was mostly complete, minus the manual, but that is easily printable from a PDF version. It even came with 3 coupons for apple stuff. It was packed with the charger, weight saving device, phone cord, the original D
  3. Well, I also got a bag of parts, and I looked in there, and there was a pristine hard drive sled for the machine (the kind that slides on rails in the machine and snaps in place). The drive in there did not have one on it, so I hooked it on. The bag had a bunch of screws, another bezel for what looks like a external CD-ROM, and the SCSI ID selector hooked to a ribbon cable. I noticed it fit on the connector on the bottom of the hard drive, but I can't make it fit with the clearance in there, so I went without. Probably a good idea. I noticed both VRAM banks were full, so I think it might h
  4. I had the chance to boot the 575. It has a 80mb hard drive, and 20mb of RAM. That means a 16mb stick and the 4mb on board. I can't get it to boot from my burned 7.6 CD, so I am going to try and burn a fresh copy. It does have 7.6.1 on it, but appears to have personal data on it, so as a rule, I always performa (HA!) clean install on any new old mac. Unless I should go for 7.5.5 on this machine...
  5. I saw an add on my local craigslist for someone who had 4 vintage macs, a Macintosh Plus (a real one), a Classic II, a Performa 575, and a LC I. I replied, hoping to get all of the macs, but he replied saying the compact macs were called for, and I already have a plus and a Classic I, so I grabbed the other two while on lunch break today from school. The LC came with the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and the 575 came with the keyboard, mouse, and hard drive bracket in plastic bag. The hard drive is in the 575. I got them home, and popped the back on the 575, and both RAM banks are full, along
  6. Sounds like your iMac G5 has the same problem mine has. Don't bother taking it to the apple store, they will just say your logic board is bad, and try to get you to shell out ~$500 for a new one. They said they tested it with another "good known" PSU, but I doubt it. I took apart the PSU in mine, and I have one swollen cap, and 3 more leaky. Luckily I have friends who know this stuff.
  7. Well, it was like this since I got it. It might be that, I don't know. I don't even know if it's worth saving, as the CD-ROM drive is dead and the floppy drive has a disk stuck in it.
  8. Kangas seem to be thick on the ground here for cheap on the local CL. seen 3 in the last six months for >=$50. There is one on there right now for $35. I was thinking of snapping that one up, as I have it's immediate predicessor, the 3400 that somehow blew it's ADB bus, both internally and externally so it's basically useless; but has immaculate casing including the rear port door and ADB port door. Might transfer the motherboard from the 3500 to the 3400, unless the casing it in great condition.
  9. Perform the hinge fix on it. I tried doing it to mine, but the display cable was wedged under the hinge. It worked fine before, but after removing it (CAREFULLY), the touch portion did not work anymore, but the actual display does. Try and find the memory card for it too, it seems to make a helluva difference. Doubled RAM and flash storage, plus expanded data bus. Just a matter of finding one.
  10. I had one, nice machine. Heavy as all get out though. The power lead going to the drives stopped working, which basically made it useless unless I used another power supply. Gave it away to scrap, after stripping out all the juicy parts, like the power splice cable, and the zip drive with floppy power connector.
  11. yes, I remember disk light. every time I installed norton, there it was. Pretty handy utility, and you could place it in either top corner. My only gripe with 7.1 is that it's not free, and I don't have a copy of it. I do have a legal copy of 7.6 on CD, and that contains the floppy disk images. And of course, 7.5.5 is free (well, actually, 7.5.3 is, but it's updatable to 7.5.5.)
  12. Sorry for another post, but I can't edit my last one. It turns out it was a loose RAM card, as it started happening every boot, and it was eight chords, so I popped it open, reseated the card, pulled some foam off the other one, and spaced the card so it would not happen again, since the card is so long it rocks loosely, with nothing securing it. One casualty though: the port door broke somehow. one of the pegs broke off, luckily not inside the hole, so all I need is another door. Not really an issue, as opening that door every time I turn the machine one quickly becomes a PITA. one of
  13. Alright, the operation is over, and a success!! Everything is working fine, the machine is running great, booted right up off the 1gb HD to System 7.6.1, but it seems to be a little poky with it on it, I think I am going to put 7.5.5 on it, should make it run a little faster. This is with RAM doubler installed, too. It's even running on battery!! The power supply does not seem to be powerful enough, it was the one in the bag with the 165, but I think I can make it work with the one I got with the 180. So now I have a Powerbook that looks like a 165, but quacks like a 180. I whipped
  14. ok, I have started the operation. I took everything I might need out of the 180. I forgot on the 1xx powerbooks, the CPU is on a daughterboard, so I only removed that. The 180 had a RAM board, I forget how many mbs, but it is pretty large, and I will compare it to the one I know is 14mb in the 165. I removed the display, display cable, inverter, interconnect board, daughter card, 1gb HD, and modem. Will take apart the 165 after class tonight. One note about the interconnect board: in the service manual, for the exploded view, apple only lists one part number for it. Does that mean the
  15. I don't think ifixit goes back that far As far as motherboard differences, the only one I can think of is the 180 has a 68882 FPU, and IDK if the 165 has a socket for one. Maybe, but i'll just transfer the whole board. I found the apple service manual on preterhuman. The same one covers the 160, 165, and 180.
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