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  1. Hey guys. I just found out that my coppy of 9.2.1 disk wont read. I must of used it to much. so i went in my stuff looking for my real 9 cd to make a coppy of, and I can not find it. Do you guys have some sort of torrent or something of it. its for my ibook g4 800MH, so if that helps
  2. it wokrs fine in my windows macheen. and this drive is only 6 mo old and I've only burned about 25 disks, so thats not the problem, I do not have a usb thing for ide is there a osx patch I am thinking or a way to get that one driver from 104.7 to stick ?
  3. it even with normal files, I can burn the disks in any othter os except mac and i talk to people on anohter fourm and they say macs can, its just a normal dvd, disk no drm ..ect so yea but like i said even itunes fails at making misic dvd's
  4. First of all I own the games I make backups, I buy games and do not open them, In canada it is legal if you own the game. Second of all the Usb card is just for my usb stick, The reason I upgraded to 10.4.11 was becuase 10.4.7 would crash when I tryed useing the usb 2 card. 10.4.8 has the same burner problems as 10.4.11 also older os'xs dont work with the burner aswell, Any help? the burner is IDE as master and is the only one on the bus.
  5. Hey guys, A while back I got a dvd burner for my pm g4 400 MH, I was running 10.4.7 and I could burn disks, but know I upgraded for my usb 2.0 card to work it wont burn, it says the disk is the wrong kind .ect. I have never had a problem like this I use disk utilty to burn Game cube Iso disks, thanks guys
  6. well kind of I just let word load and then when its done closed the lid till i need the computer
  7. yep just have to open office then sleep it
  8. hey guys, After a long hideing, I have come back, for classic mac's and what not, I have moved on to windows 7. I have to say I love it. But last week on firday, my laptop fell out of my back pack and went down the dreaded stairs. Everything is fine Except.... The hard drive. I'm running off a Usb stick at the moment, and its Quite lame. But there is a happy ending to this storry. My school lent me an I-book g4+ with 128mb of ram, I do have to give it back at the end of the year. They had locks on it. I just took them off, as I could not install my verson of office (08) I have strang
  9. I'll Talk french as you also talk it Alors que WOW est un bien y trouver. Je voudrais pouvoir de Got cela, mais wow that guy a utilisé la brique StyleWriter Power. Il faut qu'il ne soit pas en mesure de lire ce qu'il dit. C'est Tho drôle et heureux que vous ayez obtenu le FFD for all of the english people out there So wow that is a good find there. I wish I could of got that, But wow that guy was using the StyleWriter Power brick. He must of not able to read what it said. That is funny tho and glad you got the FFD
  10. Yea I knew they only had one slot in the I-book I even just meses my 9 installed but that is another story and the added ram runs ines fine
  11. Ok thanks it just sucks with the 64mb of ram, yea I'm going to open my imac, later thanks
  12. Well would Ram from a tray loading I-mac Work in an Clam shell I book? I just mine and it only has stock ram, (the built in) Also This is a 366Mh Ibook with Fire wire so yea, Also the Battrie Still gets like four hours with out being used in a 3 years
  13. Does it get louder when the screen is brighter? or is the computer is working on lots of files at once?
  14. Hey I would look at getting a biger hard drive for it look at a 120gb hdd and use apple talk part of the server for the older macs is you're 10.4 server disk just ppc? mine is g4,5 and Intel and I am looking to put 10.4 server on one of my imacs or a I-book (G3's) that i am getting next yet, so yea, its hard looking for older osx server disks I have looked on most of my local sites for geting mac stuff but none have anything older then 10.4.7 and that sucks as its the g4 and up
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