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  1. It can if it's an SE FDHD or SE SuperDrive. You can upgrade an SE to an SE FDHD / SuperDrive by replacing the IWM chip with a SWIM chip. I think there were talks about creating a SWIM chip clone.
  2. I like the SE as an SE/30 upgrade because it has space for dual floppies. With a SCSI2SD or 2.5" drive, you can easily fit a HDD in there while still keeping both floppy drives.
  3. @JDW My 20MB is also a Microcomputer Microseries, Inc. So I guess I have their last model drive they ever made.
  4. The cards you have are an Apple //e Disk Controller card in slot 6 (connected to a DuoDrive), an 80 column / RAM card in the auxiliary slot (replaces slot 3 in most cases), and a Super Serial card in slot 1. A fairly standard setup. The smoke was most likely from the PSU. Original Apple //e power supplies are notorious for blowing the RIFA filter cap. I'd start there. The power supply is easy to take out and open up, and the filter cap is easy to replace. If it turns out to be the RIFA cap, make sure to order an X2 capacitor, not a Y capacitor.
  5. Although they'll be expensive initially, microLED might be the best option going forward. @claanu What I think would be fantastic, would be a kit that includes the following: Real glass window + black shroud/bezel 4:3 or 5:4 LCD high pixel density panel (like something from an iPad 2 or newer) TTL converter board with DisplayPort, HDMI, and/or LVDS (perhaps also VGA pass-through) Kit would let you replace a (preferably bad) CRT with real glass, plus a black foam or rubber shroud that prevents light blead while still allowing a flat LCD to lay again
  6. I also tried emailing the Tokamac engineer, but he didn't respond.
  7. I'll pull the HDD out again today and take a look, see what the make & model is. Maybe @Crutch could, too.
  8. @Huxley Ooo, that would be cool. I just got my 2nd COVID shot, so I'll be at peak protection in a couple weeks. The week of April 11th also just happens to be spring break for my school district, so I'd be available that entire week.
  9. I don't have any PWS riser cards, just the DGR. I would assume it's very similar if not identical to the DGR. I was told by the current owner of MicroMac's IP that the one he sent me was a prototype. It's just a metal shell, no plastics, nothing, and included the above two adapters. @LCLover is the only person I've seen who actually has one. He uploaded a couple photos, but neither is of the inside:
  10. @Kai Robinson How would it be destructive? I wouldn't mind donating them to science if I could get a working card at the end of it all.
  11. You're limited by physics. The beam has to be painted onto the whole screen, ergo it has to be at a distance where it can do that. Samsung briefly made "super slim" CRTs, but that term is only relative to other CRTs. They weren't thin by any comparison, not even to early plasma screens. I think the best solution would be a combination LCD + glass. It could either be just an LCD behind glass, or, projected onto the glass. If you used old iPad 2 LCDs, the resolution of the LCD would be high enough that you wouldn't even notice the interpolation for non-native resolutions.
  12. OK, I swore I gave my prototype LC expander away. But I guess I only ever had a conversation, and they turned it down for one reason or another. Just more junk, I'd imagine. In any event, I was looking in my storage for some ZIP memory I also remembered buying (so far, my own internal memory doesn't appear to be working so well), and I stumbled upon a large MicroMac box. It had inside my prototype Power Workstation and 2 LC expander cards ... neither of which were for the Power Workstation. One is clearly for the DGR Max, of which the Power Workstation is likely a clone or perh
  13. Was there ever an LC PDS to NuBus adapter? If you could stick a //e card in there somehow.
  14. @Nathan_A Yes! They're for ZIP RAM. There's another thread somewhere on here somewhere where someone installed the RAM. Unfortunately the forum is giving me problems and won't complete a search without a 504 time-out error. If I remember correctly, it turns out the ethernet card will access system memory for use with A/ROSE. It'll speed the card up little bit more by giving A/ROSE its own dedicated memory.
  15. The introduction of AppleTalk was one of the primary reasons why early Macintosh computers were so popular in law offices.
  16. Quick Change is a whole subgenre of stage magic.
  17. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sixty-Eight-Thousand-INC-68000-NUBUS-MAC-CLONE-SUPER-RARE-CARDS-LOT-4/154365652290 More cards, but these ones are missing all the chips.
  18. Seems like RealBasic would still be super useful for visualizing how you might want a GUI to look before jumping into ResEdit. Come to think of it, is there a reason you couldn't compile the RealBasic dummy app just for the GUI layout, then copy/paste the relevant resources? Could save you some time as opposed to trial and error trying to get the x,y positions right on everything.
  19. Coffee table? Then you'd just need to bring out an LCD and keyboard + mouse, and you've got a computer in the living room already.
  20. @dr.zeissler Yes, you need something that can encapsulate IP within the AppleTalk protocol. You can use any of the following if you can find one: Fastpath (Shiva or Kinetics) Gatorbox (Cayman Systems) microBridge TCP/IP (Sonic Systems) Farallon Etherwave Printer Adapter (not the Etherprint or iPrint, and not the transceiver.) There's also the macipgw and similar projects. You could also use a SCSI to Ethernet adapter.
  21. I'd love to get the same card you have. I need to put a eBay watch out. Or more than likely, I need to check Yahoo Japan more often. Theoretically they sold the card in the U.S., at least according to their product history. Hopefully track down the software. Maybe one of our Japanese speaking members could ask on a Japanese userboard if anyone has a copy of the software. I think @JDW lives in Japan.
  22. Just got my stimulus check, so I'm gonna order a rackmount enclosure. My server is 19" deep, but the enclosure I linked to was only 17.7". I've found others that are 600mm (23" or so), so I'll need to order one of those instead. A bit more expensive. Good thing I measured it and double checked.
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