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  1. @Nathan_A Looks to me like the Lite, XA, and Pro were the same card; they just had different RAM boards. Maybe the Pro has 2 stackable boards + 2 "cap" boards, with the XA just 2 stackables, and the Lite with just 2 cap boards.
  2. I wonder if you need 4 memory boards to get that 2048x1936, or just the two? Because they're designed to be stackable.
  3. I used to have a set of infrared wireless AppleTalk adapters, but I sold them. Back when I volunteered at a technology teaching place, we had several really cool motorized infrared wireless AppleTalk adapters. Those were really cool. We liked to put our hands in front of the sensor because it'd make the little motors whirrr and turn it about as it looked for a signal to latch on to.
  4. 2048x1936 @ 96 Hz. Good lord. And full 60 Hz 1080p. Definitely want a BUG Pickles Pro card. New holy grail item for me. @micheledipaola Don't suppose the developer has any extra cards for sale? Maybe stuck away in a long forgotten closet?
  5. @Garrett Did you try 7.1.1 Pro?
  6. If you want OG parts, an original RamWorks tends to not be too expensive. They were fairly common, and it uses cheap DIP RAM. Database apps could use the RAM, but the most effective way to use it is to pair it with a RAM Charger. It would then give you a semi-permanent 8MB RAM disk (just make sure the battery stays charged.) I like OG parts myself, but they're often prohibitively expensive. An 8MHz ZipChip will run you $500 or more. An OG 16MHz TransWarp GS will run you $1000. So $200 for a real-time adjustable accelerator is OK by me. I do draw the line at dest
  7. Looks good. Haven't seen a vintage Mac that doesn't need a recap. The SE and SE/30 should have similar (if not identical) analog boards, power supplies, CRTs, etc. So if one or the other isn't working, it'd be trivial to swap parts around for testing.
  8. Alternative is to just get a Ramworks clone card and replace the 64K with an 8MB card: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RAM2E-II-GW4203B-8MB-RAM-for-Apple-IIe-e-80-col-RAMWorks-compatible/254541875683 One of these wouldn't hurt, either. http://www.a2heaven.com/webshop/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=147
  9. It's a popular chip with tape backup drives, but it was used in several hardware accelerated real-time compression cards for both Macintosh and PC (NuBus and ISA.) It's the only one I know of that was used between different platforms. You might have heard of Stacker, which was Stac's software/hardware combo for their chip. They later released a software-only version.
  10. I believe an 800K drive will work if all you're doing is swapping the mechanical parts (motor, heads, etc.)
  11. Just an idea, kinda way out there, but: if you implemented support for the Stac 9703 processor, you could also do real-time compression. Would even work between a vintage Mac and PCs.
  12. This may have been addressed already, but did someone try reaching out to BUG and asking if they still had the software someplace? They're still in business.
  13. Aside from all the grief you had in trying to test out the program, I have to say that it's amusing that after all these years you were stuck by a Mac virus. Also, your app is very impressive. I really enjoyed reading through your building process. I just wish I could do this kind of stuff.
  14. @LaPorta Did you email him? There's a form you fill out, there's no direct buy option.
  15. Just out of curiosity, suppose someone clones the SWIM chip; would it be possible to allow daisy chaining on a Mac with a modified SWIM like it does on the Apple IIgs? Or is the Apple IIgs fundamentally different in how it interacts the floppy drives, making that type of behavior not possible on a Mac?
  16. @techknight All the SWIM chips are up on eBay for $90+ a piece.
  17. @LaPorta If it's simple copy protection such as fake bad sectors, then DiskDup can do it by copying the bad sectors as bad sectors. This is important because some copy protection schemes look for bad sectors in specific spots as their form of copy protection. So a clean copy where you ignore bad sectors but don't copy them can result in the game no longer working. However, if it's more clever copy protection such as unique partition tables, writing in areas of the disk not normally accessible, or still having data in sectors that are "bad," the best solution is to use a flux disk
  18. @jeremywork Wow, there're so many interesting cards in that auction. Is that EMS Memory card a NuBus memory card? I've seen a few NuBus memory cards in the past. Some allow you to side step the 128MB memory limit by creating a RAM disk, Gworld disk, or repurposing it as "VRAM."
  19. @micheledipaola Holy cow! Those are some serious freaking video cards. I really hope you can get the software. I'd love to see the BUG Pickles XA v2 as well. I think this pretty much proves these little cards can push those insane resolutions. Absolutely at the top of my list holy grail NuBus video card. I want a BUG Pickles XA v2 with dual memory cards.
  20. @jessenator Quite a few LC PDS ethernet cards had a PLCC socket for an FPU. They could double as both ethernet and math coprocessor.
  21. @cheesestraws How difficult would it be to also make this a 32-bit enabler for dirty ROMs? You could then consolidate the 32-bit enabler with the 32-bit enforcer, since in actuality you'd need both anyway.
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