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  1. You could try using a filler, some sanding, then blending an overcoat of paint. If there's a noticeable texture, you could use some clay to make a mold of the texture so that after you fill & sand, you can then reapply a texture before painting.
  2. Sweet. That picture confirms my theory about the memory cards.
  3. Anyone else love the fact that it supports a 1:1 ratio resolution? Those monitors are expensive, though. I guess because they're so low-yield.
  4. Some further testing with the 8•24GC. I've confirmed that it works fine with 7.1, but not 7.1.1 Pro. So 7.1.1 Pro appears to implement some of the same changes to 7.5.x that causes incompatibilities with the video card.
  5. @jeremywork Oh, great idea! I'll just put a couple washer. That'll work. I'll see if I can get to testing today.
  6. @cheesestraws I looked at those, but the problem is that the Shiva has really weird spacing on the side where it screws to the device itself. It's completely non-standard. I used a carbine drilling bit to get those particular ears to fit, and they came from an ancient 3Com hub. I figured I could take my Dremel to them and cut into the edge, turning them into U mounts. They're only off by a few milimeters.
  7. A small update. I finally finished cleaning the machine. Reinstalled the cards. Replaced some disintegrating foam. I also found another Apple NuBUS ethernet card ... it was in my garage. Apparently I had a second one. I bought and installed some ZIP memory for the ethernet cards. I plan to do some rudimentary speed tests with the ethernet cards. Speed test on a non A/ROSE card, speed test on an A/ROSE supported card, and a speed test on an A/ROSE card with upgraded memory. I'll need to make or get some reference files to transfer. My next step is, I think, I might try rep
  8. Nooo! That poor block o' ram. It was a worthy death. Worthy of a song!
  9. @fstark, you should contact @Bolle, he's made an all-in-one ethernet + expansion board for the SE/30. He's in Germany.
  10. @t-shinba Welcome! Thanks for being here. Your video cards are very, very impressive. Would love to get them working again. Hopefully with your help we can recover the software.
  11. I was hoping the headset would have an Apple logo on it. Are any of those Motorola chips 68000s? Might support A/ROSE.
  12. @Crutch It'd be useful if you utilized AppleTalk Remote Access. Say if your office computer is turned off and no one is at the office because of time zones while you're traveling for work, you could remotely turn on the computer and then access your files. Edit: A few years ago I tried to get the remainder of the owner's stock of PowerKeys. He sent maybe 2 or 3 to people, then stopped responding. I didn't even get one.
  13. Essentially, it just can't be a Windows machine as the intermediary. Hopefully has access to a modern Mac that knows how to handle resource forks.
  14. I'm not sure it's the terminator so much as it could be incompatible versions of AppleTalk. If I try to mount an OS 9 machine on my System 7 machine, it won' work. But I can mount my System 7 on my OS 9 without any issues. That's where having an AppleShare server is very useful.
  15. Unfortunately those files are toast. Their resources were completely stripped.
  16. And by vibrating I mean vibrating, not electrical current. You flip the switch and it goes brrrrzzzzz and then it's quiet.
  17. I found a seemingly new 18 volt Tekpower variable power supply for $10 at Goodwill the other day. I plugged it in at the store and it seemed to work. It was missing a screw, though, and rattled on the inside. Got it home, opened it up, found the screw. When I got it home and powered it on, it sounds like a CRT monitor buzzing when you first turn it on after a long period of time. I assume it's the huge power transformer inside, but I've never owned one of these things, and I don't know if that's normal. It physically vibrates when it's turned on. A bit unnerving.
  18. @Trash80toHP_Mini would approve. I wonder if you could fit it all with a couple right-angle adapters.
  19. @Pheckphul I think @elemenoh has a PCB cleaner, but I also know he's very busy. Wouldn't hurt to ask. I have the equipment to do a full recap, but I couldn't offer any assurances. I'd feel bad if I broke something.
  20. @taddy Thank you very, very much for the translation. Absolutely fascinating. Any idea if the frequencies are handled by the ROM? Also, judging by your translation, I would think there is more software to go with the card. Seems like there should be additional Control Panels just like the Radius cards to be used for acceleration, dynamic resolution switching, etc. Do you guys think the high-speed block transfer means Bus Mastering? That'd make sense.
  21. Does the Color Classic II actually identify as a Color Classic II in the About menu? Or is it an LC 475?
  22. Wow. $80 for a IIci with accelerator, SuperMac video card, and 4x 16MB block-o-RAM SIMMs. I have a full set of 128MBs of those same SIMMs. They're so outlandishly big, I love them. It's just a giant cube of RAM sitting in my IIci. Kinda reminds me of the CPU in Terminator II for some reason.
  23. Ooof. I've lost a drive to a bad disk when the coating came off the disk itself and destroyed the head. You can try cleaning the heads with some alcohol and a q-tip. Hopefully it didn't damage the heads.
  24. @Nathan_A It'd be great if someone could copy the ROMs off the cards. Then you could really experiment by populating the RAM cards and swapping the ROM. Hopefully it's all handled by the ROM, and hopefully it identifies the card simply by the number of RAM cards installed. That'd be nice.
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