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  1. I think I'm going to install Ubuntu 10.10 on there and see what I can do with it. Kind of off topic, but my CRT has recently started acting weird. After running for so long it starts to visibly scan (see the video here if you don't know what I mean). Does this mean the caps are going bad or what? This is my only VGA CRT (I do have a LCD with VGA, but it needs to stay where it is), so I'd like to keep it up and running (as long as it doesn't take too much effort).
  2. And of what particular purpose is a general use UNIX machine? I've always been a Linux and OS X user. The only UNIX experience I have is from OS X. What would I get (end user) that I don't get in OS X? Yes, I am a developer and very technically minded, but I've never seen the use for a pure UNIX shell on machines that are capable of more. Am I misinterpreting something?
  3. Then I must have Photoshop 7 because it runs in OS X.
  4. As per the file serving being fairly slow, I've tried it running Tiger, Leopard, and Leopard Server (the latter for trying Time Machine backups). Transfer speeds were slower than transfers to my junky PC laptop's USB HD (which is connected with USB 2.0), so I would have to guess that the HD in the G5 is the issue (transfers were tested over both AFP and Samba). I'll probably just set it up with NetBSD or a linux distro (Debian based) and Tiger/Leopard with Photoshop 6 or 7 (can't remember which one I own for PPC). Maybe I'll try to find a cheap copy of Logic too.
  5. I have. I didn't violate them, did I? I apologize for the missing of the quote button. I'm just used to seeing it on the main thread page I suppose I was looking for something interesting to do with it. I had always thought of the G5s as very powerful machines, but I suppose in relation to Intels they are practically useless. Good speech, and I heartily agree (except for not replacing old machines in your main workflow, as I'm a big current tech geek too). As for your suggestion for Logic or compiling, I might just do that. Those were the first nonstandard answers on
  6. NICE!!! Makes me want to get back into hackintoshing... Off topic, but... Why is there no quote button? It's driving me crazy.
  7. Are their no specialized tasks you'd recommend? I'm not one who can daily work with such old machines. I pretty much have to use equipment within ~3 years old for it to be useful.
  8. I don't really want to spend any money on it. I'm more interested in what kind of desktop uses it would have.
  9. I have a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz that is just sitting around. I don't really know what to do with it. I've tried running it as a server, but the network transfer speeds were much to slow (HD maybe?). What would you suggest?
  10. OK. I don't think I'll get it then...
  11. I found at an antique store an Atari 400 with cassette deck and manual for $35. I've done some research and have found that you can't run Basic from a tape deck, so I'd need the cartridge... My question to you guys is... ...Is it worth it? I think it would be a cool RetroChallenge project, but I don't know what I can run with only a tape deck. I know if I can find dumps I can just play it on my iPod and output that to the Atari, but I would really like to try and code my own things, which I can't seem to do with only cassette tapes. Thanks, agg23
  12. I just ran sunspider tests and the results are outstanding. Basically, without nanojit it took 15926.9ms and with nanojit it took 8921.4ms... You can see more detailed results below: Without nanojit With nanojit
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