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    • Yeah!  Super-cool.  Rackmount Macs are awesome! 
    • That's a really great score! Me and my business partner had a lot of contact with Marathon back in the day. They made rack mount gear for a lot of different systems. Really great folks. Met with them in Nashville at NAMM one year. http://www.macrocks.com/audiomidi/arch/NAMM/marathon_namm.html    
    • I seen this on Craigslist for $10 and just had to have it. For those of you who don't know, Marathon Computer was a company who made rack mount things for Apple computers. Whether rack ears for your Powermac G4 or an entire case for your 9600. In this case, a 1U rack chassis for an iMac G3 DV logic board. This one's 500 MHz, out of a Snow White based on the order number.   The front is pretty unassuming. No fancy "PowerPC" or anything, just the ports, a slot and a Marathon badge.   From the back you get all the ports an iMac G3 DV had. The ports on the far left are to be linked over to the ones on the right if you want the front panel ports to work. Otherwise, leave them disconnected and you won't have front panel ports but you'll keep all the ones on the rear.   A view from the top shows just how sketchy these things are. There is no attempt at cable management by design. The board is just thrown in at a weird angle (to make ports line up),  VGA port ribbon kind of wedged between boards, etc.    The ram is installed on a pair of right angle adapters. Without these the ram sticks up too high and fouls the top.    The biggest weird thing is this board. It's marked fan control, but I'll be damned if I know what that's about. It has the connections for the speaker and the power button/LED and then four 555s. What they do? Beats me.   Finally, know what's cooler than an iRack? How about two
    • @hfrazier you've motivated me to do some work on this too. I thought I'd set up a dedicated thread for our efforts.
    •  Building a Wifi Extension for 68k Macs   I've previously posted a few hardware hacking projects where I retrofitted a Vonets VM300 Wifi card into a SE/30 and a Colour Classic. They work pretty well, but configuration has always been a pain as you need to do it from a Modern Mac or PC using a web browser.   To solve this, I want to build a native Mac extension to connect to wifi networks - Ideally just like you would on a modern Mac. @hfrazier has already done a lot of groundwork on figuring out how to communicate with the VM300 using HTTP requests, and I've made a start on writing the extension.   It's on GitHub here: https://github.com/antscode/MacWifi, and a compiled version is attached to this post if you want to test it out.   So far the extension doesn't do much except look pretty:       I'm hoping to incorporate the work that @hfrazier has done to actually make this functional. MacWifi.sit