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Macintosh 19" Color Display - Vaporware?

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To the best of my knowledge, there was never a 19-inch version of this display. By the time of the Power Macintosh family, the Macintosh Color Display family had all been discontinued in favor of the Multiple Scan series. There was no 19-inch Multiple Scan display, either.


Ultimately, it would be just a few more years before Apple would acknowledge that people not doing DTP were perfectly happy to do things like run a 17-inch display at 800x600 or 832x624 or  at 1152x870-1280x1024.


Anyway, probably what the service manual is referencing is generically 19-inch  monitors marketed to Mac users. The "19-inch monitor" sense code on a Mac probably outputs 1024x768, anyway, is almost certainly what this means.


Apple cited the 17-inch monitor as doing 1024x768 and the 15-inch monitor as doing 832x624 (although in reality each will do a step or two above) so (this is speculation) I don't think there's a real reason for Apple to have built a 19-inch monitor, unless they could have built it specced to run 1152x870 for significantly less than the 20-incher was being sold for (say, $1399-1599, to fit between 1049 and 2149 for the MS17 and MS20 respectively.)

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