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Special Apple owned PowerMac G5 7,2 found!

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Hi everyone,


I visited my local computer thrift last week and found this PowerMac G5 7,2 for just $30. At first it seemed like just any other PowerMac G5, but what's interesting about it is the specs...


It's the original 2003 PowerMac 7,2, with the most expensive processor configuration, the Dual 2.0GHz. It also has 4GB of ram. So, it's the M9032 model.


It also has the super rare ATI Radeon X850 XT in it. That's really hard to find!


So, this thing is really decked out. Here's some pictures:






Now, all of this is really pretty rare....BUT, what really surprised me was this...




This strange tag on the bottom of the unit seems to be an Apple Asset tag of some sort. This kinda explains now why the unit is so decked out.


I also couldn't find any other examples of an Apple asset tag or anyone else who had found one.


I cannot find any info on this tag, from any collectors at all. I'm hoping someone here can provide more info about it...


This really is an interesting find, and I hope someone on the forum can provide more info!



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Most likely was used as an office computer at Apple at some point that could have entered the general resale market through a number of means.


One of the Apple employees I purchased some prototypes from had told me (in his building at least) that when the office was done with Macs that were used in the office that they would just leave them out in the "trash" for employees to take if they wanted them. He picked up an IIci with similar expensed equipment tags in ~1994 this way.


In any case a very cool find!

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Because it is expensed equipment it was simply used at one of their locations.  Sadly, it wasn't used for testing/prototyping.  But it is cool having that little extra bit of history. 

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Neat find, fun that it's got such a high end configuration.


Mirroring what has been said: this is just a normal Mac that was used by some regular office worker (of some kind), who happened to work at Apple.


I've got a couple things with Apple property tags, and, in general, private corporations aren't regulated in terms of how they get rid of equipment other than like, you know, not dumping computers directly in the river and so programs like selling machines to employees for cheap or just putting them on a table next to a loading dock and not saying anything if employees just take stuff.


Some companies (moderately famously, Boeing) operate surplus sales stores for the absolute volume of equipment they use and dispose of.

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