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Macintosh Portable Sad Mac

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Hi I’ve recapped my M5120 and it has sad Mac now. It works previously before capping. I’ve check both battery and power adapter that’s working great so power shouldn’t be the issue. It chimes but has the error as shown. Also swapped out the ram but it’s the same. 

Any help?


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13 hours ago, desertrout said:

Is it the same error every reboot/reset? This link (https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.html) provides a breakdown 68k error codes, with some specifically for the Portable further down the page. If I'm reading it right, the error you show indicates a RAM test failure at Bank A.

Yes it is consistent every boot/reset.


its working all the way until it don’t one day. And I recapped and found this error. I don’t see any broken traces, how should I change the ram then? It’s soldered.

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Don't jump ahead just yet. There are a few things you could try first. If you have a RAM expansion card, verify it's in the correct connector (J11) - happens to everyone. You could try starting both with and then without the expansion card. After that, I'd examine the onboard RAM near where you were recapping to see if there is any residue or damage. I don't know offhand what banks are where, but start with a visual inspection.


Also make sure to do a power manager reset if haven't been.

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