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Opinion on this ebay 13” monitor

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Hi everybody, and i hope your all doing well.

i have this item in my watchlist, and im wondering if its damaged beyond repair, or worth getting, testing wont be an option, as the sale is interstate


ebay id: 164161715713

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Might be worth asking what computers he plugged it into. If it’s one trying to drive it at an incompatible resolution it could display something like that, but I’d expect that more from a sync-on-green only video card -> VGA monitor rather than the other way around. Not easy to see how he’d manage to plug that monitor cable into anything without a compatible port. 


Actual link is here, BTW folks: AppleColour 13" High-Resolution RGB Monitor M1297


Certainly not at $200. That’d be a bit of an ask even for a screen that was demonstrably working, IMHO. 


Also bear in mind that shipping these old screens can be risky. Plastic can crack. Make sure he ships it well padded, facing down. 


There’s forever good stuff going in Melbourne. Were it not for COVID, kids, work, time, and money I’d be down there every second weekend buying some nonsense I don’t need that won’t fit into my garage. That said, you might be better off looking for a cheap LCD with a VGA port, depending on what you want to run it from. 

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