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boot from SCSI2SD v5.5 on Mac classic

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I just got a Macintosh Classic and I'm trying to boot it from an SD card with os 7.5 using a SCSI2SD 5.5

I am having a couple problems that likely have easy solutions, but I'm very much out of my depth.


I was able to copy a disk file to the SD card but I can't get the Mac to recognize the SCSI port. 

I also can't get the SCSI2SD to connect to my modern Mac. 


Not sure what I'm doing right. I'm currently downloading OS X leopard in hopes of installing that on an old laptop so I can make floppy disks.


Can anyone help? I have been through many guides but none of them seem to address my issue.


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I made my Mac Classic working with SCSI2SD V5.1. The most important thing to check everything is compatible is to start with a bootable disk with System in the partition 0.

I suggest you to use already made images from here, better use the 7.5.5 image. I used dd command to copy image to the board, no need to connect power supply to the board. Once connected the board to the SCSI cable the mac boot at first attempt.

If you need to inspect scsi drives with HD SC setup you have to get the fixed one because the original is locked to Apple signed disks.

Hope this helps

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