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Analog Board Recaping Advice

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I've decided to recap the analog boards in my Macintosh SE and SE/30 and now I need to buy the caps and I'm wondering a few things: 

- which company should I buy the caps from (there's quite a lot of different companies and I don't really know which ones to buy)?

- should the max operating temperature be 105 C or is 85 C enough, considering that the SE and the SE/30 have a fan?

- is it okay to buy the caps from AliExperss (I know that Mouser is generally the best for capacitor purchases, but the shipping is quite expensive, because I'm located in a smaller country and I really don't want to pay that much for shipping)?


Thank you for taking your time and helping me out! 

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I wouldn't get caps from ebay or aliexpress if I were you. Most of them are probably fakes with a shiny enclosure. I'm in Europe and shipping/handling fees from sites such as Mouser or Digikey can be prohibitive. I use Arrow because they offer worldwide shipping on orders above 50 bucks (I think... don't quote me on that).


105°C caps aren't that much more expensive to be honest... try to get long life ones (typically 5000+ hours). 

ESR is also important, but if you get a high grade cap, it'll more than likely already have a good ESR value.

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Thank you!


Yeah, I thought about fake caps, because you can get scammed anywhere nowadays, but thank you for pointing that out to me anyway.

I am also from Europe, but Mouser shipping is still expensive (it's like 30 eur which is expensive). I checked out the Arrow store that you mentioned and it's great, the shipping cost is also way less than on Mauser which is really good. 


Thank you for your recommendations, I really appreciate it.

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