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Apple ProFile Low Level Format

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Hi :)


I am searching for the low level formatting kit for the Apple ProFile harddisk. This was a kit which consisted of an EPROM and a 5,25" disk containing testing/certifying software for the Apple /// which initiated the formatting process. I got all the necessary hardware (Apple ///, ProFile interface, Piggyback Z8 processor) but I'm still searching for the software.


My Apple Profile slowly died and I need to swap the drive mechanism with a Seagate ST-412 mechanism. All that is left to do is the formatting.

EPROM binaries and a disk image would be just fine, I can burn EPROMs myself and write a disk image to a physical disk via ADTpro.


Many thanks in advance!

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thanks for the eBay link, but there's a catch or two. :(


First, I am not from the US area, so I'd have to pay an awful lot of customs additionally to to the already pretty high price for an EPROM, a diskette and a pretty common microcontroller.


Second, I contacted Vintage Micros before regarding some other stuff. I was interested in buying various pieces of hardware from them, but there were still some questions open. I also politely asked if they were still offering older versions of MacWorks for my Lisa which don't need the additional PFG hardware in order to work.


The answer which I received an hour later (at least he answered really quickly) made my jaw drop 8-o . It was not only offensive, but also insulting. In a neutral sentence, he told me he wasn't interested in selling anything to me }:) . I didn't really get what was wrong about my initial eMail :?: , but English is not my native language, so it could be that I expressed my questions in a wrong way. I answered his eMail a day later, trying to find out what went wrong, only to get another even more offensive reply from him.


I still have no idea what was wrong with my initial message. Maybe he doesn't like Germans 8-) . By the way, I know people who buy stuff from Vintage Micros on a regular basis with no problems whatsoever. I however clearly cannot recommend the service ><img src='https://68kmla.org/forums/uploads/emoticons/sad.gif.fd4612761a7f036f230186185c887adf.gif' alt=':('><

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I found the profile format software on line a couple of years ago. It was a KDX site. You have to down load client software

to install on you machine. I don't think it is still up. I kept a copy of the profile software and rom image. If you want

I could try to send it to you. I didn't try to use it. It was easier to buy the software and rom from Vintage Micros. I have

dealt with Vintage Micros a few time and always found him easy to deal with.

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