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8 hours ago, CC_333 said:

I've read numerous times that the Portable really doesn't like being run without a battery, and some components are prone to frying themselves if any attempt is made to do so.


You can run a Portable that way when it’s done the right way.

My plan was to wire my plug on the back right to the power connector on the logicboard.

That will replace all the battery switch wiring that can fail and will make bad things happen.

So it’s actually safer to do it that way if you ask me.

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I will document what I am doing with this machine along the way. And gather information that others already documented elsewhere already, I know techknight somewhere gave an excellent explanation on the workings of the power circuit and what happens when the machine is powered in one of the countless wrong ways.


But thanks for the heads up nevertheless. Those machines are finicky beasts.

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Congrats on joining the crooked spine club. I've got a head start on digging up that information. There are 14 pages of hits for "Portable" and I've got bookmarks for anything relevant done and sorted for the first 12 pages. I'll soon be setting up a Luggable Links Project topic in hacks, as those were the ones I was looking specifically to find. DEGUBBING the temperamental things belongs in there too, getting one of min up and running is now a priority.

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