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Emate 300 Battery

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Ok so I found a great solution to replace the battery..... Purchase these




and then take the leads off the old battery and the little yellow whatever it is on the other end off (use a needle nose to take it off the weld points and be careful to keep it in tact)... It's easy to do... The thing is on the end without the leads you have to cut the connection to the two battery's and use the spring battery connector and solder to the little yellow thing that controls the voltage I think... Use regular Nimh AA size battery's...of course you need to save the little temperature sensor that is on the white leads and use this on the new set... as shown in the pic.


Here is the result:





Hope this helps Emate 300 battery needs out there! Sorry I could get more descriptive but just don't have the time at the moment...

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This one is a little bigger and you kinda have to squeeze it in the holding area but you can get it in there... at least with this you can replace the battery's when need be... This is easy for someone who is good at soldering and such... not for the basic person... although with some determination perhaps I am wrong... lol

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I do this service if anyone needs help or is afraid to open their eMate. 


The original batteries in the eMate were 1200mah (i believe), I use 2300mah (and upon request can use higher) so the battery life will be like night and day and the newer batteries last a lot more cycles than the old batteries. 

I installed 2300mah on my own eMate and I get 38 hours (with backlight off) of battery. Around 18 hours with backlight on. 

Feel free to email me as I also do other repairs to eMate 300's.



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