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Found 141 results

  1. joethezombie

    SE/30 Logic Board

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    SMD capacitors have been changed out with solid polymer replacements. Still waiting on the axials to be delivered. It was difficult to find a replacement for C11, as the diameter needs to be kept the same or smaller than the existing part to allow clearance for a socket mounted Daystar PowerCache 50.
  2. Dwest

    Flaky ethernet on SE/30

    Have an SE/30 that I had added an Diimo 030 accelerator board and an Asante MacCon ethernet card added in series into the PDS slot. I had lost sound, so I sent the logic & analog boards off to uniserver to have them recapped. I DID NOT send the power supply for recapping. Once I got the logic/analog cards back, I put the machine back together, and re-installed the add-on cards. With both add on cards back in the machine, the accelerator card seemed to work, but the ethernet card did not, not even getting a link light on the daughtercard (next to the RJ45). I pulled them both out, and put only the NIC back into the SE/30, and I got a link light... But when I tried to use the card, it would connect to the web, but downloading was sporadic... stalling often. Asante troubleshooting showed that the card was having errors about half the time. My question is: Could the power supply be causing this? Should I have the power supply re-capped? Or does it sound like some other issue -- maybe with the NIC? My guess is that maybe the power supply is weak, which is why the NIC would not work at all when the accelerator was in there with the NIC. Was wondering what any of you may think. Any advice would be appreciated. Should I have uniserver recap the PS? Are there chips on the NIC that need recapping??? Thanks in advance..
  3. I recently picked up an almost mint PB Wallstreet PDQ running System 9.2 to use as a bridge computer with my SE/30, SE, and Classic II. It works perfectly except for dead PRAM and main batteries. I have a bunch of old WiFi PCMCIA cards around the house, including a Cisco 350, so I hope to find the drivers and get it set up for wireless networking. I am having difficulties getting AppleTalk to work with my SE/30. All the compact macs happily connect and work with each other, and the PB will connect to the SE/30 and mount the SE/30 HD. My problem is that the SE/30 sees the PB, but when I go to mount the PB HD, the SE/30 has a "Divide by 0" error and requires a reboot. Also, I would like to replace the PRAM and main batteries, but my problem is finding a source that will ship to Canada. I can't find a source for the main battery, and the only PRAM battery I've found is US$45 with shipping. That seems steep to me, but I don't really know what one should expect to pay for one of those. So, can anyone help me with my divide by 0 error and getting some batteries to the great white north? Any hints on getting wireless running? I quickly found out that just plugging the card in is not good enough. It sees the card, but I can't get anywhere from there. I assume drivers are in order. Thanks.
  4. I've recently acquired a fully-recapped SE/30, and while putting it through its paces I noticed that when I put in a floppy disk (from a pack of Verbatim DataLife MF 2HD IBM-formatted 1.44MB blank floppy disks) into the drive, it doesn't display a floppy icon and instead gives a dialog that says, "This disk is unreadable by this Macintosh. Do you want to initialize the disk?" When I proceed to initialize it as "Macintosh 1.4 MB", the dialog goes through "Initializing disk/Verifying format/Updating disk" messages, but ultimately ejects the floppy and gives a warning, "Disk initialization failed because the disk is defective!" If I write some data to the floppy disk using a USB floppy drive and HFVExplorer in Windows 10 and then try to have the SE/30 read its contents, I get the same result. In both cases, the floppy disks are readable and writable by my LC III, but the SE/30 doesn't appear to recognize the disk as valid and fails to initialize or erase it in either case. Does the SE/30 need anything in specific to be able to process these types of floppy disks, or could this be due to a problem with the floppy drive itself? For reference the machine is running 7.5.5 and has 8 MB of RAM, although I'm not sure if that matters in this case.
  5. LittleJackal

    First m68k Apple! SE/30, $50 find!

    I've been wanting a vintage box for quite a while but I never had the patience to scour eBay for deals. I was pretty sure I'd always end up with an SE/30 so that's all I've ever really searched for, though only half-heartedly. On a fluke I happened to check Craigslist on Monday and found someone unloading one in what looked to be pristine condition for $50. Picked her up today and I could not have been more pleased with the state the SE/30 was in. Absolutely zero scratches, zero dings or nicks. A little sticker residue that a Mr. Clean magic eraser made VERY short work of. Keyboard and mouse both original and look like they've been hardly used. I baby my personal Apple equipment and I think the keyboard I picked up is even cleaner, somehow. Mouse is flawless, no grime in the ball pit, etc. Now it's not ALL great news. I think it definitely needs a re-cap -- no sound, sporadic boot failures, when it does boot it errors on apps often. The case is in awesome shape, but it does need some retrobrite treatment. Yellowed with age. Both were 100% expected though, and I'm really looking forward to restoring it to fully working order! And last but not least, I'm a UNIX nut so obviously A/UX is in my future >:3 I'm sure I'll be picking your guys' brain for items in the very near future. Really going to enjoy this project I'll throw up some pics soon. She really is in fantastic shape.
  6. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28383-se30-se-analog-board-damage/ Resistor (R29, 2W, 12Ohms 5%) Linear Voltage Regulator (U3, 7905 -5V 1A)
  7. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28383-se30-se-analog-board-damage/ Resistor (R29, 2W, 12Ohms 5%) Linear Voltage Regulator (U3, 7905 -5V 1A)
  8. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28383-se30-se-analog-board-damage/ Resistor (R29, 2W, 12Ohms 5%) Linear Voltage Regulator (U3, 7905 -5V 1A)
  9. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

  10. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

  11. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

  12. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 100732

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  13. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 100712

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  14. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 095449

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  15. BadGoldEagle

    Radius Pivot SE/30 - Monitors?

    Hey I've bought a Radius Pivot Color Card for my SE/30 a long time ago now. I also own the IIsi varient of this card, and I know it works on the SE/30 (PDS are electronically compatible) with a Samsung 17" Multisync LCD. I am using a DA-15 to VGA adapter, it has 8 switches (if memory serves) so you can set the correct resolution. I forgot what combination I used but I know I wrote it down somewhere. I think the two cards are pretty similar. So theoretically the same setup should work with the SE/30 specific card. But I'm running in a few problems. I tried installing the drivers from the MacGarden. I put these drivers there myself. I know they work since megabyte used them with his Pivot card and his SE/30 can now see the external monitor. Whereas the IIsi version didn't need any drivers to work, I think the SE/30 one does. If someone has one of these, I'd like to know which drivers you have installed. Also, I'd like to know if the "Macintosh Color Display", that's the 14 inch one, works with the Radius Pivot. The one I have at home doesn't display anything, I think it might be dead. I've bought an LCII. Does it work on the LCII without the need for a PDS video card? I'd like to test it with the LCII. Help much appreciated!
  16. From the album: Radius TPD for SE/30

    Revision A and D (1989) SE/30 Two-Page Display Cards from Radius Black PDS board is a Rev. A, Assy No: 632-0025 White PDS board is a Rev. D, Assy No. 632-006. The latter one with white PDS connector is taller and has additional mounts at top (I assume for horizontal mounting in a IIsi's 'electrically compatible' 030 PDS)
  17. Hello all, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this; I recently acquired a recapped SE/30 (which as of this past weekend is now using a CF card for solid state storage and super-fast startup!) The machine is beautiful, but what has proven a mixed blessing is the damage to the plastic of the front casing that occurred during shipping (I say this because I ended up getting the machine for free via UPS shipping insurance due to the damage and an unseated ROM SIMM which caused SimasiMac) To cut to the chase: Has anyone had any experience repaired cracked or broken off plastic on these compact macs? My plan is to reattach a piece, fill in the cracks (pictures below) with some kind of material), then sand it down so it is flush with the rest of the casing. Here's a link for a two-step plastic I found, if you have any suggestions or alternative solutions, I'm all ears. http://www.plast-aid.com/ // mdent23
  18. Hello all, I acquired a recapped SE/30 about a year ago. All was well until early this year when the notorious Quantum hard disk failed. The machine shipped with System 6.0.8 and before this failure I had already purchased a USB floppy drive and floppies to create install disks (using a TiBook with Tiger so I can format and write images / files with Mac OS Standard formatting). I successfully upgraded to System 7.0.1; shortly after this, the drive failed. Once this happened, I bought a RaizinMonster (CF to SCSI adapter) from artmix and a 4 GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. My dilemma is that the SE/30 will not recognize the CF card (using a boot disk and a patched copy of HD SC Setup 7.3.5). I downloaded Lido 7 onto the TiBook but the application is too large to fit onto my System 7 boot disk. Is it possible to create a barebones boot disk that has room for Lido? Also, what is the reason why HD SC Setup won't recognize the RaizinMonster/CF card as a SCSI device (I removed all the jumper pegs for ID=0 and Termination=ON for internal use)? Is an AztecMonster instead the way to go / is there any preliminary formatting I have to run the CF card through in order to use with Apple's utility? A lot of questions I know, but I miss using this machine. I even found an ImageWriter II to use with it for old-school word processing. Any help with this is much appreciated.
  19. As a solution to not being able to use my floppyemu in HD20 mode to transfer large files and whatnot from my modern PC to my SE/30, I picked up a bunch of PhoneNet AppleTalk adaptors and networked my SE/30, SE, and Classic II together. I connected the floppyemu to the SE, and it works great! Now I'm wondering, what else can I use my new network for besides moving files around? Any networked games worth checking out? Anything else?
  20. First post here ... hope you don't mind me asking for some help. I was lucky to get my hands on an SE/30 for free last week, but it won't boot. The fan runs, and it starts with the familiar bing in the speaker, but the screen is dead ('cept for some glow in the tube in the back) and there is no sound whatsoever from the floppy or hdd. It has a NIC which blinks green once when I switch the power on and once more when I turn the computer off. That's it. Any suggestions as to where I should start diagnosing this thing? I've gone so far as to open the cabinet and looked around. The thing is suprisingly dusty and dirty inside, but there are no specific visual give-aways. No burn marks, no bulging caps, no obvious corrosion, etc. I'm a newbie when it comes to Macs but have plenty of experience with the soldering iron and poking around in high voltage appliances (such as tube amplifiers). Thanks for any tips!
  21. CodeMonkeyZA

    Writing disk images to floppy

    Hi guys, So I've been having some trouble with my SE/30, and yesterday it finally started up! Now, I want to get some software on it using floppies. I've downloaded the disk images I want from http://macintoshgarden.org, but I can't seem to figure out how to write it to a floppy so that I can install it on the SE/30. I've tried dd (without any success), and I've tried copying the image content to a "blank" floppy on mini vMac, and then writing that to a floppy. With this method, I picked up the floppy and I could see the content, but when I wanted to install it I got an error, something like: "There is not enough memory available (zero K needed, zero K available). Try quitting "" to free memory" (I can't exactly remember the message, but that zero zero thing doesn't seem right). So after much frustration, I ask the question: is there a tried and tested way for writing disk images to floppy so that I can install the software from the floppy? I have a Mac running OSX and Windows XP for writing the floppy. Thanks very much!
  22. fyndr

    SE/30 Screen Dimness/Burn

    I'm looking to acquire an SE/30 to round off my (small) collection of 68k machines, and I saw this entry on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-SE-30-Vintage-Computer-w-Network-Card-READ-Description-/361522568007?hash=item542c6c9b47:g:JBQAAOSwZQxW6f~h It appears to be in good condition, however the screen itself is very dim and has some burn which is a bit noticeable when turned off. I checked with the seller and confirmed that the screen is that dim in person, not just an effect of the photographic conditions. I was wondering what might be the cause of this sort of issue and whether it could be easily reversed? Alternatively, if anyone is aware of a better deal on a functional SE/30 (computer with 1.44 MB floppy drive only, no keyboard/mouse/hard drive needed) please let me know. I've seen some earlier posts here that indicate people getting these for as low as $50 but all the listings I've seen are well over $100+.
  23. From the album: Daystar Digital 33Mhz Turbo 040

    Daystar Digital Turbo 040 Box Compatibility chart on the back of the box.
  24. TimHD

    MacCon+ 30iET PDS connector

    From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    PDS connector of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf