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Found 4 results

  1. To all interested parties. I have downloaded the SE/30 schematics and they appear to be a bitmap (black and white only) scan of what I gather are the original documents. I am more than willing to recreate the documents in Adobe Illustrator and upload them to the WIKI but before I take on the task. Are there already vector versions of the schematics floating around somewhere, in which case my effort would not be worthwhile. Could someone be so kind to fill in this gap of knowledge so that I can take on the task or abandon it for obvious reasons. Also, if schematic modernization is indeed worth pursuing please point me to all the versions of the document(s) that I should use as templates. This is what I did find, https://museo.freaknet.org/gallery/apple/stuff/mac/andreas.kann/SE30_P3.GIF, there are a total of 9 GIF documents at that URL. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards —Alex Santos
  2. cakebake98

    Mac Classic II Analog Repair

    Hello all, new to the forums I have a Mac Classic II, which had its logic board recapped, bringing the computer to life. After doing so, I decided to recap the analog board. This killed the mac. All of this was done several years ago, and I recently decided I want this machine to work, rather than gather dust. After booting it up, I was greeted with a startup bong and a VERY bright horizontal line. After copious amounts of searching, this is generally attributed to the TEA2037A Horizontal/Vertical deflection IC. However, upon reopening the mac, I actually found that CF4 had its polarity swapped. Adding insult to injury, I removed the pad leading to pin 14 of the TEA2037A (LINE OUT), but this seems to only be connected to the ground plane of the PCB. (However, given the lack of schematics and component values, I have no clue.) Attached are images of the mac, the rear side of the analog board, and the section of the board in question. So, my purpose in posting this: 1) Does pin 14 of the TEA2037A serve any purpose in the Classic II? Do I need to tie it to ground, or can it be floating? 2) What components would I have ruined in swapping the polarity of CF4 (470uf 25v)? (Searching for values and board part #s) 3) Are there known voltages / logic states I can test to determine which components are bad? 3) Are there ANY schematics of the analog board for the Classic II? 4) Are there people around here whom I can send my board to to be diagnosed / repaired if all else fails? Thank you to all who comment, as any input is appreciated. I miss my mac
  3. Does anyone know where schematics can be found for the 2400c? Mine has GLOD and the power board fuses all have continuity. I am going to try and figure out how to check voltage while the little DC in circuit is powered up but this would be a first for me so I am watching videos to try and understand how this is done on some other basic portable. Very frustrating when knowledge is next to zero. The machine goes GLOD (green light of death) the moment I press the reset button on the back of the machine. I find it ironic that schematics for more modern macbook pros are available but this one is impossible to find. Any help?
  4. Breindahl

    Stylewriter schematics

    Hi, I am a new member of this forum. I am in the middle of getting a Stylewriter back in working order. It does not power on, so I am missing the schematics for it. (Its the original Stylewriter 1) Any help is help. Best regards Poul from Denmark.