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Found 14 results

  1. tommijazz91

    Performa 550 Logic board

    After a long wait, I finally picked this Lc550 logic board at the post office: I got it at a good price from Japan, and now it will probably need some restoring. It appears to be dirty but not too much, it even came with VRAM and RAM already installed. I’m just a bit concerned about the white dots surrounding some of the chips: should I toss it in the dishwasher? Advice needed. Also, it came with this: Since the logic board it’s going to be used in a Color Classic, I am considering of selling the backplate and cable if someone is interested.
  2. Juliet Elysa

    Sad Mac on Performa 635CD

    Hey y'all! Hope everyone's been doing alright! Life has been insane for me the last couple of years (especially this one...), so my Macs have kinda taken a back burner until tonight. My oldest daughter officially inherited my beloved Performa, and when she went to play some games a couple of hours ago it finally happened. A wild Sad Mac appeared, with the code 0000000E 0000FD00. Where should I start with troubleshooting this? Dr. Google has been very little help... Miranda inherited my Sad Mac phobia, and tonight she turned on the Performa in her almost completely dark bedroom right after waking up from a bad nightmare. Probably the worst way to experience your first wild Sad Mac!
  3. SE30_Neal

    6200 CD-ROM

    Hi all, got my performa up and running a few problems though, the floppy doesn’t seem to line up well with the hole on the front, is it easy to re seat it? and secondly the CD-ROM kind of tried to do something but didn’t actually spin up, i’ve not taken it apart yet but thought it maybe a drive belt issue, anyone else had similar issue? Luckily i have an external scsi CD-ROM for my se/30 so did a fresh os8 install via that but would like to get it working in the performa if i can. any assistance would be greatful neal
  4. I recently bought a Performa 450 which was in very good condition, no visible leakages, blown-up batteries etc. When I power it on, I can only hear a clicking sound from the speaker. Fan is working correctly. I measured output of the PSU and so far it looks like I'm getting wrong voltage on +12V and +5V lines. It fluctuates around +8.5V and +2.8V respectively. -5V line shows correct voltage though. Do I have faulty voltage regulators or should I recap the PSU? It's one of the Dyna Comp (not TDK). Close-up photos attached.
  5. So I am trying to recover files off an old, non functioning Performa 6116. The computer fails to power up. It could be a battery on the motherboard, could be a power supply, or who knows what. On Most old computers that have an IDE, EIDE, ATA or SATA drive I'd just pull out the hard drive, connect it to another computer via an external case, or adapter. Since the 6116 has a SCSI drive and my current computers use SATA I'm struggling with how to do this for a few reasons. 1) Is there an inexpensive SCSI enclosure that has a USB port that I can use? 2) If not an enclosure, Is there an adapter from SCSI to SATA? 3) Is there a SCSI card for PC that will read an old mac formatted drive that will allow me to pull off the old files? 4) What variety or flavor of SCSI is the drive in a 6116? While the files have a good amount of sentimental value I'm not looking to invest a ton of money into figuring it out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Greetings everyone, I have a little question regarding the max amount of RAM in Performa 630 (rev B board), as I've read some conflicting information on the net, and like a Mac guru to clear my doubts. ;) LowEndMac states that I can use a single-banked 64 MB SIMM for a max amount of 68 MB. Other sites claim that only 32 MBs are supported, for a total of 36. I also read on several sites that I can solder a second 72-pin RAM slot and fit it with 16 MB single-banked SIMM (for a total of 52 MB), however there are only 64 solder pads on my board - not enough to fit a 72-pin slot! So, can anyone please tell me what's the truth? ;) Can I safely put a single-banked 64 MB? Somehow solder a second slot? Or am I stuck with 36, without swapping the board to a Quadra one?
  7. Hi all! Again, it's been a billion years or so since I've posted. Life is absolutely insane at the moment so I have virtually no time for anything I'm interested in. There's some games on my Performa that I had as a toddler, and for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere. They're pretty stupid games, but not remembering their names is really bothering me. So I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions on software that can list and/or recover files that have been deleted or lost due to reformatting the drive they're on. The drive has been reformatted several times since I last played those games so I'm not holding my breath on being able to find them, but at this point I'm feeling like that's my last hope. It'd also be interesting to see what else a recovery program would drag up, in the past I had plenty of files of my own but I've passed the Performa on to my kids (though I reserved the right to use it from time to time) so most of my stuff is gone. The games I lost are an I Dream of Jeannie coloring and dress up game, a princess coloring and makeup game, and a really weird one where there's a bull in front of you and you have to feed him random stuff by dragging it to him. He would say "For me?" and then gobble the thing up with a rude and funny noise. Again, I'm not holding my breath, but if anybody has any idea about the names of those games or any other identifying information I'd appreciate it. Thank you all! I've really missed coming on here, hopefully someday things will calm down so I can be a regular again.
  8. Hello, I haven't seen any threads about this particular group of Performas needing a recap, but I wanted to know for sure whether or not these models require a recap. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear members I see that from time to time there are folks who want more info on RAM / Memory specs for a variety of Macs, this doc goes from 1984 to 2000 and is a great resource. Please find the memguide.pdf (1.8MB) file as a reference. The following areas are covered. early Macintosh quadra/centris macintosh lc performa power macintosh portables workgroup servers laser printers pc/dos compatible cards video cards memguide.pdf
  10. First post. Woot! I thought I might share some knowledge and get some feedback on my process, but first the backstory. I have a Performa 640CD I acquired from a longtime client around 12 years ago. She donated it to me because the power supply failed from a lightning strike. I happened to have acquired a Performa 630CD around that same time, so I moved the 640CD logic board over to the 630CD chassis to test it. Lo and behold: the 640CD powered up. Life happened and I promptly forgot about the machine. I got back on a preservation/restoration kick the last couple of years and finally got back to the 640CD. Still no power supply, but I wanted to at the very least get started on preservation. I yanked the power supply from the 630CD and moved it to the 640CD so I could get the system working "au naturel". My primary goal was to convert the hard drive to CompactFlash. Good idea too, because on the first powerup, the original drive suffered a bone chilling head crash. Now to the point of the post. I couldn't find a single process anywhere after two days of 'net searching that details everything necessary to completely restore one of these machines from nothing if you don't happen to have the original software media. I pulled together several different resources and my other ancient cobwebbed Mac/PC knowledge to create a single set of instructions for restoring the software on one of these machines. I'd like folks input on my process: maybe there's some steps I can eliminate? A better set of software tools or installer disks I can use? At the very least, I wanted to share this process here so others who might someday need it could get use out of it. The process is several pages long so I'll link it externally. If that's frowned upon, I can post the entire process here. http://inanis.net/museum/quadraperformalc-630-software-restoration-process/
  11. Hi... I found a pdf of the "Macintosh Computer Service Guide Vol III" July 1994 here: http://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/Macintosh_Computers_Service_Guide_Volume_III_July_1994.pdf The scan is outstanding. It has testing options that apply to many Macs. It covers the Color Classic, LC 520, and up to the Power book 200 series. This manual is over 300 pages. jack
  12. Hello! My Macintosh Performa 6110CD has stopped working, powering it on makes a ticking noise and the power led starts flashing. What's interesting is the performa was working just fine yesterday, I tested it thoroughly. I'm pretty sure this is the PSU but I'd like to confirm that it is; the performa is connected to a high end surge protector. I removed all the molex power connectors to the CD and Hard drive and the ticking is quieter and faster when I power it on. Is this the PSU? and if so what can I do about this? I don't have any soldering iron equipment or experience. Thanks for reading.
  13. Macdrone

    63x series ram slots

    So I have a few of these. It was my first new computer bought for us as a family group. So I'm sliding parts in and out maxing them out as best as I can, then I see a strange sight. Two ram slots instead of one. So that's cool. Silk screened for 1-16 mb on one slot and 1-32 mb on the other. So that was new to me and kind of cool.
  14. My Performa has a strange quirk. It seems to be morally opposed to giving system errors with text in them. Either that, or it's just too lazy for words. These errors pop up when I leave the Performa running unattended for a certain period of time. Also, like most system errors, they sometimes appear for no apparent reason. The crashes don't interrupt normal use of the computer - it crashes about as often as most other computers do when they're actively being used. The Performa has been in my family since before I was born, and nearly all of the bomb errors I've seen have looked like this: I believe my Performa runs System 7.5.1. The crashing isn't a huge problem. It's just really weird, and I'm curious if anybody else has (or knows of) a computer that crashes like this.