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Found 13 results

  1. Dear Mac enthusiasts, Finally I could figure out what was wrong with my Mac Portable backlit model and I brought it back to life yesterday afternoon. Not a really big deal, just a broken path, but it was under a chip, so it was quite difficult to find. Anyway, now that it works fine I have a couple questions: -First: when should the screen backlight turn on? I thought it came on at the same time I turn the computer on, but for some reason it doesn't until it loads the first extension. I don't really care, as it works perfectly fine, it's just curiosity. -Second and more important: I have an official 1MB external RAM card that prevents the mac from booting. It gets in a boot chime loop and, if I press the interrupt switch I get a sadmac error 03001300 // 00001FFA or 03001382 // 00001FFA. I assume I have a bad RAM card, but reading the thread about @techknight 9MB project (incredible work, so sad it's no longer available) I seemed to understand that RAM cards were different for models M5120 and M5126, so maybe I have a wrong card. I leave a picture here, in case someone may check it. I looked in Ebay, but currently there is nothing available. I'd appreciate if someone have one laying around that may want to sell it to me. Thank you!!!!!
  2. Question for those of you SE/30 owners who use a PDS video card with an external display. I have a Micron Xceed video card and grayscale setup. Grayscale works great on the internal CRT, but I've never used the DB-15 port also offered by the video card. I have a 15" Color VGA LCD that's about 10 years old. Would this adapter on Amazon be all that I would need? (Not sure how those DIP switches on the adapter are used in case like this though.) Note the horizontal scan rate mentioned in the Xceed manual page below of 31.5kHz, which seems rather odd (maybe common for Apple though?). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. tommijazz91

    Mac SE/30 network problems

    Hello everyone! I recently acquired a CNET technology cn470e PDS card, which I installed some days ago. I wrote another post about it, but unfortunately no-one replied (https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/57586-se30-cnet-network-card/). Probably the post is too dense and full of useless things... . I am trying to surf the internet with the SE/30, but I am completely stuck. I installed OT 1.3 and AppleShare 3.7.4, Netscape 2.02 and iCab 2.99 (freezes at startup). The red LED is on (connection is good) but the greed LED is off (data being transmitted). What do I do from here? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot.
  4. tommijazz91

    SE/30 CNET network card

    Hello everyone! I hope this is the right place to post this, if not so then I'll remove the post. Some weeks ago I acquired on eBay a PDS network card for my SE/30: it's a CNET Technology CN470E card. Just today I found some time to install it, and TattleTech indeed confirmed some stats about this card: Now, as I have never used network cards before, I would like to know if some you could help me in configuring it and try surfing the web/share files/email, etc. There is an older topic on the forum about this card (https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/55066-anyone-able-to-identify-this-se30-network-card/&tab=comments#comment-584140), but it wasn't completely solved and I hope the drivers included with system 7 are good enough. I have also read the pinned guide to connect the SE/30 to the web, but it confused me quite a bit. I also have lots of (probably) unnecessary things in my system folder. Maybe some of you could tell me if I can delete some control panels/extensions and replace them with more efficient ones. I know it's a real mess, but somehow I feel most of those things are not needed for what I intend to do. I don't have many ways to transfer files to the SE/30: I only have a SCSI Zip drive and a USB Zip drive for my modern PC and Mac. Also: do I need a particular router? A particular Ethernet cable? I'm totally new about this. Thanks a lot! P.S. what does the little lever (on the right side of the card) do?
  5. ArmorAlley

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    Out of curiosity, what cards can be safely used in the Quadra 610 PDS slot? There is an elusive NuBus adaptor (Part 661-1718), a PPC upgrade and some class of an AV-card that converts the machine into a 660AV. What else can be used there? Also, what other machines share this slot? I'm assuming the Quadra 660AV. Are there others? Lastly, on a note of confirmation, the NewerTech QuadDoubler (50MHz 68040) for the Quadra 605 works in the Quadra 610. My beloved Performa 475 needs some love and attention. There is no more bong and the fan has stopped working. The PSU boots another LC III so I don't think that this is to blame. And it was recapped by Maccaps only a few ago. Sniff. The QuadDoubler essentially blocks the use of the PDS slot, but it would be nice to what possibilities are. Thanks! quadra.centris_610.ws_60.pdf
  6. I'm curious if anyone has or has seen a Quadra 605 PDS L2 cache module in real life. I'm not sure how common these things are. If anyone has one or has photos of one, I'm very interested in looking at the cache chips on the module to see what speed they are to determine if the module would function on a 33MHz bus. There's long been suggestion that this module *might* work on a LC 575 board, potentially making for an interesting CC Mystic upgrade: http://colourclassicfaq.com/mobo/mystic.shtml#Q2.1.10 Edit: also, I've read anecdotes about a LC PDS cache module as well as the Micromac CPU socket solution. I'm not sure if the PDS slot module references are misunderstandings due to the the CPU socket cache module physically blocking the PDS slot or if there is/was a PDS L2 cache module. In any case, I'm interested in learning about either module.
  7. I made a new walkthrough video about replacing all the electrolytic capacitors on the MicroMac DiiMO 50MHz 68030 accelerator for the SE/30. I explain my choice of Niobium Oxide capacitors over tantalum, show the replacement, then boot and run benchmarks. The SE/30 shown has a recapped motherboard, recapped analog board, and SEASONIC PSU. The video is 4K but if you're a Mac user who loves Safari, you'll need Chrome to view it in 1440p or 4K. Also, it was sadly during the making of this video that my Epic Blunder occurred. My humble thanks to all of you who are so kindly trying to help me in that thread. I make videos for the enjoyment of it and as a way to give back to the community. I currently don't allow ADs on my videos nor do I have a Patreon account, which is why I've never earned any monetary compensation at all from my videos. (The down side of that is Google doesn't suggest my videos as well as videos with ADs enabled.) I make videos that I really wish someone else had made for me. Even though what you see in my videos isn't necessarily groundbreaking or unique (some of you are far beyond me in terms of troubleshooting knowledge, repairs and mods, for example), I simply am transforming into an easy-to-digest video what otherwise has been exclusively found in "text form" in forums like this. For the new generation of younger people who don't prefer to read, videos are becoming increasingly important. (Even so, I still get Millennials complain my videos are too long, so we can't please everyone. I prefer to be thorough rather than worry about the clock though.) My next video endeavor will be to show the recapping of an SE/30 analog board, and then I will have yet another video showing the recapping of the SONY PSU. Anyway, I hope this information is useful not only for you DiiMO owners but also for those of you who need to recap 5V voltage rails, as the Niobium Oxide caps I chose work perfectly for that, assuming you need 22uF. They come in other sizes though so give them due consideration in your recapping jobs.
  8. Just under 11 years ago I started this thread on AppleFritter about trying to create a PDS extension cable for my SE/30. On Friday I finally got it working. Here is the recipe: 3x 40-wire: 40pc Dupont Wire Jumper Cable 1P-1P 2.54mm female to Female length 20cm readily available on Ebay 4x: 40 Pin 3.5" IDE Drive Gender Changer IDC Cable Adaptor also available on Ebay 1 right angle PDS adaptor I first tried this with this wire kit with one end male and the other female. The problem here was that the pin on the male end would not get enough purchase in the female PDS connection. That lead me to the IDE gender benders: To get to 120 pins, 4 of these are needed however one row of pins in not used. Each wire has a single connector and they can be fiddly getting them to mate on the male PDS connection. To ease the process, I split the 40 wire bundle into 2 of 20 wires and this made things a bit easier to get wired up. Female wire goes to the base of the IIsi card with PDS passthrough and accelerator slots. IDE gender benders go in the other end and then into the right angle PDS. Above is the completed mess of wires (minus the right angle PDS) mounted to my IIsi. The Daystar card had an Asante network card installed and the IIsi fired right up. I let this system run for a few hours and there were no issues so I knew I had good progress so... right angle PDS adaptor added to the IDE gender bender end and then inserted into the Asante card. Asante card then goes in to the SE/30 PDS slot. Into the Daystar cart goes the 50mhz accelerator. Then in goes the Micron Exceed card: Added the SSD: Then fired it up. The first time I hit the power switch, nothing. Oops, I never plugged it in. Tried again when plugged in and Shazam, it fires up! Screen of a few apps showing what is running: Now this was not as stable as in the IIsi as after a few minutes I get a bus error: I am guessing that this is due to the S bends on the 3 rows of wires pulling on the connections. I had some family things to tend to so I needed to put this away however it was pretty exciting to finally get this working. This setup is Gamba's SE/30ecgs and with a bit more shaping of the wire I think I'll be able to get the connections snug so that I don't get the bus error. While this is good progress with the Daystar cards, where I plan to use this is when I can get the Carerra 040 hacked to work in a SE/30 as described in these threads: Need help with MicroMac Carrera040 in a SE/30 SE/40 Grayscale: Need help with a Carrera hack
  9. Recently got a IIsi and finally cracked it open to find this lovely and strange card, there is no marker of what model it is. I am thinking dual PDS adapter similar to the SuperMac one that shipped with Spigots. Anyone have more info?
  10. Would it be possible to make a PDS slot card to hold a R-Pi or other SBC to act as an ethernet adaptor and video out. Power requirements would be low. Just a thought. Any takers? This is my first post. Hello World! and fellow 68k-ers.
  11. Challenger 1983

    PDS cards for LC II

    any great PDS cards for an LC II
  12. ArmorAlley

    What PDS card is this?

    Hi all, There is an SE/30 on sale in a local auction and the PDS card within has this bezel at the back. I'm sure that I've seen one with a switch before but I can't for the life recall what it is. I'm guessing that the 15-pin port is an AUI port. Does it ring a bell with anyone? Thanks very much, aa
  13. Three networking card options are readily available to add ethernet to Color Classic via PDS: Farallon Ethermac LC AsanteLite LC Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair LC What I can't seem figure out is which of the three is best and most reliable, not to mention multi system version compatible. Anyone have any advice? I am going to use it on a LC550 upgraded CC.