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Found 3 results

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted in the Trading Post, about wanting to buy new Nubus slot covers (and CD-Bezel kit), and @elbaroni gave me a clever suggestion to look for 3D-printable parts (https://hackaday.com/2019/01/19/unobtanium-bezels-finally-modeled-for-3d-printing/). But then one of my cover latches chattered into pieces, so I decided to do something about the missing or broken parts of my newly acquired Quadra 950 and work on my 3D-modeling skills at the same time. First up, new cover latches. (Inspired by this project https://modelrail.otenko.com/apple/quadra-950-case-issues-and-modifications). Chattered epoxy riddled old latch. Old and new 3D-printed latch. New Latch in place. Works great! Here’s the .STL file if someone would like to give it a try. (No guarantees). Quadra9X0_SideCoverLatch-815-6262-A.stl.zip Coming up: New Nubus slot covers for Quadra 9X0.
  2. I am wondering where people obtain parts for repairing PowerBooks. My sources have been: 1. eBay (of course) - a mixed bag, but tonyzz has been reliable consistently. 2. www.PowerBookmedic.com - running low on supplies. I‘ve had mixed results from them, but have found customer service to respond quickly and satisfactorily to problems. I recently ordered their last two blowers for the 867MHz/1GHz TiBook. One of the items was a fan for the 800MHz TiBook. Mere hours after contacting them about it, they had refunded half the order and shipping costs. 3. www.DVwarehouse.com - sent hinge covers missing a lot of paint described as “like new;” similarly great customer service as above. 4. www.impactcomputers.com - mixed results - an lcd in like-new condition contained a couple faint white spots. I realized this after installing it into a case, so cannot assess customer service. Some items listed as being in stock are not. Other purchases have been great, though. 5. www.usedmac.com - I placed an order for Pismo bare LCD, TiBook bare lcd, and TiBook case, They sent an entire Pismo display assembly (in excellent condition), an entire TiBook display assembly in unusable condition (I harvested the hinges and bezel, but had to trash the rest), and a TiBook case in excellent condition. Are there any other sources out there? What have your experiences been?
  3. Hi, I just bought a slightly parted out imac g4 online. It was missing a PSU, drive cage and heatsink. I have aquired these items, but now I need the screws to mount them. I have sourced most of them, but I still need the long ones which are used to mount the dome to the bottom case, and the ones used to mount the logic board. I was wondering if anyone could give me the sizes of these screws. Macman0512