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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I have an iMac G3 Snow White and the optical drive is rather tenacious about making ejection difficult necessitating a manual ejection which is cumbersome and not easily succeeded but only after several attempts. I will open the machine up and investigate a permanent fix but failing that I would like to know from forum members if there are current alternatives that will fit this machine. I pasted the relevant portion of "Apple's Optical - Zip Matrix PDF" but I doubt any of these drives are still available as new but it might serve as a reference. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. In October, I was lucky enough to be asked to "dispose" of a PowerMac G4 Cube. It was complete but very dirty having being left in an outdoor shed for 11 years! I brought it home and gave it a clean, connected it, crossed my fingers and plugged it in. The fuse immediately blew in the plug and from researching the problem, it looked like the psu had died. As I couldn't get into the PSU and was quoted a lot of money to fix it, I bought an LED power supply rated at 28V, 250W and tried that. This time the computer booted up and ran. It worked fine for a few days except that there was a CD stuck in the drive. The CD was read by the computer and iTunes ripped it without an issue but it would not eject. After a few days of normal use, I plugged in the PSU and heard a sparky sound and there was an "electrical" smell. Since then, the cube has been unresponsive. I checked the PSU with a multimeter and it is still producing 28.0V. Could anyone offer any next steps in fault finding? I managed to use this machine to get hooked. It is very pretty and has pride of place on my desk. The keyboard and mouse were nice to use and it was usable on Mac OS 10.3.9. The last time it was started previously was 2007! I love macs and already have a 2005 PowerBook and a 2008 MacBook Air (both in regular use)
  3. l008com

    PCI-IDE Optical Drive Problems

    So I picked up this card on eBay for $20. PCI IDE seems to be very hard to find, so I wanted to snatch it up even though it's ATA66. I hope it doesn't have the 120 GB drive limit, but if it does I'll live with it. So I plugged the card in (to my PowerMac 7300). I hooked up a 40 GB IDE drive, as master, to one bus. And an Apple/Sony branded IDE super drive, as master, to the other bus. This drive is out of a Mac Pro I believe. The hard drive works no problem. The optical drive does not. It won't boot off the optical, and it won't show a disc in the optical, if I boot off the hard drive. (I installed OS 8.1 on the hard drive using the SCSI optical drive). I tried the same thing with a non-apple branded Sony CD-ROM drive, and a lite-on CD-ROM drive. All optical drives are set as master and are solo on their bus. None of them will boot, none of them will show a disc on the desktop when booted off the hard drive, and all of them show up in System Profiler with the exact right info. For example: I switched the drives, so the optical is on the HDD's previous cable and bus, and the HDD is on the optical's previous cable and bus. Still the HDD works great, and the optical drives not at all. Are there any quirks with master/slave/solo and optical drives? I'm out of ideas, as I've long since forgotten all of the details of doing stuff like this. But using newer modern (ish) IDE optical drives was the main reason I'm doing this. The IDE hard drive option is nice too, but I already have a very large SCSI drive so that's not a necessity.