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Found 9 results

  1. Recapping a Macintosh IIsi Power Supply Related reference (cheat sheet): http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/ or on archive.org, http://web.archive.org/web/20191125110228/http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/
  2. Hello I am ordering some caps and other goodies for the SE30, Q950 and IIsi but since I recently purchased the IIsi, I want to recap it's PSU even if there is nothing apparently wrong. I am having some trouble finding documentation to tell me what caps I need. Any info or a link to the caps I need would be appreciated otherwise I got to open her up to get the values so I can add it to the order. Thanks a million!
  3. Some Macs, like the Mac IIsi, only have a power LED indicator on the front case and no LED indicator for HDD activity (unlike say in the SE/30). This is despite most HDDs or SCSI 2 CF or SD modules having LED out plugs that go nowhere inside these cases. Is it possible to buy or make a 2 Colour LED that does say both green (pwr) and yellow/amber (HDD activity) through the same light emitting diode, but with two sets of wire cables heading out to the respective HDD and Power LED outs on the motherboard/HDD? Anyone seen one, made one, or has one? Alternatively I guess one could (very carefully) cut a small slot into the case to get something like the Apple CD SC plus look. See image linked below: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDQ2WDYwMA==/z/qGMAAOSwstxVJrlD/$_1.JPG and mount the LED behind the plastic block that sits behind the cover. Anyone tried this and have some tips for cutting into these cases.
  4. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 100732

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  5. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 100712

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  6. goncalo

    IMG 20160905 095449

    From the album: Macintosh SE/30 Tri-Data Systems Ethernet Interface

    Tri-Data Systems Inc. SE/30 / Mac IIsi Ethernet Interface
  7. It's Alive! Well, not exactly, but it was successful. Washed the board, dried it with my heated air pencil, and did each capacitor one at a time. GOD WHAT A HEADACHE! Took 2 hours! But in checking and rechecking, I found no rotted traces. NONE! What Luck! I did find that several caps were glued to the board, making the cap removal that much more harder. But there was a problem - the black caps I use were slightly larger than the space the old caps allowed! So there was some trouble soldering each cap, so after each cap, I checked each one with a multimeter to make sure it connected to the board, the joints and the traces. This particular IIsi has a dead PSU, this I know and it needs a recap as well (perhaps one day!). But the other IIsi I have has a questionable PSU. In swapping them for a test - the board turned on, audio works, issues with the VGA monitor resolution occurred but that was expected. Also - the original RAM in the machine is dead, giving the Chimes of Death. But swapping out with working RAM I know - the IIsi turns on and boots! Mouse works, keyboard works too! But again, this second PSU is iffy, and after it warmed up, problems came up. Sudden Shut Downs, sudden restarts, boot freezes. etc. Let it cool, and works fine until it gets warm. So congrats to me! Looks like I got the curse broken. The other IIsi will get a recap tomorrow or during the weekend. It depends on how I feel after I get my second radiation treatment early tomorrow. Just got to figure out how to open the PSU. It looks what a tin can of food would look like to a cave man armed with a rock.
  8. Just finished a recap on the other Mac IIsi I have. Almost there but not quite. Power supply turned on and clicked for a while. Eventually the PSU got it little's head straight and finally gave me a "Bong!" Followed by the chimes of death. I'm going to recheck the recapping job and see if anything is shorted out. But at the same time, this is an iffy PSU and the other PSU is dead as a door nail. Mind you, before these two Mac IIsi's did not even turn on before. The PSU would click several times and then become quiet and that's it. Nothing, nada, DOA. I have a lot of questions to get it going but first, I need to recover from a long day and radiation therapy I had this morning. It giving the Death Chimes says it wants to work and that it's almost there... Can the IIsi run without the onboard RAM? Can the IIsi be powered (temporarily) by the IIcx/ci PSU?
  9. Has anyone figured out, done or otherwise documented the maximum amount of maximum RAM on a Mac II Series Mac and with what type of RAM? I know of one case - MacClassic and his SE/30 having 69Megs using EDO RAM. This is his post: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23086-ram-suitability-for-se30/?p=238991 In theory he could have 128MB of RAM on the SE/30 but did not have enough resources to get it done. Personally I would like to know what is obtainable in theory and what was done in the past by the members.