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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone Introduction Long story short, I got a 8100 a while back, which had some sort of PSU fault which resulted in a dead motherboard (burned area of 4 cm^2 + tons of smoke ). Salvaged some parts of it, included one HPV card (820-0509-A). I want to use this card into my PowerMac 6100/60 as it's more powerfull than the onboard GPU. I also see a lot of HPV cards on ebay, so that would be an interesting upgrade to some others 6100s Goal The first goal to create a riser card which will + maybe other stuff if that's possible (think debug LEDs, and so on) An bonus goal would be to create VRAM SIMM sticks for HPV cards. The design will be OpenSource and production will start with a small batch of risers (5-10), more if needed Testing The HPV works directly plugged into the PDS slot (see picture), but it stick a lot outsise which is not ideal. This is good news, it means that the PCB routing will be easy to do (1:1) Known Hardware As far as I know, there is two existing risers which can help with this. - The NuBus riser (P/N : Unknown) has the wrong connector (NuBus), Dimentions should help - The DAV riser (P/N : Unknown) has the good connector, this is the one to be cloned - DOS riser (P/N : 820-0578-A) has the wrong connector, looks more like a Quadra PDS slot. Dimentions should help Help wanted As I've none of the previously mentioned risers, and none SIMMs, anything including photos, especialy precise measurements/dimentions should help. Thanks a lot for your help.