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Found 6 results

  1. Good afternoon folks. I recently picked up a dead IIx. It wouldn't even bumpstart when I first saw it, but I'm not sure why as it sort of did once I got it home (it chimed and showed the happy mac before doing a weird restart with no chime - after a couple of times it froze). Note that it does not restart if there is no disks connected. Additionally, the video is pale and washed out, except once in a while when it is normal. It is now a couple of weeks later and I've spent the weekend researching and repairing. I've fixed 6 broken traces and checked lots more in the power circuit. I've re-capped most of the motherboard (I don't have a replacement for the yellow 10uF or the axial 220uF (might have the value wrong - it almost faces the board!). The power on circuit now works from ADB and the button on the back. Machine is a late variant (March 1990) and has a soldered CPU and factory battery holders (no funny little board or capacitor). 8mb of RAM, Radius 24 Pro XK, ethernet and a 540mb disk. At some point someone had a Radius Rocket in it, but sadly that is gone. Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong? I don't know the machine's history so it could even have the wrong RAM fitted for all I know. Issue summary: 1. Restarts silently without an error while showing the Happy Mac. 2. Video is washed out. Youtube video for reference : https://youtu.be/Dca4S1n8_VI
  2. I recently bought a Macintosh Quadra 700 off of eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-Quadra-700-M5920-Desktop-Computer-w-Harddrive-Mac-iMac/273781054522?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649) and it has some corrosion on the logic board from a leaky battery. When I was cleaning the corrosion off, several components fell off of the board. The parts that came off were R71, C61, R76, R77, Y6, and C65. D5, D6, and U91 are still on the board, but their pins don't look too great. U92 has nearly all of its pins broken off and it is hanging on by two or three pins. I tested the continuity of all of the traces that I could follow in the damaged area and everything seemed to be connected. When I try to turn the computer on, the power LED lights up and the speaker clicks once (but does not chime). Do you think that the symptoms are caused by the missing parts or are the power-on issues more likely the fault of bad traces that I didn't catch? If any of the missing parts are necessary for operation, please tell me the correct component value so that I can replace them. I hope that U92 is not needed for the machine to power on because it seems to be a custom chip that is probably impossible to find. Attached are some pictures of the damaged area so that you can see what I am referring to. I hope I can save this one because I have always wanted a working Quadra 700!
  3. A few days ago I picked up some vintage apple Macintosh computers along with some vintage apple accessories and was ecstatic when the person giving me the computers said I could have their Macintosh IIfx in near mint cosmetic condition (besides some yellowing of the plastic) free of charge. When I got home however and opened the beastly machine I was presented with one of the worse cases of PRAM battery leakage I have ever seen. Both the PRAM batteries had leaked onto the motherboard and it was not pretty to say the least. Now I'm tasked with repairing my Macintosh IIfx but I don't even know where to start. Any advice? Here's a picture of the leak before I started cleaning it: Here's a picture after I got some of the gunk off (yes many parts fell off.): Can I save this logic board? Will it take years, months, weeks, days? Is this worth my time. Is it impossible or possible but very difficult? I really don't want to see this computer go.
  4. I recently picked up a Quadra 700, and unfortunately the battery had leaked a little bit onto the logic board. Can anyone take a look and see how bad it appears? I've never dealt with this kind of stuff before, but it doesn't appear too bad? I got it off ebay, and the auction said it powered up (they had a picture of it with the green LED lit), but I haven't dared to even plug in the power. it looks like it lost a couple of SMD bits for sure, and clearly the battery connections are a complete wash. The battery case was completely disconnected (rattling around the case when I got it home) and the metal contacts were completely gone. I saved the plastic battery holder just in case, as the plastic didn't seem to be too worse for wear. The SIMM closest to the battery has some corrosion spattering, but it doesn't appear to have completely eaten away through anything..though my hopes aren't high on bringing that one back to life I suppose. Sadly, what saved everything else was the the machine must have been upside down, because the entire underside of the floppy drive is rusted through. It was so bad I couldn't even manage to unscrew it from the drive bay because the corrosion has filled the screw head to the point that I couldn't get a driver in there. On the plus side, there was a PPC upgrade card and a radius videocard, seemingly untouched by the battery juice. I've attached a few key pictures, and here's an album with some more stuff https://imgur.com/a/DBBsy Thanks!
  5. cbmeeks

    SE/30 Green Fuzzies!

    I have this Mac SE/30 that was in pretty bad shape. I'm going to recap it hopefully soon. But after really looking close, I'm seeing this green "fuzz" all over the place. Pretty much every where a capacitor was, a nearby chip has the corrosion all over the pins. I'm really wondering if this board is a lost cause. I'm sure with enough time I could probably fix it. But some of those IC's look to be very hard to find. The worst example are UB10 and UB11 (Sony audio). But others are almost as bad including some of the VLSI chips. This is my only SE/30. I have three other classic Macs (SE FDHD, etc.) but this is the only '030 classic Mac I have. I'm not so much disappointed about not having a '030...I don't really need the speed. I just hate seeing a vintage computer become too damaged to repair. What do you suggest? I have the equipment to remove the IC's properly. But is it worth the effort? What would you do? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Thanks to a generous heart here at the forum, I'm getting a IIsi board to replace the one with the death chimes. If he wants to let himself know, that's up to him but I greatly appreciate it a lot. But back to this board, before the recap it was dead, does not turn on, nothing. It's "twin" I successfully recapped and it works. But this one was brought back to a Zombie Life- it turns on and then Death Chimes. Considering neither board was dead, it is great to see some life in them. As I wait for the donated board to arrive, I decided to put on my high powered magnification glasses - a moderate but powerful 5x. Damn thing gives me headaches when looking out into the distance! But looking at the board, I found corrosion on the RAM side of the board. RAM Chips, in UI7 - U7 and logic chips to RAM UH5 - UE5 have a white/grey rust on the solder and traces and UI6 has a dark grey 'rust' on the solder on the side closest to the PSU Jack. Only UI6 and UH5 are close to any leaked/replaced cap. In fact UE5 has a green corrosion on the top 2 right pins. I washed the board so the rest of it is squeaky clean. It is just this area about the RAM that has corrosion. There is some corrosion around the Sony Sound chips but when I placed the 3 Caps there, their connections are OK (the IIsi is loud when it bongs and death chimes!). How to remove this corrosion without damaging the board? Note, I washed both board with 3 parts distilled water/1 part ammonia, scrubbed with acetone and then rinsed with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This cleaned the board nicely, eliminating the cap goo. But finding "rust" on some components means that the bath did not clean it.