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Found 2 results

  1. joeyjojonesjr

    Powerbook 170 repeated chime

    TL;DR: Powerbook 170 boots to checkerboard and repeated chime, about 1s apart, doesn't stop. Backstory: Got this powerbook 170 off of ebay for "untested/as-is" for cheap, no power supply. (For reasons, I thought it might work.) Got a power supply. Plugged in - nothing, no . . no nothing. Removed battery (only very mild beginnings of corrosion, easily wiped off, was a replacement NiCad). Then it powered on! Sort of. I get the powerbook "checkerboard" and the familiar Apple chime (not the chimes of death, the standard "we're good" one), but the chime repeats over and over. The screen never progresses, and the chime never stops until I pull the plug. Sometimes the chime doesn't finish fading out before it chimes again, that's how close they are together. I opened it up, and was somewhat surprised it looked pretty clean - removed the memory, the daughterboard, and inspected the motherboard but didn't find any evidence of chips being blown (no black/brown stains, no bad solder joints, everything looked - pretty good really). The only thing I found that was sort of suspicious was the power jack itself had a slight bit of corrosion on the "lip" that seats the plug in. Not bad, just a little, shouldn't cause what I'm seeing, but that was the only thing I saw. I air-dusted everything, put it back together and - same thing. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  2. AwkwardPotato

    LC No Longer Chimes

    I recently picked up a Macintosh LC with 12" monitor, and when I plugged it in, I got nothing. I then replaced the power supply with one I had recapped earlier, and the fan spun up, and it chimed. However, there was no video output, and when I looked inside to pull out the Maxell battery, I noticed that the area around some of the capacitors was covered in electrolyte. Upon pulling out the board, I noticed that a liquid had been spilled on the board at some point, as there was a brown goop around the back edge near the ports and on a few chips near the audio circuitry. The entire bottom of the board was also coated in a different type of residue. After cleaning the board with 91% IPA, it no longer chimes. What should I do to get the board working again?