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Found 1 result

  1. I've had a box of 20 or so IIcx logic boards in the attic for a decade or more. I got the batteries out of them early on, so I never had a battery explosions, but I've been contemplating the damage leaking capacitors will do over time, and thinking I really need to get the box down and pull all the caps. So, I'm in the process of doing that now. It's a slowish process. I don't have time to actually test and "repair" each board, but I want to halt any damage. After I pull the caps, I'll thoroughly clean the boards. Now, here's the question: Is there any particularly vulnerable spot on the IIcx where capacitor goo collects and causes damage? In other words, anywhere I should apply extra attention while applying the solvents and cleaning? I would hate to remove the caps, clean the boards, and leave corrosive goo hiding under some chips eating away traces. The 74 series chips around the battery holder and the Right Sound Chip look like likely candidates. At least, on most of these boards, their pins have a fair bit of corrosion. I think these boards were originally part of Shreve Systems collection of old boards. One of them had a note on it dated '96 saying it wouldn't work. I bet the caps had failed back in '96. My IIci needed new caps by '97. Many of these boards have no ROM chips. Does the IIcx typically have them soldered down? If so, then why in the world did someone remove the ROM chips from so many of these boards? It's not like you can put them on a SIMM. The logic board ROMs are too large. Then there's a few boards on which the traces have pulled up like a bunch of little hairs. But I guess the custom chips will be useful for other repairs.. Do I remember reading somewhere that the sound chips are actually a D to A converter available under a regular non-Apple part number? I got one of the Quadra 840AV boards down while I was at it. This one had a note I made from 2007 saying it was working. I hope it still does. There's a lot of visible leakage around the caps now. I need to find the other one, which is actually in an 840AV case and remove its caps too. Geeze. I thought I was doing good to remove the batteries. I could spend a lot time removing all the SM electrolytic caps from logic boards in the attic.