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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I've been having some issues with trying to replace the old IDE HDD on my 630CD with a Compact Flash drive. I acquired the following hardware: - IDE 2 CF adapter: http://www.sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=384(supports UDMA) - 4GB SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash card (works fine in DSLR camera and via USB to iMac). - 4 pin Molex (HDD->FDD) cable (to supply power to the adapter board). On the software side, I have used Apple's (IDE) Drive Setup software from my 7.5.3 install CD (and other versions). This will recognise the "IDE" or "ATA" bus and the attached compact flash card is 4GB in size, and let me set the drive's partitions (went for 1 and then 2 at less that 2GB size each, if that could be an issue). However, whenever I try to initialize the drive (with or without a low level format first), it gets through the process (quite long when formatting 4GB!!), but at the end it says it's failed to initialise and thus won't mount the new drive(s). I have tried formatting the CF flash card on my iMac G3 via a USB-CF adapter (OS 10.4.1 Tiger, formatted HFS not HFS+). This worked fine and I was able to transfer files to the CF drive and back (so the hardware looks good) but when I attached this to my 630CD's IDE interface , it was not recognised. (NB: the IDE drive works fine, so it's not a cabling issue in the 630CD side). Any ideas? NB: I have read the various links here and elsewhere on related issues, (i.e. this is not a dual CF adapter, etc), though most of the other threads seem to be focussed on SCSI-CF adapters (is there a problem with IDE-CF I am not aware of?).