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  1. therieau

    Battery clamshell iBook

    They pop up on ebay every now and again: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-cell-4400mAh-Battery-For-APPLE-iBook-G3-12-M7721LL-A-661-2436-M6392-M7426/380692505775?hash=item58a30aa4af:g:YD4AAOSwxH1UHm2f:sc:USPSFirstClass!92027!US!-1
  2. therieau

    My quest is at an end

    I love to see this kind of stuff. Congratulations!
  3. therieau

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    I’d love to find a good home for them, since I don’t need that many. I suppose I should put them on the Trading Post except I don’t know what a fair price might be.
  4. therieau

    Powerbook G3 PDQ/Wallstreet SSD

    I put a Kingspec 64GB PATA SSD (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4YU3YX3508&Tpk=9SIA4YU3YX3508) in my Clamshell iBook last week and had the same problem. I made sure to copy over the contents of the existing drive and I thought I blessed the System folder, but it wasn't recognized during boot. I have a set of system discs from a dual-USB iBook and booted from the OS9 install disc. I then had to initialize the internal drive in Disk First Aid and do a fresh install of 9.2.2. Not the worst thing in the world, but it was sure a pain until I figured it out.
  5. therieau

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    I just came into possession of a half dozen NOS third-party batteries for the Clamshell iBook! It turns out that the local school district didn't want to pay the recycling fees and my man on the inside knew I was looking for one. Now that I put an SSD in the iBook (follow ifixit's instructions to the letter unless you know more than two hours' worth of curse words) and have a fresh new battery, I can run the thing in OS9 for the advertised 6 hours. Now If I could connect to a WPA2 hotspot...
  6. therieau

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    Yes, it boots 9, which I kept just in case.
  7. therieau

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    Friends, I’ve ignored the hobby for a while, spending my energies lately looking for a new job and basking in newly wedded bliss. The funny thing is that the hobby will not be ignored... The 17-inch 800MHz iMac was “obtained” from the e-waste recycling area at the dump. It works perfectly, and has a fresh coat of OS X 10.4 installed. Amazingly, the previous owner made absolutely no effort to delete their files, so I did it for them. My friend had been threatening to give me her iBook SE for about two years, and although it cost dinner, I finally have it. The machine fires right up and runs great with the 256 MB RAM I added, it only when plugged in. It looks like batteries on eBay are 40 bucks, which seems cheap. Finding a replacement graphite logo for the lid might be more challenging. It it looks like I’m back in the thick of it.
  8. therieau

    PowerBook G4 Aluminium disassembly?

    I just replaced the logic board in a 15-inch Powerbook. I usually grab heavy card stock and fold some packing tape over and stick it down stick side up. That way, I can stick the screws down in the order and arrangement they were removed. The fiddly little hook that secures the front of the palmrest above the Superdrive slot is a bear to remove though. Be patient with that one. I also didn't reconnect the optical drive cable correctly and I'm reluctant to open it back up to fix it. Take your time.
  9. therieau

    Powerbook (hooray!) and Powerbook (boo!)

    It took me a little while longer to get started than I'd hoped, but the logic board transplant into the G4 Powerbook was a great success. It took about an hour from start to finish and the machine is now humming along like a champ. I don't know if I'm going to regret leaving the stock 80GB hard drive in place and not swapping it out while I was in there, but I'm on sort of a restoration kick at the moment. I'll leave the resto-modding to its next owner. Next up, finding a decent browser for 10.4 on the G4 and for System 7 on the 520c. (I told a colleague about my recent "Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair Transceiver" purchase for the 520c and he asked if the seller was charging by the word.)
  10. therieau

    Powerbook (hooray!) and Powerbook (boo!)

    Update: Won the auction for a new (as in NOS-new) logic board for $20 for the G4. The old gal goes under the knife tonight!
  11. Did some work for a friend of mine who, understanding my mania, offered to trade her old Powerbooks for some of my very reasonable pay. Picked up a working Powerbook 520c which is an absolute delight to use once you get used to the teensy trackpad and the very bouncy keyboard. Also picked up a 1 GHz 15" G4 Powerbook that won't start. It sounds like the optical and hard drives are spinning up, but the screen is dark and there's no startup chime. The rest of the haul comes next weekend and they should round out this little collection nicely. The downside is that I'm still collecting while I need to downsize. We'll see which ones are the most fun and stick with them. The other ones will have to go, so stay tuned.
  12. therieau

    Powerbook G3 Wallstreet Battery Option

    The only information I've found is from a third-party vendor selling replacement batteries for eleventy-million dollars. I'd rather be able to create a sled that I can slot a Bosch cordless drill battery into that will supply voltage to the machine and status to the indicator on the side. Maybe a mechanical button extension and optical fibers will do the trick there.
  13. therieau

    Powerbook G3 Wallstreet Battery Option

    Does anybody have an idea what voltages are expected on each of the battery pins?
  14. Since this is absolutely the place to contemplate this question, I've been thinking about how to make my Wallstreet mobile again. I had a thought: What if you took the innards out of an existing dead battery pack and installed a cheap USB power bank in the case and used it in the slot? Could you run the machine with just the power leads connected, or would it complain if it didn't see anything connected to the charging pins? Would the machine be able to tell the level of charge just from the power output? Basically, does anyone have a schematic for the charging system I can review before I spend any money? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. EDIT: By the way, has anybody used these guys? http://laptoprescue.com/Powerbook-Battery/