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  1. Nice video, thanks for putting it up @JDW! I like the rainbow ribbon cable; I just found the same in an SE FDHD shipped to me (with a third party tray installed for a HD). It really is a beautiful case to work on; props to @maceffects for getting this over the line after so much work.
  2. Byrd

    Recap gone right?

    Was just going to post same! My experience with recapping two Q610s recently is make sure you clean up the old cap residue using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. This is essential practice for all recapped Macs, however I found the Q610 board needed an extra good clean before reliability returned.
  3. + interested please; full 128MB set. JB
  4. As soon as you power up the machine, quickly move to the command + option + P + R keys held down continuously until you hear a chime, and keep these keys held down until you hear the chime two more times. It can take a minute or two to perform this task. Re: PPC 8500; strip it down to the basics - one known good DRAM module, two good VRAM modules, install a fresh PRAM battery, remove all PCI cards. JB
  5. Bend it back and out of the way (insulate it) - test it out before clipping it.
  6. Byrd

    Need soldering help, likely damaged board :(

    My experience with the "needle" method to create a hole in contaminated solder is that you need to heat the opposite side of the PCB where you're firmly pushing the needle through, and be prepared to quickly pull it out otherwise it too will be lodged in there. Hopefully this will leave a hole; clamp down the PCB vertically to do this. I'm finding though this doesn't happen much for me these days, it's all very dependant on a good hot soldering tip and using flux, new solder before removing capacitors fully to make a clean removal process.
  7. Byrd

    Transplanting 9-inch CRTs - A Journey

    Looks great jessenator - it almost needs a really badly yellowed case to give it that sun drenched 80's effect
  8. Byrd

    Transplanting 9-inch CRTs - A Journey

    Just had a look, I'll post pics up another time, but this security CRT is screwed into its bezel using steel clips that attach to a tightly wound wire around the back face of the CRT. It might be enough to transplant and mount in a Mac.
  9. Byrd

    Transplanting 9-inch CRTs - A Journey

    Great progress, jessenator, I appreciate your attention to detail! Hopefully not going off topic here, but today I found what appears to be an never used 9" monochrome security monitor with a Samsung 240AG4A CRT - I presume I'll be going through a similar process here should I decide to replace one of my burnt in Plus/SE/Classic CRTs? It's the same CRT as this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-CRT-Monitor-Picture-Tube-Type-240AG4A-/184185290924
  10. Hi, I'm fixing up my PowerBook 3400c - it has a relatively large 7.2V 60 mAh NiMH PRAM battery. Large RC 7.2V batteries are easy enough to come by, but what have others used to hack in as replacement? Thanks JB
  11. Byrd

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    Jesus, how hard did you clamp down? I honestly think you'd best not repair things yourself
  12. Byrd

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    This method using a vice and two pencils works well:
  13. Your performance is actually impressive - considering the overheads of running a GPU intensive Classic game under OS X using a compatibility layer such as MacGlide. Deus Ex was never a particularly well performing game in open maps (indoors performed much better). You might find some graphical adjustments in the Advanced settings of the game itself. Another option is to source an OS 9 compatible GPU and run the game natively.
  14. Nice work! Always good to hear that happy chime once a Mac is all cleaned up and functional. I wouldn’t touch the motherboard caps at this stage - maybe give it another 5 years and check for cap leakage every now and then.
  15. Byrd

    PowerBook 100 & black screen

    Hi Bengi3, A few of us have come across the same problem recently - LCD stays on black once both logic board and LCD controller have been recapped, and it appears to be an unknown fault on the PB100 logic board itself. You can interchange the "black" LCD to another PB100 board and it works. What that fault is I'm stumped, but more of us would like to know! JB