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  1. mactjaap

    A Mac LC, a Daynaport E / Z and *shudder* MacTCP

    Hmmmm. If I’m not wrong..... Such a device is not just a LocalTalk bridge but acts as a network card. So if you have used the installer you can put it on ethernet (alternate) and use it as a network card. Then you can also use it for TCP/IP.
  2. mactjaap

    A Bit Of A Rarity

    Fantastic! What a find!!! Love to see a video too.
  3. mactjaap

    Is it a Lisa????? Is it a Macintosh????

    No. No clue. Former owner doesn't know. I would like to see a modern card / device / cable to connect a Macintosh motherboard to a Lisa with video and case only. Would be nice way of reviving Lisa with only monitor and video card left.
  4. mactjaap

    Is it a Lisa????? Is it a Macintosh????

    FANTASTIC! I’m the writer of this post and own the Lisa/Macintosh of this post can I help you in any way?
  5. mactjaap

    ADTPro Lisa Profile Transfer

    This would be cool! I think it would be great to grab disk images that you can use. Just to be sure. Do you mean you can boot them in LisaEm? So transfer from the real disk to a “virtual” disk?
  6. mactjaap

    Apple Lisa Widget Drive

    I would advise to try NeoWidEx and BLU startup floppies to see if these programs recognize your Widget. In NeoWidEx you can give some commands to the disk where it can come back to live. Im also a fan of these old hard disks. see fi this article: or my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tjabring
  7. The network is only accessible if your Mac is connected via MacIP. If you try to access the “normal” Ethernet IP adres of the MacIPgw you need to use the address given by your home router. That’s in short what you found out yourself.
  8. My main goal with MacIP “products” like the MacIPgw VM and the MacIPpi are to make it possible for LocalTalk only machines like the Macintosh 512, Macintosh ED, Macintosh Plus, Portable, PowerBook 100, etc. to connect to the Internet. However some of the features can be interesting for other machines as well. Like a shared Volume to exchange files or the WRP. Currently I’m working on a new version for Orange Pi and ... new... for Raspberry Pi. This will include latest version of the WRP and lots of easy file sharing. So you can exchange easily between a MacBook and a Mac 512k. Or between Macs and PC or Linux box. And yes... still available macipgw out of the box. Your own “FastPath” (poor mans edition) to connect to the internet without any hassle or Linux knowledge.
  9. mactjaap

    At last, a Lisa

    Nice find! Welcome to the club of Lisa owners. If you want to revive the widget hard drive have a look at the widget postings here in the forum or at lisalist2.com.
  10. I misted this post. But this is exactly the reason why I make MacIP products. Have a look at my site and make your pick. http://macip.net
  11. mactjaap

    TCP/IP for Classic Macintosh

    Great story! I maintain MacIP.net so you can imagine I hope you will succeed! I start following this topic closely!
  12. mactjaap

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    Ahhh. Thanks. Could work.... but I’m a little afraid of retrobright.... so I leave it like this or I will try another way of cleaning this last residu.
  13. mactjaap

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    No problem! Retro philosophy is also interesting! What to do and what not to do!
  14. mactjaap

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    I’m afraid I’m misunderstood. The is a little bit yellow PIANT still on the surface of the ED case. This post is not about retrobright. Nor do I think Retrobright is a way of getting the residu yellow paint of. So to get readers on the right track again....... Once I had ugly yellow paint on my ED case. Now it is off. Thanks to soaking it in Dot 3 brake fluid ($2,50 for 250ml). But... still some “yellowish” residu remains. How to get this of???
  15. OK..... I now see my posts was to hasty and I’m missing the point... sorry about that.