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  1. The retail boxed version I had was red.
  2. As Unknown-K mentioned earlier if you wanted a high res 2D card for classic Mac OS you went to a Mac specialist graphics board maker like Radius, IxMicro. I think the Matrox Millennium worked as well. At the end of that era ATI Rage, 3Dfx and Riva TNTs etc were gaming cards, not general purpose GPUs as they have now evolved into. The Radeon and GeForce ranges with hardware T&L arrived in the OS 9 era by which time OS X was the future RealSoonNow. The ATI cards had reasonable 2D performance being based off the Mach 64 and always had half decent Mac support. 3Dfx and nVidia didn't really have much clue outside 3D environments as their background was in arcade machine and consoles. Anything Pre OS X won't use the clever bits of those cards to accelerate the GUI anyway. It's the era of BitBlt where fast VRAM and big RAMDACs were of benefit for drawing the GUI at high resolutions. OS X was way ahead of it's time when it started utilising an OpenGL capable graphics card to assist in rendering the GUI.
  3. Supernova, I can't help but think you're judging the late 90s world of PowerMacs by 2017 hobbyist standards. Sites like this didn't exist, closest you would likely find be a usenet group. People were mainly using the machines in period to do real work, not as a hobbyistproject. My employers at the time were buying PowerMacs to produce Travel Brochures to be sent for printing. They didn't care about AGP support in OS 8 and flashing third party cards, as long as they could run Quark with their workflow. If they needed an upgraded ATI Card, they bought it from the Mac reseller and paid the support tax.
  4. MagicBoy

    PM9600: No video out

    Rubbish, it'll just clock down to 33MHz.