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  1. codyNC90

    Powerbook 1400c lid rebuild options

    Over the weekend I tried a soldering holder clip but way too flimsy. I think the only thing to get it truly non puffed at the crack is to lay a heavy barbell on it while it cures.
  2. codyNC90

    Powerbook 1400c lid rebuild options

    How could I keep the cracked pieces level while the glue is curing?
  3. The PowerBook 1400c lids are notorious for cracking at the hinge as you can see due to the screws on the underside. Is there a way to recreate or fix these? I was trying to redraw on CAD but my skills are not that good. Would 3D scanning be possible? If there is a solid way to remake these and design buttress reinforcement into the plastic surrounding the paired screws I bet there would be a good interest in these. I believe these are ABS plastic.
  4. For some reason I never saw the last couple of replies to this thread as they stopped going to my email. I found some on buyee.jp and they work!
  5. codyNC90

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    One reason I was wondering about mb modified with an onboard grayscale fpga is the Carrera040 Info /Hacking Thread: I wonder @Bolle are these problems with xceed not being compatible with an 040 related to the Carrera not compatible with the VRAM? If these are related, then it seems like it would require modifications to the mb anyway to get an 040 and grayscale to both work?
  6. codyNC90

    SE/30 Xceed greyscale adapter cloning thread

    Would it be unrealistic to try for an SE/30 motherboard "interpretation" that includes a micron grayscale fpga built in? I believe someone in a 2017 post somewhere said they were close to recreate an SE/30 motherboard, which would have the potential to draw much less power and would be clean without 30 years of gunk? I already have a twinspark +040 and ethernet and it seems very crowded. I don't know if my power supply could handle another pds card. How many people would want both the internal grayscale option and external function? I would be happy with just the internal grayscale. Would this be easier to accomplish? Another post I saw is someone replacing the CRT with an OLED pasted to the inside of modified glass which seems like it would be better on the eyes if it could work with grayscale.
  7. I have the 16mb original to the motherboard. I'm hoping to change this specific ram card to 24mb up from 16mb by soldering on extra chips.
  8. I have a 16mb ram module for the 1400c and I cannot find any 24mb ram modules. Would it be possible to add the 4 needed chips and some kind of connection at C3 to change 16mb to 24mb? It looks like there are some online warehouses that have KM48C2100BS-L6 chips.
  9. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    I removed all the solder from the pads and now it works with either a DiiMo 030 or Turbo 040 but not a Carrera. I wonder if the Carrera specifically needs an on board processor?
  10. codyNC90

    PowerBook 1400c - ultimate upgrades

    I like having a minimalistic book cover for mine. I've attached it, the dimensions should be correct. It is on A4 paper. template powerbook cover.docx
  11. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    That video was beautiful i'll have to try my hand at that. I also watched a video on using hot air and solderpaste which looks like it would work well.
  12. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    I must have done something wrong while desoldering because now the diimo 030 does not work with the processor removed...maybe i need to wick all the joints?
  13. I have a IIci that has been recapped but does not work without a Diimo 50mHz accelerator. However, I want to put a carrera in it. An 040 accelerator won't work because it needs the original 030 to initially boot I believe. So...I took of the 68030FE25B processor and ordered a 68030FE33C processor because it was quite cheap. (1) Does anyone know if this replacement processor will be okay? (2) Does someone have words of wisdom for replacement of these processors...you can see my poor removal job and 1 chipped off solder pad. Is there a good method to replace the chipped off solder pad?
  14. codyNC90

    SCSI2SD experiences with SE/30?

    For the SE/30 I have to use the power supply but for the IIci it runs off the bus. Does this go for anyone else with v5 SCSI2SD?