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  1. johnklos

    Doom on SoftPC on an SE/30?

    SoftPC / SoftWindows for m68k only emulates an 80286 and 80287. Doom requires an 80386.
  2. johnklos

    Jerry Rig a Battery

    You mean like these ideas? For 1/2AA, two AA or AAA batteries suffice. While the 1/2AA is usually 3.6 volts and two AA or AAA batteries would give 3 volts, it still works just fine.
  3. johnklos

    PowerTower Pro: ATA CF Slowness

    Writing to CompactFlash will typically be pretty slow. Writing flash is a slow process, and CF cards really don't make for good general-purpose use drives. For cameras, they have a burst of a write, then a pause during which the CF's controller can actually write out the data. For video, it's a constant stream of writes that's typically slower than the maximum write speed rating, anyway. If performance really matters, and you want something new (not older IDE), then get a SATA-IDE adapter and any new SATA drive.
  4. johnklos

    A very late 040

    3.5 is PPC and m68k, so m68k compared with m68k will be, well, comparable I just figured out that System Info version 3.2.1 shows the Quadra 700 as the baseline and will open benchmark results made with 3.5. My Amiga 1200 when the m68060 was running at 57 MHz: System rating: 247 CPU: 255 Video: 210 Disk: 243 FPU: 429
  5. johnklos

    A very late 040

    What version of Norton System Information are you running? I have version 3.5.3 here, and by default the PowerMac 6100/60 is the reference system.
  6. Yes, it's a SATA drive with a SATA-IDE adapter. It's a helium filled HGST drive that had been physically knocked hard while it was running, so its SMART status says it's failing, and the write speed is about 5 MB/sec (read is about 200 MB/sec). However, I wrote zeros, then random data, then zeros again to every sector on the drive without any issues, so I think the drive itself is usable. Since 5 MB/sec is faster than a Quadra will do, I figured that's a good use for it
  7. On the Mac side I'm running Mac OS 8.1. The boot volume is HFS and is 2,000 megs, then there's an HFS+ volume that's 20,000 megs that I plan to use to store all my Mac software & files.
  8. johnklos

    Help me identify this wack-ass display card.

    It has four 41264 chips which would be 128K, so if I were to guess, I'd guess that it's a display card that works with 4 bit greyscale at a standard resolution, like the Hercules / MDA 720x348, or possibly higher resolution at 1 or 2 bits with a custom monitor. Of course, common monochrome monitors of the time used the same 9 pin connectors as CGA does.
  9. johnklos

    A very late 040

    This thread made me wonder about my Performa 631 / Quadra 630 system. The case says Quadra 630, but the motherboard is different because I have the model with 4 megabytes on the motherboard and two SIMM sockets for a total of 196 megabytes of memory. The newest chips on the board were made in the 40th week of 1995, which is the end of September / beginning of October. I'm rather surprised! This is one of the few machines I own which didn't need a recap, but which I recapped anyway since there are only ten electrolytic caps.
  10. Most CompactFlash cards can work with either 3.3 or 5 volts. I'd love to find a consistent way to format disks of any size for any m68k Mac. I still have to find a proper formatter for an SE/30. In the meanwhile, I have an 8 terabyte (yes, you're reading that correctly) drive working properly in a Mac Quadra 630 / Performa 631 / whatever (they're mostly the same). Only the first 128 gigs is available to Mac OS, but the full 8 TB is available in NetBSD.
  11. johnklos

    30pin simm board layout

    $12 per 16 meg SIMM is, I thought, a good deal. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty: https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/30PS16MB/
  12. johnklos

    Color Classic won't boot with FPU installed

    Later m68882 do exist, but 2019? Also, 16 MHz doesn't seem plausible at all. Anything made after 1990 is going to be of a mask that'll run at 40 MHz minimum, so who would want or sell 16 MHz FPUs? Hopefully you find a good one in the UK.
  13. While the '020 should clock to 16 MHz, you can't swap in an '030 - they're not pin compatible. A company made a small board that adapts an '030 to an '020 socket (I had one), but I can't find examples on the Internet.
  14. johnklos

    Quadra 630 ATX Adapter

    Nice! The 3.3 volt rail option is a big plus, too. It certainly beats adding a 3.3 volt regulator. What about the issue of fitting a power supply in to a Q630 case?
  15. johnklos

    Color Classic won't boot with FPU installed

    Ah, yes - I see that OP said it was a picture from the Internet, not of the Color Classic specifically discussed in this thread. It's a good reference picture - it's nice and clear - so I'd be interested to see a close-up, high resolution picture of the FPUs that jimbojones got that didn't work.