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  1. waynestewart

    SyQuest 105 Cartridge

    The Syquest drives probably worked with any computer that had SCSI so the disk could be in a number of formats. I used Syquest drives quite a bit with the Apple II so a lot of my disks are in ProDOS format. I liked Syquest and collected quite a few. Never had a disk fail on me. Wish I could say the same for Iomega.
  2. The Mac Mini won't run OS9. The only way you can run an OS9 app on a mini is under classic
  3. waynestewart

    My Quicksilver is keeping me warm! :-D

    It doesn't matter how well the room is insulated. If there are no windows or openings then all the light is absorbed by the walls so either way 100% of the wattage used by the bulb ends up ad heat.
  4. Sonnet seems to think their card works with a G5. Why not check with them?
  5. There's probably lots of cards that work with your G5 but just have not been tested with one. I don't have a PCIe G5 but I read once that a Sonnet Tempo SSD on a card would work with your machine. Maybe one of their eSATA cards will also work. I have a number of PCIe cards. Wish I had a PCIe G5 to try them on. It'd be interesting to find out
  6. waynestewart

    Lacie S2S upgrading over 5tb?

    If I had a second one it might get interesting. I've got a Lacie eSATA hub.
  7. waynestewart

    Cooling fans

    I have a PCIe expansion box that would hold up to 19 cards but it has very few installed. There’s some large noisy fans in it. I’m thinking that with only a few cards I don’t need anything like that amount of cooling. Unfortunately I can’t see any way to unplug one and if I clip the wire it’ll be awkward to reconnect one so the idea of blocking one from turning came up. With larger motors if they can’t turn, they heat up and burn out but I believe I’ve see computer fans that couldn’t turn and nothing bad happens
  8. waynestewart

    Lacie S2S upgrading over 5tb?

    A while ago I picked up a Lacie S2S 5 drive RAID array. It was originally meant to connect to a Lacie eSATA card but worked well with a USB 3.0 adapter. Unfortunately 2.5tb was way too small to be useful. At the time I had some 1tb drives and upgraded to 5tb, still a little small. Just yesterday I ended up with a number of 2tb drives so I tried upgrading the S2S. No luck with that. So has anyone been able to get a S2S over 5tb?
  9. waynestewart

    My Quicksilver is keeping me warm! :-D

    Actually, in an enclosed windowless space your light bulb is 100% efficient as a heater. All the light that's absorbed by the walls also becomes heat. Almost everything that uses electricity eventually turns it into heat
  10. Check that it also has an Apple Partition Map. You can have Mac OS extended format on a disk with Master Boot Record or GUID partition map. I did that a couple of times and was able to install an OS but ran into issues at boot time
  11. There's probably a jumper for cable select/master/slave. If so, try setting it to Master
  12. waynestewart

    Beige G3 w/G4 upgrade - overclocking?

    There's 16 possible multiplier jumpers settings and your chart only shows 11 of those settings. Shouldn't take long to find out what the other 5 do
  13. waynestewart

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    Those don't look Mac cards to me and usually a Mac won't boot off am PC card.
  14. Just a shot in the dark. Does either the powerbook or syquest supply term power?
  15. waynestewart

    VHS Video editing on early PowerPC macs.

    I bought a MiniDV camcorder and a MDD in early 2003. Did a lot of video work and never had any issues transferring the video to the Mac. Of course I had all new equipment and tapes. Old tapes and not so clean heads might make a big difference