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  1. Superdos

    2006 Black Macbook --- LoBo Swap?

    The one thing I noticed was the temp sensor placements, that's about it to a certain extent I can see as far as the LoBo standoffs themselves-- past that, I want to know why I'd have to get a new inverter cable. IIRC the only reason I can think is someone saying a cable from the inverter goes to the wireless card-- which wouldn't make any utter sense unless it was to add a third antenna for a tri-antenna MIMO card instead of the BCM94321 cards used in some models. My mom has a Late 2007 model with the 4321 I dropped in from a Dell, uses both the original 802.11g card's antennas just fine and hasn't had a single problem. I have a small cache of 4321's I can make use of that are out of Dells and other macbooks that'll just make everything work out for that, but sheeeeeeesh. Another thing I'm seeing is the addition of the PRAM battery now being housed under the lip of the Superdrive on the right-hand side of the bottom housing, out from under the 2006 model's location under the LoBo. probably because of the board revise they didn't have the ability to hide it under there anymore. This then also requires you get the newer speakers, and the right speaker assumes two standoffs, oen in the same first-mount location and the other doesn't exist on the 2006 housing. At this point it'd be easier to just get a bottom housing with board/heatsink/fan from a mid/late 2008 model and drop all my existing parts on that aren't the board. Right now I MUST replace the logic board as it's no longer charging the battery at all, and it doesn't make either of the Magsafe chargers I have which are known good light up when connected... but it'll still apply power to the port and board allowing it to turn on. if I could figure out that problem (already tried resetting the SMC, any other ideas?), I can go right ahead and swap the board with this late 2006 white one I have sitting here which is another of my mother's Macbooks she's taking back and forth with her to her job so she doesn't have to care if it's stolen. She only needs 10.6.8, so the T2500 board in the blackbook would do her more good than the one with the 1.83 Twhateveritis C2D that won't be doing 64-bit stuff anyway! Doing that swap would be a walk in the park because of how minimal the difference in the logic board and connected peripherals there is. it's insane. it'd at least make for a good stop-gap until I can do some proper not-so-rushed research into anything I'd have to do to get it running as a much newer version of itself. and with the small abundance of these logic boards up on eBay and elsewhere, it's not hard to find them if so necessary.... I just don't want a Core Duo. I do NOT want a Core Duo. it has to be Core 2, and it has to be 45nm, hence why the 2008 models are what I'm shooting for. From what I understand and know of from experience in modern PC laptops from that time, a 65 to 45nm upgrade drastically improves upon the efficiency of the heatsink it's contacting since there's less contact area to work with, so the heatsink is actually a little bigger than it originally was for its intention to be used on a 65nm chip. As I've never used used a 45nm Core 2 Macbook for more than 5 minutes I can't necessarily attest to that being the case with them, but I can at least dream.
  2. I'm probably some sort of goof for trying to make this happen, but I recently acquired a mid-2006? black Macbook A1181 with a Core Duo T2500 onboard, and it's pretty wrecked. I have to replace the entire top casing and bottom casing, optical drive (which will probably get a hard drive adapter) and the heatsink fan as that's gone sticky... Thanks Sunon. I've looked and it seems there's been interest in the far past in replacing the logic board in these suckers with something newer, and to that extent, more efficient. I'm perfectly comfortable and able to do a logic board swap, as I've had to do it numerous times in the past... but never an upgrade. Some forum posts from MacRumors and other sites have pointed that some things are going to need replacing such as the actual CPU heatsink as from one model to the next they revised it down to one temperature sensor, something with an inverter cable...? and something else about a bluetooth module. Yet, on both boards, I want to call that utter crap since most of the connectors are the same, if not just placed differently. Has anyone ever attempted to do any sort of swapping between the original design A1181 13.3 Macbooks before, and if so, how does one go about it? Preferrably I'd like to move up to at least something with a T8100 2.1 or T8300 2.4, as I can already find logic boards on eBay for under $40 for that amount. I want to avoid the GMA950 altogether if I can afford to, especially since my goal is to boot Linux on the Macbook as the main OS, or possibly Windows 7 for kicks to start. Currently if I just go about getting replacements for the system as it stands it will cost me about $50 in parts which includes the bottom casing, upper assembly with diffferent keys missing than mine currently, and a delta fan instead of a Sunon Maglev. May consider an Adda if I can find one cheap, they tend to make pretty good fans. I can hold off on an upper assembly for now and just get the missing keys, perhaps, since there seems to be no damage other than the plastic peeling syndrome they all face... but it just looks bad. ALTERNATIVELY, I can find the entire bottom casing of a blackbook on eBay with board and heatsink/fan/etc. for a decentish price in the low-$50 range. but then i'm reading things need to be replaced, AGAIN, because stuff with the inverter cable and such-- this doesn't make any sense... the cables for the display look exactly the same as they did in 2006 as they do for the 2008 board! Can someone explain this to me as to why someone's saying this?
  3. This topic seems to fit in the hardware hacks section... although this is about an Intel mac. I have a Late 2009 Mac Mini 2.53 I picked up in late 2012 for $100 with a broken hard drive and 2 gigs of RAM. 8GB of Crucial RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and a thermal compound re-paste later, and I had myself a VERY nice little workhorse of a Mini... even if I only turned it on once in a blue moon, moreso after getting the HR Powerbook. Two weeks ago, I took it back apart on a whim and inspected the heatsinks... and I really want to call bull on the "anodized" heatsinks used to cool the P8700 and nForce chipset. I have reason to believe that they are not anodized, but are lightly painted by the way they shimmer in direct lighting... that is, barely. I have had black anodized aluminum heatsinks in the past and they usually show off a not-black sort of indirect viewing angle sharpie ink-colored shade and shine more than these things do. This would explain the sketchy looking temperatures I get... since paint is a sorry excuse of an anti-corrosion measure and just insulates the heatsink. Can anyone confirm this is the case? Attached picture is an eBay listing pic of the dinky heatsink they put on the nForce that, once it gets hot, starts cooking the hard drive... which is why I wholeheartedly believe this is what caused the original hard drive to fail, and why smcfancontrol continues to be awesome in preventing this from occurring. This seems to be the ONLY Mac mini heatsink AT ALL on ebay. at least, in the US. Someone else is selling a nylon screw kit "for use with the 2006 Intel mac Mini" I may consider if it'll give me just a teensy but more clamping pressure without bending/warping the logic board doing so. To sort of put it in perspective, I know there have been times in the past Apple did have painted heatsinks on things like the older TiBook G4, and even on the heatsink fins ad part of the heatpipe around the fins of the aluminum Powerbook G4, least in my case. To remedy my concerns, I'm going to be getting the heatsinks sandblasted to remove the upper coating of whatever it is. an entirely free sandblasting... the only thing I'm paying for in is time allotted before it can even be sandblasted since the guy doing it has to switch to the softer stuff before he can sandblast it, last I heard yesterday.
  4. Superdos

    Pretty Great Pismo Conquest

    I've been thinking about getting one of these for my Alu G4 15" HR, or something similar. my only issue is drive space-- I have a LOT of programs installed on that 10.4.11 install from when the Alu started life as a TiBook 500. I will never ever regret trading the one for the other. ever. Something along the lines of the 128GB model, also a Kingspec drive, goes for $75. as I'm not made of money I can only dream about this. I have a WD2500BEVE scorpio blue drive I've been meaning to wipe and reinstall something onto since the laptop it was in is no longer relevant, and I'd want to drop that in the G4 first, I think. I really like my G4 and it has really good battery life. on a more topic-appropriate note, I have a Wallstreet PDQ 233 with 512MB of RAM that I dropped a 60GB fujitsu into, just because it was what I had laying around. 9.2.2 is amazingly fast on it.
  5. Superdos

    Can Anyone Identify This SuperMac NuBus Video Card?

    Whoops, nevermind on that. it's a SuperMac-branded Thunder II GX 1152. http://www.vintagecomp.com/room/mactune/VideoSuperMac/ThundrII1152.htm
  6. So I finally got keys for the car I had my Quadra 700 stuffed into the trunk of... pulled it out last night and just got to it today to see which video card was inside. I remember it having GX printed on it, and so I thought for the longest time it was a Thunder IV GX. This was pulled out of a Radius 81/110 quite a few years ago and left in my Quadra for a long, long time. What card is this which I posses? I can't find ANY images of it on the internets at all, even when looking up information about it. I'd love to know the exact model before I go dropping it in my IIvx all willy-nilly. Any help into the identification of this card is appreciated greatly. Thanks!
  7. Superdos

    Centris 650, mixed emotions

    There's a few write-ups on the internets as to how to set up a RAMdisk. I used to do it with a 7.5 disk tools disk on my powerbook 180 way back, and a RAMdisk, I'd have it make a 2MB RAMdisk at boot, copy the files over and reboot off it. worked great. as far as other files... I think you'd need to make a 7.1 (possible for the 650?) bootdisk to get the necessary space for TCP/IP, the Ethernet extension, MacTCP, etc. there's quite a few things you need in order to get on the internet with System 7. also, someone once told me sticking a hard drive in a bag that's had the air sucked out of it, into a feeezer overnight and then immediately dropped into the machine may yield some sort of result. but try at your own risk, because it seems like one of those snake-oil hard drive methods that has varying success. it may be possible to grab stuff off the 'dead' drive with a 7.5 install on the new 2GB drive (assuming you do *just* a 7.5 disk tools copyover) once you do that... there's other methods though.
  8. Superdos

    Centris 650, mixed emotions

    it may be worth it to get a 7.5 disk tools floppy image, image it to a floppy, and boot it up via that method. check out the hard drive with disk first aid if possible and see if it even shows up under the SC setup. Cool find though. a shot of the board wouldn't hurt either... and you'll definitely need to replace the clock battery onboard. I'm not sure if those had Maxell's or not, but those explode.
  9. Superdos

    Yet Another Scrap Saved Mac-- PowerBook Duo 230!

    not mine to sell-- this was over at my friend's place. one, it's horribly heavy. two, no space for it. I'd rather see it get scrapped and get a much smaller branded rack, that rack would easily take up too much space. Haven't really messed with the Duo for the past few days... been working on more pressing matters. hard drives in my main computer are getting old/worn and I'm now at this very moment working on the second copy-over of two. sometimes it pays to have a friend in the business that can get you free high-capacity IDE and SATA drives that actually have good SMART readouts.
  10. Got another call from my friend that deals in scrapmetal. big huge pile of all manners of PC stuff to go through for anything. grabbed my two car radiators and dropped them off and in, along with some computer scrap. picked up another computer for someone, etc. What it looked like when I got there: What it looked like when I left: What I walked away with: (Yes, that's a Quantum Snap! server 1000 in the top right of the box! dunno if it works. nifty IP camera that goes for US$100 on Fleabay as well.) So while I was going through, friend and his cousin of whom is a local EMT are talking about stuff and they mention that I know model numbers up the wazoo of things, and that with me, I get excited over really nice things or really old things. he was saying that as I picked up one of those nylon reusable shopping bags with this bad boy in it.... and upon doing quick testing of it when I got home (I was in a rush), it works. how well it works is another story. Keyboard is about as stiff-feeling as you'd expect it. the ghosting lines on the screen possibly means I need to re-cap it, right? or were they always that bad? brightness/contrast adjustment helps very little. it also came with the SCSI floppy drive and the proper AC adapter, thankfully. I may just do some stuff to this; I have an in-pieces duo 2300c...
  11. Superdos

    50 G4 Minis (not mine)

    I wanted a Mac Mini for the longest time. friend up in Ontario acquired a bunch from the school district and locked them up inside his office. he did have fun trashing the eMacs being retired at the same time, however... so big that they didn't even fit in the largest garbage cans the school had-- so they went straight into the dumpster after being stripped of hard drives, RAM and DVD drives. I'm told they made satisfying, heavy crunches as they piled up. (don't worry, they were the horrible 700MHz ones.) From what I understand, he still has them in his office, to this day, in a neat stack of about 10-15 of them or so. they're most likely the 1.25 model because schools are cheap, but I used to want one of them badly. ended up getting a late 2009 high-end Intel Mac Mini and upgraded that to max specs (which for the hard drive has a new max of 2TB now and I'm still on a 1TB drive for it...!) so I haven't really asked about them much. there IS a market out there for the mac mini's, but they won't move in large numbers for at least another few years. G3 stuff is starting to get expensive now as supply dries up, and G4 towers are going for 200 a pop on fleabay. it's also my understanding there's a Mac-oriented community of audio people with old music gear that has drivers only for MacOS 9, that's usable otherwise aside from that. I think there's some OSX stuff mixed in there too-- but I'm not sure if those require PCI slots to take advantage of or if that's USB/Firewire stuff that a Mac Mini could handle. most I have for Mac audio equipment is a 3rd revision (pre-white box) Griffin iMic.
  12. Superdos

    Conquest of will power...

    Exactly how do you get the capacitors from the recyclers? is that something they do, pull caps off stuff? I've been wondering this for a long time if it's possible to go this route when I'm looking for capacitors for my IIvx. on another note, if they're only asking 30 bucks for it, it may be worth it to get it and then sell it to someone here that would really want it. better than being recycled. See if you can power it up and check if the CRT has any burn-in, next time you're there.
  13. Superdos

    Nobody likes the G3 all-in-one

  14. Superdos

    DOS Compatibility Card

    if you're going to drop a cyrix 586 on it, I think you need the voltage regulator module that goes under the CPU. else, it should be a simple drop and run. Yes, you will want a fan. the DX2-66 runs HOT. Does yours also have the Vibra 16 daughtercard? mine's missing. If you ever get Windows 3.1 or 95 running on it (not impossible, I've done it.) I'd love to hear some recordings of the vibra doing MIDI. onestop.mid and canyon.mid come to mind, but onestop is pretty much the de-facto standard when it comes to gauging the capabilities of what a sound card can do for MIDI sequencing. the Vibra likely doesn't have an OPL3 onboard the card or has a very rudimentary sounding softsynth-- but there's no recordings of the Houdini Vibra card's MIDI capabilities on Youtube for all I know, and it'd make a great addition to the other obscure cards and devices able to play the file.
  15. Superdos

    Mac IIvx Saved from Scrappage! (and some others)

    Thanks on that info. Will do that when I get around to re-capping the logic board, then. ==================== an update. had to re-install 7.6.1 because the old owner DID indeed let a kid mess with it, and they had full access to the filesystem. INSTALLER was missing, so I couldn't run any program installers, among other weird quirky things happening. things had weird names and almost everything had a label color... guh. so I made quick work of finding 7.6.1 install media, and I got the previously untested AppleCD 600E from my car trunk. it worked! plugged it in, set it to a known unused SCSI ID, flipped the switch, and it ejected for me when I pressed the button! no weird sounds, no grinding when the CD was spinning up. held C at boot, and it booted into the 7.6.1 installer system. it was glorious. it's been a while since I've done an install so I did check off things that required a PPC Mac to function... and I did promptly get told that some things didn't install because they weren't compatible with my Mac. oh boy. but in the end, I was able to install Stuffit 5.5 (up from 4.0.1 which wouldn't unstuff my files!) and unstuff the various files I downloaded from my local web-serving box of which I had no idea would or would not run on an '030. I did have the 68k versions of some things, so I was in the clear for a lot of stuff, but for things like ATM 4.6, I didn't luck out very much. So that's the update. I'm hopeful I'll be able to re-cap the thing soon... and get the parts of the case that need Retr0brite (or simple green, I'm told that works well) nice and white again. my ADB Mouse II is in serious need of a brightening, and I have two Keyboard II's that wouldn't hurt to be a little whiter. gotta make those teeth--erm, keys, pearly white! I'm also happy to announce the G4 MDD has been shipped to a loving home outside of St. Louis, MO! the G4 GigE Mystic is almost out the door to another friend in Chicago, and the iMac G5 1.6 is going to be sent out in a couple of weeks to yet another friend in California, somewhere. Shipping via UPS was the cheapest option coming in at $45 or so for a shipping label for a 44lb box. I'm expecting the 34lb GigE Mystic to cost a bit less, and the G5 about the same as the MDD because of distance... but that's going to need some special packaging to protect the screen in transit. Since I don't have the boxes for them, I have to make do with what I have... which is scarcely low packing material from Amazon and the affiliated boxes that it all came in. woohoo.