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  1. just.in.time

    Color Classic no speaker sound

    Glad to hear you got it working again!
  2. Have you tried restarting with extensions disabled (hold shift key at boot until is ays Extensions Disabled... or Extensions Off, something like that). If that fixes it, probably an extensions conflict/issue. With extensions disabled, you might have to manually put the computer to Sleep from the Special menu. Not sure if it will automatically do display sleep or regular sleep with extensions disabled.
  3. Glad to hear it's working now
  4. just.in.time

    Color Classic strange booting behavior

    Pretty sure the battery is supposed to be a 3.6v half AA lithium. So putting 3.0 may be causing PRAM corruption by being enough to power the circuit but not properly. 4.5v is definitely more than it needs. Not sure though what is a safe range for that circuit. Good news though, is that having no battery there is definitely acceptable. In fact, I'd recommend keeping it out all together to not have to worry about it leaking eventually. The CC should maintain PRAM settings when soft-powered off (Special menu or keyboard power key and Shut Down), so long as the rear power switch is left in the on position. As for the EGRET, not sure about that. Hopefully someone else can provide some insight on that part.
  5. just.in.time

    Color Classic / SCSI2SD v5.5 not terminated

    Well the chime is good news. However, I always make sure to do a good deep cleaning after removing old capacitors but before installing the new capacitors. There are many different ways to do a deep cleaning. As long as all the old electrolyte is removed is all that matters. Any remaining electrolyte is both conductive and corrosive. Based on proximity, I'm guessing that U7 is involved with ADB somehow (assuming those are ADB ports right there, I'm not near my CC to check). Having that chip corrode away would not be good. Or any other areas on the logic board for that matter. That's promising news, at least the SCSI controller is working! Aside from the logic board not being cleaned, I'm out of solid ideas... Just for thoroughness, have you tried setting the termination on the SCSI2SD to "off"? If that's possible on the v5.5 board (mine is the 5.0 internal version IIRC, might be different). Theoretically, "on" should be correct but who knows. SCSI is definitely very sensitive.
  6. Hmm, very interesting. Watched the video. Still thinking @techknight's advice about capacitors is on point due to age. Another side idea though, the adjustment pots on the analog board (for dialing in all the display parameters with a hex wrench) may have some corrosion on them. I believe one does the vertical height of the picture. If you decide to look into that possibility, use caution as that analog board has some very high voltage components on it that can give a nasty shock, even with the computer unplugged. I think the service manual has more details on which one does what and their location.
  7. just.in.time

    LC 475 won't startup after recap...why?

    Awesome, glad to see it's up and running again Edited to add: And yes, @Bolle definitely knows his way around the electronics. That fix is impressive.
  8. just.in.time

    LC 475 won't startup after recap...why?

    Were you able to solve this? If not yet resolved, try checking the voltages coming off the PSU. I’ve heard the LC/2/3/475 (and all their variations) can require recaps as well.
  9. I agree with @techknight, your analog board capacities are probably just phoning it in at this point. but just in case, you can try reseating your vram, logic board, and analog board (it slides into a connector under that metal shield much like how the logic board down below does. If you can get it to start, bring the screen brightness/contrast down to the lowest you can still somewhat comfortably see. This will reduce load on the Analog board. If this resolves your issue, it’s probably in need of a recap. As a way out of left field possible solution, try taking the LC 520 to a different room, on a different circuit breaker and give it a run. My LC 520 had an issue at one of my apartments where, in a specific room on a specific plug, it would get weird display issues when the air conditioner would be running. Different room, or just turning off the air conditioner resolved these issues. Machine is still going strong almost 4 years later. Though I never had mine completely shut off on me.
  10. Seconding this. SCSI is not considered hot-pluggagable. You run the risk of cooking the SCSI controller and/or any device on the scsi bus by plugging and unplugging devices while the computer is powered on. And I agree, sounds like both drives have the same ID. Change the external ID to something else.
  11. just.in.time

    Color Classic sound issue

    Weak or no audio is a classic symptom of bad caps. Likely the cause on your CC no audio issue. Id say just remove the battery and keep it out. Especially for the CC and 550 as they are soft-power machines and will maintain PRAM when shut down from the Special menu/keyboard, so long as the main rocker switch on the back is left in the on position.
  12. just.in.time

    Color Classic / SCSI2SD v5.5 not terminated

    The chip U7 looks like it picked up some corrosion from C6. Not sure if that has anything to do with SCSI, but I’d definitely try to get that part cleaned up. Any remnants of old leaking capacitor fluid can cause electrical issues, and later corrosion. Scrubbing that off may help. If you didn’t do a deep cleaning during recapping this could potentially be a side effect. How’s the startup chime? Nice, loud and clear? I guess another question is, can you boot with internal drive attached, no SCSI2SD, with your boot floppy and see the hard drive in SCSIprobe? If it’s the factory drive it will likely be set to ID 0. Even if the drive is trashed, seals turned to sludge, heads crashed, SCSIprobe should still be able to report back it’s ID if the SCSI circuits on the logic board are in working condition. Last side note which I’m sure you already know, but SCSI is not hot-pluggable. Computer must be shut down to plug and unplug scsi devices (internal and external).
  13. just.in.time

    Color Classic / SCSI2SD v5.5 not terminated

    IIRC, ID 7 is always the computer. So in that picture, it looks like neither your internal hard drive or the SCSI2SD are seen. Has the logic board been recapped yet?
  14. just.in.time

    Color Classic / SCSI2SD v5.5 not terminated

    Is your v5.5 the one that plugs into the external SCSI port or an internal style set up in an external enclosure? When you run scsiprobe, are you seeing the drives at two different IDs? Are you setting the entire SCSI2SD to appear as one physical drive with multiple partitions? Or is it set to appear as multiple physical drives? Also, generally the SCSI2SD should be able to be bus powered except for a few exceptions. But I’m pretty sure the CC can bus power it. For kicks, have you tried removing the internal hard drive and having the SCSI2SD being the only device on the scsi bus?
  15. Ah, I totally forgot the Lombard had official 10.3 support, was thinking it was cut off after 10.2.8.