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  1. LarBob

    SE/30 Welcome to Macintosh

    I'm unable to open either of these images.
  2. LarBob

    SE/30 Welcome to Macintosh

    Sure, could you send us a picture of the ROM? You do Command+Option+P+R after you flip the computer on. It'll basically go into a reboot loop until you let go. Just let it reboot a couple of times and let go.
  3. LarBob

    SE/30 Welcome to Macintosh

    To be clear, is this System 7.0/7.1/etc. and not 7.5? If the ROM has been upgraded, trying to boot 7.5+ will leave you stuck at "Welcome to Macintosh" if you don't do some ResEdit hacks first (see https://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-se30-with-upgraded-rom/).
  4. LarBob

    Backporting HFS+ to Mac OS 8.0 and earlier

    I can confirm I also get a Sad Mac trying the generated 7.5.5 on my SE/30. EDIT: 7.6.1 boots on my SE/30 but still just has "where_have_all_my_files_gone?"/is unable to read the HFS+ partition.
  5. LarBob

    Color Classic SCSI2SD issue

    I've had lots of problems installing System Software on the SCSI2SD v6 after it's been initialized with the patched HD SC Setup. After formatting the disk with Silverlining 5.8.3 instead, I've had no more issues of the sort. It'll easily fit on a floppy, I've attached a 1.44 MB disk image with 5.8.3 on it. You can write it on Windows with WinImage, or dd if="Silverlining.dsk" of=/dev/your_floppy_drive bs=84 skip=1 on *nix. I hope this helps anyone who sees this in the future. By the way, would you mind uploading the firmware he sent you? It might be useful for others. Silverlining.dsk
  6. LarBob

    SE/30 Checkerboard/SimasiMac question

    Ah, thanks. I have no idea how I missed that...
  7. I have an SE/30 here that randomly Checkerboards/SimasiMacs (if it hasn't been on for a while, it's pretty much guaranteed to be "fine" and boot up though). Here's a picture of one time it's done it: https://i.imgur.com/6kjM9nh.jpg Sometimes there are patterns that appear closer to SimasiMacs rather than just checkerboards. It seems to most frequently happen if I turn it off and back on again within a relatively short period of time. Sometimes it clears and continues booting (kind of). What I mean by that is that it'll go to the gray screen with a mouse cursor then hang for a bit. After a few seconds, it'll show the ROM-inator II splash and then go to the blinking floppy w/ a question mark instead of booting off of the SCSI disk. Is there anything in particular this points to (besides just a recap)? EDIT: Oh, it'll also boot into System 6.0.8, 7.1, A/UX etc. but not 7.5.x. 7.5.x gets stuck at the Welcome to Macintosh screen.
  8. It's luckily been preserved on the Web Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20140410214408/http://www.saunalahti.fi/~holindho/g5-quad-v1-lcs-repair.html
  9. Yep, Xash3D FWGS. It's been kind of a pain to get running. Someone made some patches to it for MIPS/big endian, so I'm gonna take a look at those soon hopefully.
  10. Here you can see Half-Life running on my PowerBook G4 I got from CC_333 a while ago. Most of the bugs you'll notice are due to things not patched for big endian yet.
  11. LarBob


    Picked up an SE/30 with no sound. I'm guessing I'm going to need to recap it. For now, I've cleaned the board, upgraded it from 5 MB of RAM to 8 MB (best I could get it to with what I have on hand), installed a ROM-inator II, and put in a SCSI2SD. I've installed A/UX 3.0.1. I'd like to get some more RAM; A/UX is a dog with 8 MB. In the long term, I'd definitely like to find an ethernet card as well.
  12. LarBob

    Failing Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66

    Okay, so I think this issue might not have to do with the card at all and the pin pushing was an unrelated accident that distracted me from the real issue. I think the issue is actually memory. I had reseated it a couple of times beforehand, but I decided to do it again and really make sure everything was in properly. Now the card is working much better and I can actually boot off of it, however, it still does have some issues. There are some other eccentricities about this machine that make me think I should replace the RAM as well.
  13. LarBob

    Failing Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66

    Okay, status update: It works somewhat. I can read and write (how reliably, I don't know) but can't boot reliably due to errors even with other drives. I have tested with 3 different drives and multiple cables and have had issues with all. I have gotten Mac OS 8.1 booting up off an IDE drive but it quit working properly soon after. Disk First Aid complains of many problems though I can at least see the directory structures and files within the drives.
  14. LarBob

    Failing Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66

    https://i.imgur.com/88cptBi.png To the left are the pins normally and to the right are them after. Please try to excuse the lack of artistry. :P
  15. LarBob

    Failing Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66

    Okay, I reflowed them all to no avail.