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  1. bunnspecial

    Portable Hard Drive

    Very nice on swapping the boards-I'll hunt down one and go with that option. My experience with swapping PCBs on newer HDDs isn't so good. I inadvertently blew a surface mount fuse a year or two ago on a 100gb 7200 RPM Toshiba laptop HDD and needed to get some data off it. I bought an identical drive on Ebay(not an easy thing to find) and swapped the boards and even though the drive would spin up it wouldn't read. Fortunately I came out okay with that one. I've since been told that swapping boards can scramble the data, but I got away with it. I ended up tracking the problem to the fuse(I didn't know when I first started had issues with the drive). The correct value of the fuse was 2A. I pulled out my CRC and looked up fuse values for copper wire, dug through my wire box and miced individual strands of wire until I found one close, soldered it in place, then to finish it off put a "nick" in the wire with my pocket knife to give a fusible location that SHOULD be about 2A. I'd intended to retire the drive, but it's actually now sitting in the 867mhz TiBook that's on semi-permanent loan to my dad to play Civ II .
  2. bunnspecial

    Portable Hard Drive

    I'm afraid that I've come to the conclusion that the original 20mb Conner in my Portable is dead. It will spin up, but the computer doesn't see it. I'd thought it would be simple just to drop a 3.5" desktop drive in it, but after I looked at it I realized that's not going to be the case. Is the connector the same as is used in 2.5" SCSIs, or is it something else proprietary? And, in either case, aside from a 2.5" drive, are there any other solutions for a replacement drive? I have one spare 2.5" drive, but I had it earmarked for a PB100(although the Portable certainly gets preference). Thanks.
  3. bunnspecial

    Macintosh Portable Battery rebuild

    I know you said you want to get away from SLA, but at the same time it's not difficult to do it with the correct battery chemistry. Earlier this week, I rebuilt mine with this https://www.amazon.com/Battery-replacement-QB24-QB26-QUANTUM/dp/B002BJZ2XI It's a 3 pack of smaller versions of the same SLA cells as used in the original battery. It took me a little bit of finagling and some extra foam inside the case to get it to all fit and line up correctly, but once I did it worked perfectly. One of the issues you're going to run into with any alternate chemistry is that you really need 6V+. A single lead acid cell is 2V, give or take, while most common rechargeable chemistry these days is 1.5V. That means that you're going to need to pack 4 cells into the pack to get the correct voltage. It's hard to beat lead acid chemistry for power density, and I don't know how you'd get out of an NiMH battery. The original cells were 5AH. The only NiMH cells I found in a quick search with that rating were 1.2V, which means that you're going to need 5 in the pack to get close to correct. That's going to be a tight fit for a C or D sized cell.
  4. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    I've been saying for a while that CPU performance has basically leveled off since about 2012 or so. As said, most of the improvements have been in performance per watt, and with the "Lake" series processors Intel has seemed to even stepped away from the "Tick Tock" design philosophy of earlier generations. That's a lot of the reason why I'm still using a 2012 MBP with a quad i7 Ivy Bridge processor, and at that the only real-world advantage I see over Sandy Bridge is that it has USB 3.0 native. Granted Ryzen seems to really be shaking things up, although I have yet to do a lot of research on how it's doing in the real world. Perhaps, though, it will kick Intell into stepping things up. I agree that Intel is seemingly "stuck" at 14nm, but truth be told I don't know how much smaller we can realistically get before wires don't actually behave as wires but rather you start seeing quantum mechanical effects. I spent a while discussing this with a colleague the other day. A copper atom is roughly 1.4Å, which means that a 14nm we're already laying down wires that are roughly 10 copper atoms wide. It may well be that 14nm is a quantum mechanical "brick wall" so to speak, but if it's not I suspect it's certainly close. All of that aside, what HAS improved exponentially in the past 5 years is GPU performance, and I think that's where the makers are really concentrating their energy/resources now. GPUs excel at vector operations, and a lot of vector-heavy software now is smart enough to run vector operations on the GPU.
  5. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    I'm going to set up some side by side comparisons when I have a chance. One of the things I have in mind is to run lens correction filters on some of my medium large format film scans(which are ~20mb and ~80mb in size). Most of the MF scans are of originals taken with Planar-type lenses which introduce some noticeable "mustache" distortion. The LF scans are simpler since all my LF lenses are Tessar types and tend to only have simple pincushion distortion. I In any case, distortion corrections are among the most computationally intensive things you can do in Photoshop, so I think this is a decent stress test especially with the larger files. Also, I'll mention that XP SP3 is roughly the same age as Leopard, and it's often thought that running an older OS with less computational overhead will give that computer an advantage. The P4s that were still shipping in ~2008 often still shipped with XP SP3.
  6. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    I have the P4 Gateway laptop I got new for college in 2006 running XP and Firefox 52. Just in terms of web page rendering speed, my DLSD with Leopard and Leopard Webkit blows it away, although admittedly the Gateway is more usable on the web.
  7. It depends on the computer, the amount of RAM, and the extensions installed. A stock OS 9 install has a lot of extensions that you probably don't need. I tend to trim down most of what I don't need(i.e. a lot of printers and the like), and can usually get a moderately fast G4 to boot in a minute and a half or so. If you have extensions to support a 3rd party processor, those can take a minute or two by themselves to load.
  8. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    Most late G4s like the DLSD Powerbooks, last gen iBooks, and even the 1.42ghz eMac are quite good on Leopard, but they differ from the Mini in that they have a Core Image capable GPU. IMO, the Radeon 9200 was really the downfall of these systems, and on a GPU heavy OS like Leopard it can make or break the experience. I've run Leopard on some pretty low spec systems and can usually tolerate it pretty well esp. considering the better software compatibility it offers. On towers where I intend to run it a lot, I will install a CI-capable GPU. Otherwise, I crank down the animations quite a bit.
  9. bunnspecial

    GPU for Power Mac G4

    There are ways to make ADC on a 9600 work on G4s(or at least 4x AGP). The only thing is that you lose the ability to power on the computer from the ADC power button. The trick is to cut three "fingers" off an old PC ISA card and then use two small jumpers to solder it to the ADC power tab on the 9600. The ISA fingers will then fit down in the ADC power slot on G4 boards. I ran a 23" Cinema from a 9600 in a Quicksilver using this set-up for close to two years-the only thing that changed was my upgrading it to a G5. The card I modified has now found a new home.
  10. bunnspecial

    Mac OS 9 compatibility

    Virtually all of the restore disks are available via Macintosh Garden, including the one you seek. http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/power-mac-g4-quicksilver-2002-restore-discs I will add that I've used the QS2002 9.2.2 disk on every preceeding AGP G4 and it has always worked fine for me. I generally grab it for all of those computers as it saves the upgrade dance to get to 9.2.2.
  11. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    When I look at the entire G-series of Macs from the Kanga(3400c with a G3 grafted on) to the G5, there are really only two "clunkers" that stand out. The "worst G series Mac" title would have to go to the first generation low-end Wallstreet, AKA the Mainstreet, with a passive matrix LCD and no L2 cache. The Mini is second. Both of these machines had abysmal specs when new, and time hasn't done them any favors. Back in 2015, I made a point of using a different laptop every week of the 14 week semester when I was teaching. I pulled it off, although I it was helped by my collection expanding over that period. At the time I didn't have any pre-G Macs. I had to leave out iBook G3s since Airport cards can't even SEE our network, but most anything that could run Tiger or better and either had built in Airport Extreme or had a Cardbus slot was fair game. The Mainstreet meets both those qualifications, but got left out of the rotation since I didn't think my patience could handle it. I should add that were I to repeat, I'd likely cycle in my 292mhz Wallstreet-it would be slow but workable. I commented to lightbulbfun that, to me, the Mini would not be a half bad OS 9 machine, and he tells me that it's one of the few G4s that hasn't been "cracked" successfully to run OS 9. If I get motivated(a big thing) and have time(usually not an issue) this weekend I MIGHT install MorphOS on my G4 Mini. Then again, now that I've finally hit on a combination of parts that gives me 170psi of compression in my MG and should the engine from self destructing when it's started, I'm anxious to get it back together and on the road
  12. bunnspecial

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    I find they make good book ends and coasters. In all seriousness, I'm on board with Hrududu. I have every G-series PPC Mac except for an iMac G5, and my Mini is one for which I just can't find a use. The complaints raised above are perfectly valid-slow, little memory, and poor graphics. One of these days, I'm going to install MorphOS on mine as it's one of the easiest off-the-shelf systems for it, but that's really the only immediate use I can see for it. I should say that my opinion of the G4 Mini does NOT extend to Intel Minis. I find even the earliest CoreDuo models to be quite nice machines.
  13. bunnspecial

    Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner

    I've run Vuescan on G3s, G4s, and G5s. I'm currently running three scanners off a dual 2.7 G5 using VueScan, including one old Polaroid SCSI scanner. It takes about an hour with my Epson V700 to scan and process a 4x5 at 6200 dpi using Digital ICE, but gets the job done. I'm a big advocate of VueScan. BTW, every version is available for download on their site-just find the newest that will work with the hardware you have.
  14. bunnspecial

    GPU for Power Mac G4

    Unless you are a GPU collector and/or want the best possible Apple card to fit in an unmodified Cube, the Geforce 3 isn't worth the trouble of finding. I hunted for one for a while(I fall into both of the mentioned categories ) and managed to get two within about two weeks of each other. I paid plenty, though. I agree that the 9000 is a good choice.
  15. bunnspecial

    Beige G3 VRAM Upgrade

    I have some also. I too have a big collection of the old ATI cards that used them. With that said, the best way to get more VRAM in a minitower is a Radeon 9200