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  1. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    We got it here in central Illinois too. Where are you located?
  2. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Are you planning to make a revision of the board with the through-hole header? I'm not very experienced with surface-mount soldering, and while I think a small IC is probably within my abilities, I'm far less confident soldering up a 50pin SMD header, haha. I am probably interested in taking part in a group-buy regardless.
  3. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    AWESOME. How much are the parts for this, roundabout? EDIT: looking over the way you put together the service now. I had pretty much the same idea of using Python to both write to the OLED and control the rascsi process; great minds think alike!
  4. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    How many gpio pins are left unused on the Pi? I wonder, if we have enough to run a small i2c bus, if we could add a small LCD or OLED and a few buttons to the board to switch CD images or the like. I've been dreaming of a FlashFloppy-style device for SCSI CD emulation since I got my Mystic a couple years ago.
  5. I recently uploaded a disk to the Garden, and realized I should probably scan the face of it for the archive. I had this old HP ScanJet 3c in storage, and I thought it would be more fun to do the job with vintage hardware 'cause that's why we're all here, right? When I pulled the scanner out, I was greeted with a mess; the black foam pad adhering the white reflective plastic to the underside of the lid has /disintegrated/. Has anyone replaced something like this before? Is there a standard part I can order from somewhere, or has anyone homebrewed a replacement? A few minutes of creative googling didn't seem to get me anywhere, and I'm hoping I overlooked something.
  6. kerobaros

    Centris 650 and Multiple Sync 15"

    Like these? Good idea! I could probably find them cheaper elsewhere, though.
  7. kerobaros

    Centris 650 and Multiple Sync 15"

    Picked the aforementioned up today from a guy in Bloomington, IL. I have several Power Macs, and a few compacts, but other than a flaky/crumbling 660av, this is my only full-fat 040 in the house. I love my Mystic CC, but I don't feel like doing the 640x480 upgrade, so now I have a good 68k machine to play Civ and SimCity 2000 on again, and at that sweet sweet 832x624 at 75hz. Buttery smooth. Some questions for you all: Storage: The hard drive is dead, so I'm booting it off a Zip disk with 7.5.5 right now. So slow. I ordered a scsi2sd 5.1 already. Any suggestions on a mounting solution for the internal bracket? CD: I need to find a CD caddy. Anyone have an extra? RAM: any reason I shouldn't max it out? Any certain kind of SIMM I need to look for? The googles tell me I need four 32MB 72pin SIMMs at 80ns or faster. NuBus cards: none. I have onboard Ethernet, and I can't think of any cards I /need/, so I guess tell me what toys I should look for?
  8. kerobaros

    Naive question: switchable CC VGA hack?

    My main goal here is to figure out a non-destructive way to use the higher resolution on my Mystic CC, but since it involves trace cutting, I guess that isn't very feasible. I wonder how much a spare analog board would be? Probably prohibitively expensive, haha.
  9. I have approximately nil analog electronics experience. Would it be possible to add a circuit to the Color Classic's analog board that would allow one to switch between the original resolution's signal path and the VGA signal path? I would assume the switching would have to take place while the machine was off, as opposed to switching resolutions in the control panel. Would this require an entirely new analog board? Is that even a feasible thing to design and build in 2019? Again, pretty inexperienced when it comes to this, please let me know if this is a ridiculous thought.
  10. kerobaros

    Want to buy: Apple PowerBook 2400c

    You might have better luck in the Trading Post forum. Good luck, those 2400c's are beautiful.
  11. I think that they deserve to be liberated, if he can dig them up. Please share with the class!
  12. kerobaros

    What vintage macs do you own?

    In something like chronological order: Macintosh SE Macintosh II Classic II Color Classic Mystic Quadra 660av Power Mac 5500/225 Power Mac 9600 PowerBook 3400c iMac G3 DV SE
  13. kerobaros

    PM 9600: 10/100 Ethernet card?

    Well, I went and answered my own question with a Google search. Silly me. This xlr8yourmac article lists details of a Gigabit chipset that is compatible with OS 9, using the drivers linked to on the page. This eBay search currently finds several quite reasonably-priced cards with that chipset.
  14. The 9600 has 10BaseT Ethernet built in. I'd like to speed up file transfers. Are there 10/100BaseT Ethernet PCI cards out there that are compatible with OS 9.2.2? I'd imagine there would have to be, but I have no idea what chipsets to look for, if any.
  15. kerobaros

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Mark me as officially interested. Thanks for your work!