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    PPC 8600 Video Out Capture?

    If your PM8600 has the stock amount of VRAM (2 sticks of 1 MB = 2MBs), then it will only drive the monitor regardless of whether composite or S-Video is attached to output. In order to enable the video output you're wanting, you have three options: 1) Install 2 more 1 MB sticks of VRAM for a total of 4 MBs -- this will allow you to mirror the monitor's output. 2) Completely unplug the monitor from the tower, and start up the machine with only the RCA (or S-Video) connector attached. 3) Install a PCI video card to which you attach a monitor, then option 2 -- this will allow for a mirrored or an extended desktop. http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac/specs/powermac_8600_200.html
  2. aggiekyle07

    I bought a pallet of macs

    The Internet Archive has /name and location redacted/ homepage circa November 1996. /link redacted/