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  1. Realitystorm

    Networking Color Classic to modern MacOS X

    Some routers will not recognize these old 10Mbps cards. My setup https://www.savagetaylor.com/2020/05/10/macplus-on-my-network-using-scsi-to-ethernet/
  2. Realitystorm

    PowerBook 145B CAN run System 7.0.1

    You can have both systems on the same drive and use system picker to choose between them. https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads
  3. Realitystorm

    PowerBook 145B CAN run System 7.0.1

    Have you tried 6.0.8 https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/system-608-powerbook-140-145-and-170
  4. Realitystorm

    Help with my Macintosh Classic

    If you are looking for a gear for you floppy, and it's the one that typically goes.... there is a small gear made of softer plastic that breaks down over time. The thread I've linked to has suggestions of where you can buy a printed replacement. https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.Xeject+gear.TRS5&_nkw=macintosh+gear&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=floppy+gear https://www.shapeways.com/product/M84R343FR/4-x-gears-for-macintosh-512k-vintage-floppy-drive (I got mine from here, but that doesn't seem to be for sale anymore) https://www.shapeways.com/product/27DNUVPJA/replacement-floppy-drive-gear-for-macintosh-comput?optionId=148365838&li=marketplace
  5. Realitystorm

    Need info about Newlife Computer Corp CD306C expansion card

    https://archive.org/details/macworld00unse_68/page/118/mode/2up/search/Newlife+computer?q=Newlife+computer I've started putting together links to info in old books and magazines about these types of add-ons https://www.savagetaylor.com/collecting/macintosh-upgrades/
  6. Realitystorm

    Can't set year 2020

    I use http://www.mactcp.org.nz/macos2020.html I've added it to my standard images https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads/
  7. Realitystorm

    IIe card can't read 5.25" disks?

    Glad you got it working, I've had a lot of fun playing with mine in my LC 475 (originally in a CC that needs a recap). I've put together a partial guide for using the card that you might find useful https://www.savagetaylor.com/2019/12/04/setting-up-an-apple-iie-emulator-card-in-your-68k-macintosh/ If you haven't already created ProDOS partitions, that should be a next step, it will give you a lot of flexibility for using the card. I have 4 setup on my SCSI2SD http://www.savagetaylor.com/2019/12/19/how-ive-setup-the-scsi2sd-that-i-use-in-my-lc-475/
  8. I have an Apple IIe card and haven't had issues. I assume you have ProDos partitions? http://www.savagetaylor.com/2019/12/04/setting-up-an-apple-iie-emulator-card-in-your-68k-macintosh/ I've also had good luck creating 32mb ProDos formated images with cider press https://a2ciderpress.com/ I copy these to my mac then mount with shrinkwrap, then copy from the mounted image to my ProDos partition. Been meaning to finish that guide.
  9. Realitystorm

    IIe card can't read 5.25" disks?

    I assume you checked the drive model already to make sure they are supported? https://support.apple.com/kb/TA47189
  10. Realitystorm

    Zip drive and Mac Plus

    Glad to hear you got it all working. As dochilli mentioned you should consider a SCSI2SD if your zipdrive ever dies.
  11. Realitystorm

    Zip drive and Mac Plus

    So, from what I read it sounds like you have at least 1 disk working that you were able to initialize with the Apple HD SC app. Currently your Mac Plus thinks that disk is a regular SCSI hard drive, so you'd be able to boot with it etc. But you will not be able to eject it/reinsert it with your Macintosh turned on. You now need to tell your Mac Plus that the disk is actually a zip disk. You'll need to get the 4.2 zip tools on to your mac https://www.macintoshrepository.org/1296-iomega-zip-install-disk-v4-21 I wasn't sure if you just had the driver installed, or the full set of tools. Using the 4.2 tools you can re-initialize the working disk as a zipdisk. That should put the 4.2 boot driver on to the disk that is boot-able under a MacPlus and allow you to eject and re-insert the disk. Note, if you use the zipdisk as your boot disk you will not be able to eject it, you'll need to keep booting from your old hard drive (or set up a ram disk that you move you system files on to after booting from the zipdisk) Your 2nd disk looks like it was initialized with a version of Zip tools, but it might be a newer version that is incompatible with the Plus or that disk was formatted HFS+ and system 6.0.8 can only read HFS. I also have a Mac Plus and zipdrive, it's been years since I first figured all of this out, so if this doesn't work let me know and I'll walk through the steps on my own system and create a blog entry of what I did.
  12. Realitystorm

    Zip drive and Mac Plus

    Hi SBL, sorry, I've been busy with work. I deal with cyber security and business continuity planning, so as you can guess things can be a bit busy for me. Reading through the thread I see you have both an external hard drive and a zip drive, and you can get files to your plus using a serial connector. So let's try a few things. Since you're running 6.0.8, the version of Lido on the garden won't work for you. I have an older version somewhere but first. Download the patched version of Apple HD SC if you don't have it. http://www.savagetaylor.com/wp-content/uploads/68k_Macintosh/Utilities/HD_SC_Setup_7.3.5_Patched.bin Copy this to you MacPlus With everything off: Turn on your hard drive Turn on your zip drive (with the disk inserted) Turn on your Macintosh Run Apple HD SC, select switch disk until your zip drive is selected (SCSI ID 6 from what you wrote) Use Apple HD SC to initialize the disk. I know that you wrote that your disk was Macintosh formatted, but it may use one of iomega's newer boot drivers that don't work on the plus. Using Apple HD SC will give you a clean slate we can trouble shoot from. Assuming that Apple HD SC let you initialize the disk, you should now see the disk on your desktop. If you don't, try turning everything off and on again. If that still doesn't work there is something else going on, e.g. a scsi termination issue. If you've already tried all of the above, then the next step would be trying to do this without your hard drive in the mix. I can make an image of a 800k boot disk for you with the patched version of the Apple HD SC so you'd be able to try that. Something I've been meaning to add to my site. There also might be a trick we can do using a RamDisk if you don't have a floppy, but I'd have to test that first. Steve.
  13. Realitystorm

    MAC SE/30 with orange colored CRT

    An aftermarket change? They don't list the mac, but they list the 9" size and the company name isn't the same, but it is from New York. https://books.google.ca/books?id=kS4EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA72&lpg=PA72&dq=macintosh+replacement+amber+crt&source=bl&ots=mw69krkVvz&sig=ACfU3U1JAqg695Yi8ioGQv-jhRRFLGcvMQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjwzvKGzrjpAhXSnOAKHQ9gAdkQ6AEwC3oECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=macintosh replacement amber crt&f=false
  14. Realitystorm

    Zip drive and Mac Plus

    Just read this more closely, you have a working hard drive and the scsi chain is mac plus -> zip drive -> hard drive, and scsi probe is seeing everything. Do you have anyway of getting files to your plus?
  15. Realitystorm

    Zip drive and Mac Plus

    If you can connect your zip drive to a modern computer you could try one of my premade images http://www.savagetaylor.com/2017/12/31/setting-up-your-vintage-classic-68k-macintosh-using-a-100mb-scsi-iomega-zip-drive/