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  1. Flash media is boring! This is my first time attempting to use magnetic media with the iPod Camera Connector.
  2. napabar

    The most ridiculous dongle/adapter cable!

    It's my gift/curse!
  3. napabar

    The most ridiculous dongle/adapter cable!

    It's totally powered by the iPod Photo.
  4. Everyone always complains about having to use Apple's dongles and adapters. I decided to make the most convoluted one I could, and see if the iPod Photo could actually use it.
  5. Which one works better?
  6. napabar

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC connected to iPhone.

    That's stinks. Does it work with the Jaz Drive?
  7. This was a blast to make! I hope everyone enjoys this!
  8. napabar

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC connected to iPhone.

    I don't know. I've heard the USB 2.0 SCSI adapters need drivers. I know the one like mine that use the "Shuttle Technology" chipset are USB 1.1 and don't need drivers. You can buy them here. https://www.yoycart.com/Product/561501395767/
  9. I was curious if my AlphaSmart 3000 would work with an iPhone. I wanted to see not only if the core word processing features would work, but also if I could use the AlphaSmart's "send file" feature as a macro for controlling the iPhone. I put together a little video showing off these experiments. I think some AlphaSmart owners will find this useful. Enjoy! youtu.be/d_fn_wKNFNo
  10. This has been a long, hard trek.
  11. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together....mass hysteria!
  12. napabar

    DaynaFile - 5.25 inch floppies on a Macintosh.

    If any one needs the System 7 driver for this (I've tested it through 8.6 so far), here is the link. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jbfdb7d32vjszwo/AACWeq5YSqOoBKgSggZFsU7wa?dl=0 You would only need the DOSMounter control panel if you're on a Mac without PC Exchange, as it does the same thing. I think PC Exchange became built into the Mac OS in 7.5. It didn't work at all in Mac OS 8 and higher, and was buggy in 7.6. Just use PC Exchange. The little DayaFile extension is the most important part, allowing the Mac to use the drives.