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  1. netfreak

    IIsi CAP kit ordered...

    The IIsi will have leaking caps in the PSU. If they haven't leaked yet, they will. I replace all caps when I open my PSUs because the parts are cheap.
  2. netfreak

    Good timing on my local haul

    There's actually a second one next to it but out of view because it's right along the side of the case. 168 pin EDO DIMMs, I think I probably have some extras from my StarMax or 9500 builds.
  3. netfreak

    Good timing on my local haul

    The PSU looks enclosed in this plastic casing and runs along the side of the unit where the fan is. Strange design but the whole thing is pretty small for a desktop computer.
  4. netfreak

    Good timing on my local haul

    I tested an LC 550 board in the Color Classic and it turned on but the hard disk's OS is too old to actually boot it, but at least I know the thing works. The IIvi seems to work just fine but I'll still need to recap it and throw some spare NuBus cards in for fun. My research seems to indicate my Umax problem is indeed PRAM so I'll have to order one of those AA/AAA kits to replace the Rayovac.
  5. netfreak

    Good timing on my local haul

    I was bored at work and opened up FB marketplace which I rarely bother looking at since most local ads are like $500 Classics because "they go for $1000 on ebay" but noticed a stack of Macs for $40 and the ad was just posted. I was probably the first person to message and I said I'll pick them up today. The Color Classic was missing the logic board but I'm sure I've got one kicking around. No back plate though sadly. The 12" monitor I didn't care much about since I've already got like two of them. The IIvi is a nice addition to my II collection, especially with the caddy CD drive. The bottom is the Umax C500/160 but unfortunately I'm still fighting to get it working. It powers up but there is no chime or any sign of life. Tried a few tricks but nothing so far, so I want to assume it maybe wants a PRAM battery.
  6. Yeah the 2uf one is still there. I'm probably less concerned about that one compared to the RIFA ones.
  7. I would strongly recommend learning to read the values of each capacitor and then place your order based on that. While logic boards will all USUALLY be the same, PSUs and analog boards (if you have any of those) may have different vendors/models/revisions and the caps list will vary. This might not really apply if you're only ever going to recap one single machine but I think I'm learning a bit more about electronics as I continue recapping everything I own.
  8. Finished my recapping and nothing blew up. Some of my film caps were much smaller than the old ones being replaced so what I did with those was mostly had 1 leg lined up with the hole and the other leg bent a couple times to fit the second hole. Had to make sure I ordered one with long leads. I have a video of all this but it'll take a day or two to finish it. Some Digikey part numbers I used: 399-13014-ND - KEMET 0.047uf 399-5876-ND - KEMET 4700pf 399-12519-ND - KEMET 0.1uf
  9. I'll be recapping mine this week. I accidentally ran out of solder and some of the film caps I ordered aren't the best fit so I'm going to try some others. I can probably remember to update the thread if it works or not.
  10. I didn't order a 2uf film cap for mine but here's an example of the 0.22uf capacitor I'll be using in my PSU: https://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/kemet/R75PN32204030J/399-12762-ND/5731253 I believe I used this same type already in my IIgs.
  11. netfreak

    A/UX running on SE/30

    I also made this one based on my experience: https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Newbie_Guide_To_A/UX_(Apple_UNIX)
  12. netfreak

    Re-cap gone wrong.

    Every LC power supply I've taken apart so far has had cap leakage, even the ones that still worked. On the plus side they're the easiest power supply to work on in my own experience.
  13. Unfortunately I haven't tried mine out yet so I'm not completely sure on the details yet. I was probably going to try ProTools 2.0 which is for 68k and I'm assuming supports the Nubus boards. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/pro-tools-20
  14. MacOS stops showing model numbers after 7.1 I believe. The very first 7.5 might still do it but I've never seen it on anything beyond 7.5.x. The Digidesign stuff more than likely is for audio recording to interface with something like Protools. The cards are mostly useless unless you also have the external box with all the inputs and outputs. One computer I got recently had a single Digidesign Nubus card but also came with the external rack unit for the audio hookups. The cable is physically the same as external 50-pin SCSI I think (not sure if any pins cross over weirdly).
  15. I had a similar problem on my StarMax 3000 where after sitting for a long time it only powered on once then seemed to be dead. Had to use the motherboard reset button a few times but since then it seems to power up normally each time I try. I'm also running it without a battery.